How to write a review on Shein for points

Shein not only values your feedback and appreciates you taking the time to share it with other customers, but it also awards you with points whenever you do so.

Because those Shein points may be used for discounts on subsequent purchases, it is in your best interest to accumulate as many of them as you possibly can.

Because not all reviews are given the same score, this article will reveal all of the nuances involved in accumulating additional points. You also have access to additional information in this section.

Earn points by commenting on Shein

Shein gives you the opportunity to provide feedback once you have received your order, and in exchange, you are rewarded with a certain number of points. In order to qualify for the points, the remark must be at least 30 characters long. In addition, you have the following options for earning bonus points:

  • You will get 5 points only by making the remark on the post.
  • You will get an additional 10 points if you submit images that you took yourself using the product.
  • You will get an additional 2 points for every remark you make that includes a size rating.
  • As a result, you will get 17 points for each and every remark that includes a picture and a rating of its size. Keep in mind that Shein has set a daily maximum of 2,000 points each day, and that if you hit this limit, it is best to continue commenting on your orders the next day rather than waiting until the next day.
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How to write a review on Shein for points? Source: Reddit

It is useless to write any sort of remark since Shein reads through them all and only accepts the ones that meet their quality standards. This is done to prevent individuals from writing comments before they have received the garment in order to get points.

Examples of Shein reviews

It is quite simple to write a positive review on Shein, but in order for it to be of any service to future customers, you need to consider the following information that is important to have before purchasing an item of clothing:

  • You are welcome to provide your thoughts about the quality of the fabric, including whether or not it is see-through, whether or not it has creases, and whether or not it is attractive.
  • You might also discuss about the garment’s construction, such as the stitching, ornamentation, buttons, and so on.
  • Also, be sure to remark on whether or not the size is accurate, whether or not it flatters, and any other relevant facts.

Regarding the photographs, it is recommended that you post images of yourself wearing the garment; however, this is not required, and you are free to submit photographs that merely show the garment itself. To keep your identity a secret, you should conceal your face and any other identifying information.

This is a wonderful example of a review that can be found on Shein. It is written in a natural style, and it provides a concise explanation of the quality of the product, as well as photographs that boost the value of your post.

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Why can’t I comment on Shein?

If you are still unable to post a remark, the reason for this is most likely that the delivery date has already past. Because of this, the deadline for submitting a product review to the platform has already passed. This takes place three months after the delivery confirmation is issued, therefore it is in your best interest to post a review as soon as possible after you have received our purchase.

It is important to remember that the program may behave differently at times depending on the operating system. In most instances, in order to make a comment, you will need to click on the “Comment” button; but, in other instances, this button will not display, and you will instead need to click on the three dots to the left of the comment box.

How to write a review on Shein for points

Can I comment without buying?

Because adding a remark must be done from inside the order area of your account, the only method to provide feedback on a Shein product is to first make a purchase of that product. However, you are able to post comments even if you have not yet received your purchase since the comment option becomes active as soon as the product is shown to have been dispatched.

Liking the comments: Does it add points?

Because other users often ask for likes in the comments section for their ratings, a lot of people are curious about whether or not this adds points or has any other kind of benefit. However, comments that have received the most likes are shown at the top of the page. The likes of other users in the comments do not provide any additional points.

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Can I make a negative comment and earn points?

Shein is searching for a genuine and forthright viewpoint on the topic of the media. As was just indicated, they go through the comments before deciding whether or not to approve them. We suggest that if you have a negative view on the clothing, you articulate it using proper language and provide fair arguments for why you have that opinion. The points will not be impacted in any way by this.

If I leave a comment is the delivery automatically confirmed?

Shein won’t confirm the order until either you click the button to confirm the delivery or a significant amount of time has elapsed from the day that delivery was originally planned to take place. You should not be concerned since you are able to post a message about the products that you have received without affecting the standing of your transaction.

In case of a return, can I leave a comment?

If you decide that you do not want an item that you purchased and return it, you will not be able to leave a remark on that item. In this particular scenario, you are required to provide feedback on your purchase before returning the goods to Shein that you no longer desire.

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