How To Write Playful Banter Tumblr?

Recently, there have been a lot of amusing Tumblr text postings that have been going around the internet. The ideal humorous impact is achieved by a combination of clever conversation, jokes with a punny twist, and the strategic usage of gifs. If you are a member of Tumblr and you would want to learn how to write some lighthearted banter as a reply to someone else’s text post or in a text post of your own, you can learn how to do so in a very short amount of time. In this piece, we will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to generate fun banter on your own, and we will even provide you with some examples that you may model your own banter after.

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Be sure to play with the expectations of the audience.

First consider what your audience is anticipating, and then break away from that. It’s a terrific approach to keep your followers on their toes to play with their expectations, and they’ll probably like the way you screwed with their minds if you do it well. Try to anticipate what they believe you are going to write next, and then deviate from that assumption in a very minor manner.
“I have some good news as well as some negative news. The unfortunate news is that I won’t be able to log back in for a little time. But the other piece of positive news is that I’m going to sign out for a little bit.”
In a typical scenario, the good news and the terrible news would be of a distinct kind. Your audience will be taken aback by an unexpected turn of events when they realize that each of these things are exactly the same.
“A human, a horse, and a scarecrow are seen entering a local watering well. They all exclaim, “Ouch!” in unison.”
These kind of jokes often conclude with the protagonists engaging with one another inside of a bar or restaurant. You are able to flip the script and surprise your audience by employing the term “bar” in a way that is consistent with its other meaning (that of a long rod or a piece of wood).

To a ridiculous degree.

Complaining excessively about a minor issue may be accomplished via the use of exaggeration. If you’re going through a tiny annoyance, you should make a text post on Tumblr to whine about how terrible and perhaps fatal the situation is. Your text post will be better (and more relatable) to your audience if you can be as emotional as possible.
“The sky is clear and bright today. I’ve never been so hot in my life. If I take even one step outdoors, both of my feet are going to drop off due to the extreme heat. I propose that we do away with the sun.”
“I’ve now been on wait for a full minute and a half. Please inform my family that I loved them if something should happen to me.”

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Engage in some playful wordplay.

Use a clever joke to make your audience moan with laughter. Invest some time in racking your brain for a clever joke that might make others laugh, grin, or perhaps get a little bit irate. You shouldn’t be shocked if other people reblog your content while expressing how much they despise it (in an admiring way).
“What do you call a pompous felon who is walking down the stairs? A condescending con artist.”
The duck told the bartender, “Put that on my bill,” and the bartender laughed.

Make your point more compelling by using animated GIFs.

Include gifs in your text to draw the reader’s attention and give it a more visual feel. You may browse through all of Tumblr’s hilarious gifs to find one that complements the joke you’re telling and Tumblr has a large number of them to select from. You may also use a gif as a response to someone else; for example, if someone insults you or calls you out, you could attach a gif of someone running away and hiding from the camera.
Gifs are entertaining, but remember that each post should only include one. If you use too many, it might become overwhelming, and they could take away from your message rather than add to it.

Consider the meaning of a phrase in its purest form.

Make a remark based on something you misread in order to cause confusion for the person who originally posted it. If you come across a text post that is susceptible to being misunderstood, your response to it should be worded as if you are unsure of what the person is trying to communicate. Make an effort to give the impression that it was done on purpose so that others would recognize the situation as a comedy rather than a genuine mistake.
According to one commenter on Tumblr, “He’s as happy as a clam.”
You: “Never in my life have I seen a clam laugh. He can’t possibly be that content.”

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During a particularly stressful period, crack a joke.

When someone posts something upsetting, you may calm the situation by replying to it with a joke. People often write in all capital letters on Tumblr about how anxious they are or how much homework they have to complete. You will see these kind of postings frequently. You may make them chuckle by responding to their post with a pun or a joke that is just plain ridiculous (but also make them groan).
Users of Tumblr: “I’m feeling so anxious right now, oh my god. I have a feeling that there will be a surprise test for us tomorrow.”
You: “Don’t let that pop quiz deflate your sense of self-confidence!”

To flirt with someone, tease them in a playful manner.

Tease someone who you know very well while maintaining a positive attitude about it. Due to the fact that tone cannot be conveyed via text, making fun of someone online may be quite dangerous. If, on the other hand, you know this person in real life or have interacted with them extensively in the past, you may try engaging in some lighthearted banter with them on a text post in order to generate some amusing back and forth conversation.
Users of Tumblr: “Today I decided not to go to the gym. What a miserable failure I am.”
You: “Wow. You have almost no strength left. Who’s going to pick me up and carry me off right now?”
“I simply can’t tolerate Twilight,” said a person on Tumblr.
You: “Wow, you detest the Twilight series? It is impossible for us to be friends at this time.”

How To Write Playful Banter Tumblr?

Try double entendres.

In a post, draw the reader’s attention to a term that may be read in more than one way. If you come across a text post that has a tinge of flirtatiousness to it, you may want to attempt drawing attention to that aspect by pointing out the post’s double meaning. If you are successful in doing this, it is likely that you will make the original poster appear good while also making yourself look very polished.
Tumblr user: “All you’re doing is attempting to get on my good side.”
You: “I feel like I’m on a roll right now.”
The word “roll” may refer to either the piece of bread (that you spread butter on) or the state of being on a roll (experiencing a lot of luck or success).

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You may increase the exposure of your post by using hashtags in it.

If you want more people to reblog your content, you should make it easier for others to locate them. Go to the area for hashtags before publishing a text post, and then add a few tags that are more generic in nature but still relevant to the message. Because of this, more people will be able to see your work, and you will be able to reach a larger audience than only the ones who are already following you.

Maintain a cheerful and laid-back attitude.

Make an effort not to take things quite so seriously in order to convey the sense that you are kidding. Instead of attempting to offend someone or make them feel horrible about themselves, you should concentrate on making yourself (and your followers) giggle. Keep in mind that you will be publishing something on the internet, and as a result, anything that seems sardonic and humorous in your head may come out as needlessly cruel in a text post.
For example, teasing someone with the question “Whoa, what happened to your hair?” in reaction to a new haircut could be intended as a humorous jab, but when it’s posted online, it might come out as nasty. How To Write Playful Banter Tumblr?
You may say something along the lines of, “Did you get a fresh haircut or did you simply color the ends invisible?” as an alternative. People are going to find it funny, but it is not intended to be offensive in any way.

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