How To Urethral Sound Video?

What exactly is it?

To perform urethral sounding, a toy is inserted into the urethra, which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. How To Urethral Sound Video?

In the beginning, this practice was essentially a medical operation that was performed to remove blockages from the urethra.

And if done in a responsible manner, it has the potential to be a sexually rewarding type of play.

Intrigued? Continue reading to find out more information about the reason why it’s done, what objects are utilized, and (most crucially) how it may be done in a secure manner.

Why do individuals choose to do this?

The genitalia have a high concentration of nerves.

The urethra travels via parts of the penis head known as the glands, the clitoris, and the G spot, all of which are very sensitive. These nerves are immediately stimulated when sound is produced.

If it is inserted far enough, a sonic toy may also directly stimulate the prostate. [Citation needed]

And doing so is forbidden! The fact that sounding is new and unusual to you, in addition to being somewhat dangerous and non-traditional, may make it an exhilarating experience in of of itself.

How To Urethral Sound Video?

Exist any potential advantages?

The act of sounding itself does not, in and of itself, have any positive effects on one’s health.

But it’s possible that sounds will bring sexual satisfaction, which might boost your mood and possibly make you feel less nervous or sad.

reliable information on your sexual activity.

And if you interact with other practitioners via online forums or seminars, you could discover that being a part of a community can have a good influence on both your practice and your general sense of who you are as a person.

How does it feel?

Whether or whether it feels pleasant is completely dependent on the individual.

Your level of sensitivity to pain, your sexual preferences, and whether or not you are receptive to experiencing it are all factors that might influence how it feels for you.

It is possible that at first you may have an odd sensation, such as the need to urinate or the sensation that something is rubbing on the lining of your urethra.

On the other hand, after you figure out which tools and strategies work best for you, it could start to seem more enjoyable.

Is there a risk?

Yes! But only if you carry out the instructions correctly.

This necessitates:

sanitizing items before use, obtaining ones that are just the correct size for you (not too thick or thin), moving slowly and softly, and getting medical attention if required in the event of an accident or toys that become trapped are all important steps.
Will the urethra continue to remain in its extended position?
Even if you merely practice sounds once in a great while, the size of your urethra won’t change no matter how often you do it.

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Your urethra may begin to expand out, though, if you practice on a regular basis (think weekly) and utilize toys that are progressively bigger or more textured as you go along. This is considered a part of the enjoyment by some people.

Take your time and be cautious not to overstretch it to the point that it aches or gives you any other kind of pain if this is something you want to do.

Will it have an effect on the way that you urinate?

The way you urinate won’t be affected in any way by safe sounds in the long run.

It is possible that urinating after a session of sounding may hurt, although this sensation is often just momentary.

The only real dangers arise from injuring yourself by using toys that are too large or being too harsh when you insert the toy. These are the only two things that may go wrong.

Should we be aware of any potential hazards?

Before engaging in this activity, there are a few key dangers that should be taken into consideration:

tissue damage from being too rough or using an instrument with abrasive textures urinary tract infections (UTIs) from bacteria on your toy getting into small cuts inside your urethra toy getting stuck if it goes too deep in the urethra or you don’t use enough lube urinary tract infections (UTIs) from bacteria on your toy getting into small cuts inside your urethra
Is there anybody who shouldn’t test out this new activity?
You shouldn’t even attempt to sound if you have any of the following:

any discharge that comes out of your urethra that is not typical.
an ongoing epidemic of a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as gonorrhea or herpes
a past marred by recurrent bouts of UTI
a previous history of trauma to the urinary tract (urethra)
a disorder that affects the prostate, such as prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or cancer of the prostate
What kinds of things are utilized?
When looking for a new toy, there are a few things you should bear in mind, and here they are.


The following are the most prevalent types:

How To Urethral Sound Video? Source: Youtube

plugs, which only go an inch or so into your urethra and may have a ball or hoop around them sounders, which are long, thin, and cylinder-shaped to go deeper into your urethra catheters, which are used in medical procedures and designed to go into your urethra plugs, which only go an inch or so into your urethra and may have a ball or hoop around them catheters, which are used in medical procedures and designed
The majority of plugs and sounders are constructed from:

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surgical-grade stainless steel or titanium silicone plastic
Titanium sounders are more rigid than other types, making it simpler to install them. They are also heavy enough to slip in by themselves.

Flexible and softer than other types of sounders, silicone sounders have a rough surface that makes it difficult to slip them in.


Sounders may be as little as a half an inch or as long as your imagination can take you, reaching lengths of up to roughly a foot or even more in certain cases.

The most frequent range for the length is between three to six inches.


The circumference is expressed in millimeters. If this is your first time, start with a smaller one, and then work your way up to a larger one using ever larger steps.


The majority of sounders have a long and narrow profile. Some are really deviant in their behavior. Some of them are somewhat curved, while others have bulges either in the centre or at either end.

If you have a penis, there is a possibility that part of it may loop around your glans like a hoop and have a ball connected to it that will fit into the opening of your urethra.


There is a huge range of textures, including the following:

smooth \sribbed \sstudded \swavy \sridged

How do you do it?

The following is an in-depth walkthrough of our sounding safely tutorial.


Clean each and every item.

Before you use them, put toys through a sterilisation process using either hot water or a betadine solution.

When washing your hands and the portions of your body that are exposed to the outside of your genitalia, use a mild, unscented soap and warm water.


Get comfy! You are free to choose whether to stand, sit, or lay down.
Apply a substantial amount of lubrication both to your device and to the entrance of your urethra. Utilize a lubricant that is non-chemical and based on water.
If you have a vulva, you should maintain your labia split apart and stretch them out so that you have better access to the entrance of your urethra.
If you have a penis, you should try to stand at least half erect. The urethral aperture may become more constricted or the penis may become too sensitive for insertion if the individual is completely erect.
When inserting the toy, use one hand to gently expand the urethral entrance while using the other hand to guide it in.
Take it easy! You shouldn’t try to push it in if you feel pressure, and you shouldn’t hurry the toy into the urethra either. Some of the heavier toys, such as steel or titanium plugs, may be inserted by themselves.
If it stops moving, give your genital or pelvic region a little shake to encourage it to continue moving.
If it is not going in as far as you would want it to, you shouldn’t try to push it in. Remove it carefully, then apply more lubricant to both the toy and your vaginal region. You might also try using a toy that is either smaller or thinner.
Manual stimulation
When you have reached a level of comfort with how far it is inserted, you should experiment with moving it in a few different directions to see which feels best and which nerve endings you can activate. Additionally, you should try to gently draw it in and out.

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In addition, you may enhance the experience by massaging your genital region in a soothing manner. Additionally, you or a partner may place your lips on the sounding device and hum to vibrate the inside of the urethra. This can be done by placing the sounding device over the urethra.

Taking it away and cleaning it up

Once you’re done:

You should withdraw the toy from your urethra in a gradual and gentle manner. Take your time! If it hurts or makes you uncomfortable, you should either stop or proceed at a slower pace. If necessary, apply more lubricant closer to the entrance of your urethra.
Urinate as soon as possible to get rid of any germs or lubrication that could be in your urethra. It is not unusual for it to hurt or burn somewhat for one or two days after the procedure has been completed.
Wash everything thoroughly one more time, including your hands, your genital region, and the toy that you used.
What kinds of safety measures are available to you?
Urethral sounding is a procedure that is risk-free so long as the necessary safety measures are taken.

Use lube

A number of muscles in the urethra are geared toward assisting in the process of expulsion of urine from the bladder. If you do not use a lot of lubrication to make it easier for the instrument to slide in and out of the urethra, you will not be successful in inserting the instrument.

It is not recommended to use a lubricant that contains a numbing component. This might lower both the pain and the pleasure you experience, which can be harmful. The only way you’ll know when to stop or change what you’re doing is if you’re experiencing discomfort. This could decrease both.

Take the toy away and come to an immediate halt if you see the following:

A painful, numbing, or cold feeling in the region of your genitals or anywhere else on your body odd changes in the color of your genital area, such as becoming pale or blue Pain, numbness, or cold sensation around your genitals or anywhere else on your body
strange discharge
swelling \sredness \sbleeding

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