How To Use A 3 Barrel Curling Iron?

Even while the crimpers that were popular at the turn of the millennium and during the 1980s sleepovers may seem comparable to the three-barrel curling irons that are now on the market, the end result of using each tool is completely different from the other. How To Use A 3 Barrel Curling Iron?

The tight, angular texture that decorated the prom tendrils of starlets in Disney Channel Originals was achieved with the use of a crimper. However, the softer, more mermaid-like finish was achieved with the use of three-barrel curling irons. If the relaunch had been realized in its whole form, we have a strong suspicion that Lizzie McGuire would have been quite supportive of it.

In this article, we asked professional hairstylists Devin Toth and Joseph Maine about the functions of three-barrel curling irons, as well as the advantages of using one and the proper techniques for using the instrument. Continue reading to find out all there is to know about three-barrel curling irons and discover some of our top picks for creating waves with your hair.

What Exactly Is a Curling Iron With Three Barrels?

A curling iron with three separate wands that are aligned next to one another is known as a three-barrel curling iron. A gentle wave pattern will be produced on the portion of hair that you use the tool on when you apply it. According to Maine, “the manner in which the hair is wrinkled between the three barrels results in a form that is similar to an extended W.”

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The Advantages of Using a Curling Iron With Three Barrels

If you want to create a delicate wave with your hair, a three-barrel curling iron is the way to go since it is simpler to use than a flat iron and produces a finish that is more exact and uniform than what you may obtain with a standard curling wand. “The waves are simple to make, and the finish frequently lasts longer—even on fine or thin hair,” adds Toth. “It doesn’t matter how you wear your hair.” In addition, the bigger surface area enables you to capture more hair at once, which may result in a reduction in the overall amount of time required for style.

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The Dangers Involved in Utilizing a Three-Barrel Curling Iron

Because of its bigger size, the tool may provide a greater danger of scorching the user, and due to its unusual form, it may take some time before the user becomes comfortable using it. According to Maine, “Wavers are so easy to use, although the size and clamping may seem odd at first.” [Citation needed] “Wavers are so simple to use.” In addition, Toth cautions that the combination of high heat and surface area may be somewhat more destructive to your strands than the use of a conventional curling wand. “Prep your hair with a heat protectant, and when you’re crimping, try not to overlap any crimps as you’re making your way down a piece of hair,” he advises. “This will give your hair the best chance of retaining its shape.”

Considerations Regarding the Types of Hair

Although it may be used on any kind or texture of hair, a three-barrel curling iron works particularly well for specific hairstyles when combined with a smooth, blown-out foundation. According to Maine, “it works excellent on wavy or slightly curly hair to improve that naturally wavy appearance, and those with inconsistent wave pattern may use it to enhance what they have.” “It works great on wavy or somewhat curly hair to enhance that naturally wavy look.” “If you have extremely textured hair, I suggest beginning with a smooth finish since the iron doesn’t offer a lot of tension, and it won’t lessen the texture that already exists in the hair,” the stylist said. “It’s best to work from the inside out.” Because of the size of the tool, you will also require some length. Maine recommends that you avoid going all the way up to your root unless your goal is to build volume around the crown.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Three-Barrel Curling Iron

The state of Maine suggests holding the iron at a 45-degree angle, which helps to extend the wave, and then clamping the tool down on your hair while avoiding the root region. This will give you the best results. He advises, “Don’t bend the hair after you’ve clamped onto it, because if you press the side of the clip, it might produce a dent.” If you bend the hair after you’ve clamped onto it, the dent could be permanent. There is no difference in the wave that is produced whether you are holding the iron the correct way up or the wrong way up. Continue the movements until you reach the ends of your hair, at which point you should go on to the next area of your hair.

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The method described above will produce a gentle beach wave, but Toth claims that with only a few easy adjustments, the same equipment can be used to produce an S-wave that is more reminiscent of the Hollywood of yesteryear. To begin, prepare your strands by coating them in a layer of hairspray with a medium-to-light hold and adding a few drops of style oil. After that, run the tool through your hair with the clip side facing down and the barrel sides facing up. This will give you the best results. “This is important because the clamps will block your line of sight if they are above the section you’re working on, and you definitely need to see the section of hair so you can visually decide where you want to move the iron as you work your way down,” he says. “This is important because the clamps will block your line of sight if they are above the section you’re working on, and you definitely need to see the section of hair.” After you have completed the same movements on the remainder of your head’s mid-lengths and ends, brush through your style and, if necessary, finish with a little misting of hairspray to set the look.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a curling iron with three barrels?

When it comes to shaping your hair, a curling iron with three barrels may help you save time and reduce the amount of effort required. The most effective three-barrel curling irons can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to quickly and easily build waves in your hair.

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Which size of a curling iron with three barrels should I buy?

Barrel Size: If you have long hair, it is recommended that you get a curling iron that has a big barrel. This will make the process of styling your hair much simpler. Nevertheless, if you have shorter hair, you might consider purchasing a tool that has smaller barrels. If you have long hair, you should use a barrel with a diameter of one inch, but if you have short hair, you should use a barrel with a diameter of half an inch.

How To Use A 3 Barrel Curling Iron?

Why is T3 such an excellent option?

My thoughts on the T3 Curler are as follows: Over the years, I’ve experimented with hundreds of other curlers, but the T3 is by far my favorite. It warms up very fast, gets rid of a lot of frizz (I have long hair that is wavy, thick, and frizzy), reduces the amount of time needed for style by maintaining a constant temperature, can do anything from loose waves to 1950s curls, and as a bonus, it’s incredibly lovely.

What is the purpose of the clip that is attached to a curling iron?

Curls that are normally polished, precise, and long-lasting may be created with the help of a curling iron since the instrument has a clamp that holds the hair flat against it.

What exactly is a curling iron with three barrels?

What Is the Function of a Curling Iron That Has Three Barrels? To summarize, triple-barrel curling irons produce waves that are reminiscent of mermaids. These waves are difficult to obtain with a regular curling iron or wand. According to Kimble, “[They achieve] an easy and beachy effect by employing three barrels.”

Can short hair be curled with a curling iron that has three barrels?

Compatible With Every Hair Type:

This three-barrel curling iron works well, and it is suitable for both short and long hair, as well as thick and thin hair. The ceramic curler generates negative ions, which smooth out any frizz and form waves that are glossy and soft.

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