How To Use Arc Teeth Whitening Pen?


Take off the cap, then rotate the bottom of the pen in a clockwise direction until gel starts to come out of the brush (it may take several turns the first time). To discharge a single drop of liquid, crank the bottom of the pen clockwise one complete turn until the triangle symbols align. Smile while applying a very small coating of gel to each tooth, taking care to avoid the gums. Replace cap. Wait one minute and a half before shutting your mouth. How To Use Arc Teeth Whitening Pen? After application, you should wait an hour before eating or drinking anything. Apply the mixture at least twice each day for the next two weeks.


Contains the same enamel-friendly bleaching agent that is used in dental offices.

How To Use Arc Teeth Whitening Pen?

After applying, you should wait sixty seconds before beginning your activity.

To use the ARC Teeth Whitening Pen, just remove the cap, twist the bottom of the pen, and spin it clockwise until the gel pours through the brush. After that, apply the gel to your teeth.

For optimal outcomes, apply twice daily for a period of 14 days, and refrain from consuming food or liquids for the first hour after each application.


Keep out of the reach of toddlers and infants. This product is not meant to be used by anybody under the age of 18, including children. Avoid eye contact. In the event that gel gets into your eyes, you should flush them completely with water. When gel comes into touch with the skin or gums, it may temporarily irritate the skin and/or induce whitening of the gums. After using, ensure that your hands are clean by washing them with soap and water. Tooth sensitivity and/or soreness in the gums are potential side effects of any and all whitening solutions. The severity of these consequences is often low. These symptoms will go away on their own and are harmless. Gel should not come into touch with leather, fabric, or textile at any time.

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When you use the arc whitening pen, do you wash your teeth before or after using it?

Usage. Should I wash my teeth after undergoing teeth whitening procedures, or should I wait? You may use a soft-bristled toothbrush after utilizing ARC’s whitening treatments, yes. PLEASE NOTE That you should NOT brush just before putting the strips.

After you’ve brushed your teeth, do you use a whitening pen?

After you have finished brushing thoroughly, take off the top cap of the pen, then turn the bottom of the pen counterclockwise until the gel is visible on the brush tip. The next step is to apply a very thin coating of whitening gel to the surface of each tooth, making sure that the gel comes into touch with the surface of the tooth in its whole. In conclusion, you should not rinse.

How long should the whitening pen be left on the teeth before being removed?

After applying the product, you should wait for thirty seconds to one minute, or for the amount of time that is specified on the container. During this time, be careful to keep your mouth open and keep your lips away from the teeth that are being treated. Additionally, you should do your best not to ingest any of the substance.

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How much time is needed for the ARC whitening process to become effective?

Whitening effects comparable to those achieved by professionals may be attained in as little as half an hour every day. The ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit makes ARC whitening more successful than using only the strips on their own thanks to the power of light.

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When should you use the ARC teeth whitening pen? how frequently should you use it?

2 times each day
Apply the mixture at least twice each day for the next two weeks. seo The ARC Teeth Whitening Pen is a simple on-the-go application that helps eliminate stains from the surfaces of teeth. The same bleaching components that are used in dental offices.

Does arc harm your enamel?

At ARC, we have a vast amount of evidence gathered in the laboratory and in clinical settings demonstrating that our products are safe and will not cause tooth enamel to be stripped away. Because we utilize only whitening substances that are both safe and effective, you may have faith that your teeth will maintain their luster for many years to come.

After using a whitening pen, is it safe to consume liquids?

Ingestion of the peroxide gel will not have any unfavorable effects on the body. It will not do any harm to your body while it travels through your digestive system. However, if you consume a significant quantity of peroxide, you may experience nausea as well as stomach discomfort.

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