Where to find Walleye in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is almost often included among the most successful independent video games when discussions about such topics are held. The video game has been ported to almost every kind of computing device conceivable, and there is even a board game adaptation of it. It has sold millions of copies. It continues to be successful even many years after it was first released, which has enabled the creator Concerned Ape to expand out into new games that are just as fascinating.

Where to find Walleye in Stardew Valley
Where to find Walleye in Stardew Valley? Source: Youtube

Catching a walleye is required in order to finish the Fishing Bundle for the Community Center. If you want to do this, get to the lake and cast your line. However, you will only be able to get a glimpse of these secretive fish under extremely certain circumstances. If you are having problems locating one, the information that you want is included below for your convenience.

Where to catch a Walleye fish in Stardew Valley

The walleye fish is known for being somewhat finicky. They are not too difficult to capture, but one must go looking for them in very precise places and times. Only in the autumn, when it is raining in the afternoons or evenings, can they be discovered in any river, lake, or woodland pond. They are also only found while it is raining.

If you want to catch a walleye, you will need to go fishing on a day in the autumn when it is raining and you must be in the location you choose to fish between the hours of 12 pm and 2 am. Once you have arrived at the location, all it takes is a little bit of luck to land a fish on the hook.

It is said in the book “Livin’ off the Land” that the Walleye may be caught throughout the winter as well; however, due to the fact that snow is not officially considered to be the same thing as rain, it will not spawn under typical circumstances. However, if you are very determined to capture one during the winter, you may make it seem as though it is raining by using an item known as a Rain Totem.

Why can’t I catch a walleye Stardew Valley?

Walleye can only be caught during the autumn and winter seasons, namely when there is precipitation. If you need rain but it isn’t coming when you want it to, you may want to consider purchasing a rain totem. The Rain Totem is an item that can be crafted, and after it has been used, it will cause the weather for the next day’s calendar to be, you guessed it, rainy.

Where to find Walleye in Stardew Valley

When can I catch a walleye in Stardew Valley?

Walleye is a kind of fish that may be found in rivers, lakes, and even the pond in the forest, and it is captured when it rains in the autumn. According to the book “Livin’ off the Land,” you may find it throughout the autumn and winter months on wet nights in any watery region (rivers and lakes).

Where do you catch walleye in Stardew Valley?

During the Fall, it is possible to catch a walleye in the rivers (such as the one in Pelican Town and in the vicinity of Cindersap Forest), in the Mountain Lake, or at the pond in Cindersap Forest.

How do you catch walleye in Winter Stardew Valley?

Players in Stardew Valley are only able to reel in Walleye during the Fall and Winter seasons, and only on days when it is raining. In addition, players must cast their lines between the hours of 12 am and 2 pm at one of the following places in order to reel in a fish: Pelican Town River is the river. Cindersap Forest Pond.

Do you need magic bait to catch Walleye?

However, the location alone is not sufficient; in order to catch walleyes, you must cast your line between the hours of 12 pm and 2 am during either the autumn season (on days that are naturally wet) or the winter season (if you have a rain totem). Outside of these times of year, under these conditions, and with this kind of weather, the usage of magic bait is the only option to capture a walleye.

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