How To Upgrade Wind Staff?

Because of the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous nature of the wandering robots, the Wind Staff is one of the more difficult staffs to obtain in Origins. This tutorial will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step overview for upgrading the staff to unlock its full power as the Ultimate Staff, as well as a review of the methods required to obtain the first version. How To Upgrade Wind Staff?

It makes perfect sense to revisit what are perhaps Treyarch’s greatest Wonder Weapons, the staffs, given that the remastered version of Origins has finally been released, as well as the popularity of backwards compatible titles on Xbox.

The Thunder Gun Wonder Weapon, which was introduced in the first Black Ops zombies game, and the Wind Staff are very similar in appearance. The Thunder Gun Wonder Weapon was introduced in the first Black Ops zombies game. When improved, the Wind Staff transforms into a whirlwind twister that draws zombies into its vortex and flings them out of the path with a tremendous blast of air. This is exactly what you would expect the Wind Staff to do.

The Ultimate Wind Staff, like like all of the previous enhanced staffs, has both a high round one-hit melee attack as well as an alternative mode. When the player presses the left directional pad, the staff rotates, giving them the ability to swiftly revive a teammate with a surge of energy. Despite the fact that this alternative mode only has a limited supply of ammunition, it is highly helpful in situations in which you either can’t physically reach to a fallen player or don’t want to stand about reviving them.

How to Get The Wind Staff

In order to complete the Wind Staff, you will need the gramophone, as well as three yellow pieces, one yellow-colored disc, and one black disc. You won’t be able to construct the fundamental model of the staff unless you amass all of these first.

Position of the Yellow Disc

The yellow disc will always generate a neat Stamina-Up machine (Generator 5), and its location will be one of the following:

At the stone wall that is directly to the right of the Stamin-Up facility at the Generator 5 location.
At the Generator 5 location, on a box that is further to the left of the Stamin-Up.
At a workbench in the passageway leading up to Generator 5

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Locations of the Yellow Parts

Each of the three parts is concealed within one of the enormous robots that patrols the map. To enter a robot, you must first blast the glowing foot on the robot’s underbelly and then block its path while it moves forward. This will transfer you into the robot immediately, where you will be able to collect the component.

You will need to carry out this procedure once again for each of the three distinct robots found in the church, at the excavation site, and at Generators 2 and 3.

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If you put your best foot forward, you might be setting yourself up for rapid failure and unhappiness. Also, keep in mind that out of the three robots that spawn in, only one of their feet will be yellow.

Black Disc

When used with the Gramophone, the Black Disc is necessary in order to access the next lower level of the excavation site. It can only ever be found in one of the following three places:

On the bottom of a box, near the beginning of the path that leads up to the excavation site (Generator 2 side)
In a box located on the other side of the excavation site, next to the entryway that leads to the church
At the highest point of the excavation site, next to PaP in a wheelbarrow


In every instance, the Gramophone may be found inside the core excavation site (also known as the dig site), one level downwards on the floor.

Final step

When you have all of the necessary components, including the gramophone, discs, and parts, head to the tunnel near Generator 4. (Jug). Proceed deep into the ground and set the gramophone down on the table that can be found at the very bottom. While you wait for the music to start playing, keep an eye out for the yellow portal to start taking shape.

When you are ready, go through the portal to the Crazy Place, and once you are there, take the crystal that is on the pedestal that is yellow. The only way to escape this insanity is to reconstruct the yellow portal and use it.

Last but not least, return to the central excavation site, descend to the lowest level, and construct the Wind Staff.

Upgrade Steps

  • Solve the Puzzle: Place the Symbols in the Correct Order

This one is without a doubt the simplest of all the upgrade challenges, and it can be done in only a few short moments. Visit the Crazy Place, and while you’re there, keep an eye out for the big rings that are located above the yellow gateway (see image below). On each ring is a set of symbols that has to be arranged in a certain pattern in order to complete the task.

To our great relief, the answer to this conundrum is always the same across all of our games. Learn which symbols need to be aligned using the Wind Staff by looking at the illustration that is provided below. Simply shooting a ring will cause it to revolve through its full set of positions.

If everything was done properly, the rings will begin to rotate around themselves, and Samantha will tell you that the chamber problem has been completed.

  • Ventilate the Smoke
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Get out of that Crazy Place and search for three stone balls that are releasing a cloud of smoke. Make use of the Wind Staff to steer the smoke towards the area where the excavation is taking place. The following are the precise positions of the three stone balls:

  • The Church, also known as “No Man’s Land”

Move towards the church, enter the basement, and continue on until you reach the tank on your right. On your way up No Man’s Land, proceed to leave the church by the back exit. You should be able to see the smoke approximately halfway up and to your right. Aim it at the area where the excavation is taking place.

  • The Jug Location for Generator 4

A straightforward one to identify. This smoking ball can be found close to the edge of the map, in the area between Generator 4 (Jug) and the Wind tunnel. Approximately face the excavation site while you direct the smoke there.

  • Stamina-Up Area, located in Generator 5

You need to go to Generator 5 and then stand just to the left of the Stamin-Up machine when you get there. If you turn your back to the excavation site, you should be able to see smoke rising from the mound. Again, be precise with your aim and fire the smoke directly in the direction of the excavation site.

  • Position the Rings Correctly

Proceed to the very bottom of the excavation site, and once there, you will see that a yellow orb has materialized under the enormous rings. Now make use of the switches that can be found in the surrounding region in order to turn each of the enormous rings so that all of their sides are yellow.

When all of the gems have been turned yellow, you should blast the yellow orb from bottom so that it flies upwards and vanishes between the rings.

How To Upgrade Wind Staff?
  • Charge Wind Staff (Collect Souls)

The last need for reclaiming the Wind Staff once it has been enhanced is to offer up the staff as a sacrifice for a few minutes while you gather the souls of zombies. It is highly recommended that you go into this section armed with at least a powerful weapon, a shield, and a Jug.

Now, make your way back to the Crazy Place by going through the portal. Place the Wind Staff that you started with on the yellow pedestal, then kill between 20 and 30 zombies to gather souls and complete the transformation.

Purchasing claymores and running in circles close to the portal exit area while planting mines in your path is a useful strategy that can be used. You are still able to collect the souls, and you do not put yourself in danger of being cornered by the falling stones. In point of fact, you can kill zombies in any part of the Crazy Place, and their souls will be collected regardless of where they were killed.

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After everything is done, go ahead and grab the improved Wind Staff so you may unleash a whirlwind assault.

How do you enhance your staff?

Construction of the Staves In order to improve a staff, you must first construct all four of its component parts…
Carry a Staff with you. Choose the members of the crew whose skills you would want to improve…
Step into the Crazy Room. I like to refer to this phase as the Crazy Room Step due to the fact that it is finished in that room…
Element Step…. Let go of the Orb…. Charge the Staff…. Put the Staff in your inventory.

Where can I purchase the individual components for the wind staff?

The pieces of the staff may be discovered in the skulls of the Giant Robots; each of the three robots has a head that contains a part. The player has to shoot the foot that has bright lights beneath it and then get trodden on by it in order to be transported to the head of the robot. Only then will they be able to explore the inside.

In the origins story, what role does the Golden Helmet play?

When the player is outfitted with the Golden Helmet, they are protected from the Giant Robots. After being trodden on, the player will not receive any damage, but they will be temporarily dazed for a short period of time. Other than that, though, they will not be harmed in any way. The Golden Helmet has the form of a Nasal Helmet with a conical peak.

What are the steps involved in making a lightning staff?

In order to get entrance to the lower levels of the Excavation Site and the Crazy Place, the player has to have the phonograph and the appropriate recordings, as well as the three pieces of the staff and the elemental crystal, in order to complete the quest and receive the Staff of Lightning.

Should I improve staff Elden Ring?

When you’ve been playing Elden Ring for a few hours, obtaining a better staff is the greatest method to increase your damage output (and then upgrading it as much as you can). It will have a more significant effect than gaining a level.

How can I get from using a wand to using Elden’s ring?

You may primarily improve your arsenal at one of two places: either at the Church of Elleh or in Roundtable Hold. Both of these locations can be found in the same region. You won’t get access to the latter option until far later in the game. In this area, you may use Smithing Stones of a lesser quality to perform more fundamental modifications to your equipment.

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