How To Upgrade Lightning Staff?

The Lightning Staff is one of the less popular staffs in Origins, mostly because the process of collecting its parts and upgrading it takes a significant amount of time. In this article, I will demonstrate a method that will allow you to do this task in a shorter amount of time, as well as cover the comprehensive methods required to upgrade the Electric Staff and take advantage of a great foe. How To Upgrade Lightning Staff? The strategy guide, as is customary, includes a comprehensive walkthrough along with problem answers and images to assist you in completing the game.

Within the Zombies Chronicles downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, each of the original staffs has been carefully maintained and restored. Their assaults have not changed, and neither have the procedures for constructing them nor the ones for upgrading them. One of the requirements for obtaining the primary Easter egg is to upgrade all of the standard staffs to their respective ultimate variants.

The Lightning Staff, much like the Wind Staff, has a striking similarity to another Wonder Weapon already in existence. The weapon in question is the DG-2, also known as the Wunderwaffe, and its history can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the World at War undead series, when it made its debut in Shi No Numa.

As you would think, the Lightning Staff at the base fires bolts of electric lightning that electrocute any zombies unfortunate enough to be in its line. Its ultimate super strike launches a bigger ball of lightning that spreads from zombie to zombie, ultimately killing a vast number of zombies grouped together in a dense swarm.

The Ultimate Lightning Staff has, in addition to its electric strikes, a high round one-hit melee attack (up to round 16), as well as an additional mode. When the player presses the left directional pad, the staff rotates, giving them the ability to swiftly revive a teammate with a surge of energy.

Instructions on How to Acquire the Lightning Staff

In order to construct the Lightning Staff, you will need the gramophone, as well as three pieces colored purple, one disc colored purple, and one disc colored black. You won’t be able to construct the fundamental model of the staff unless you amass all of these first.

Purple Part Locations

The Purple areas are very difficult to find on the Origins map, and the ONLY way to get there is by riding the tank (originating from the church) and hopping off onto secret platforms. You will lose a few points and have to wait quite a while for the tank to recharge in order to finish a full lap if you choose to do this.

During the course of the tank ride, the specific three places are as follows:

After passing Generator4 (Jug), you will need to wait until you are about halfway up the muddy road, and then leap to the RIGHT side, onto the wooden platform. This concludes Part 1.

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How To Upgrade Lightning Staff?

The second part of the mission requires you to ride the tank from Generator 2 (the Tank Station), and as you get closer to the excavation site, you should seek for the wooden platform on your left. To claim the portion, you will need to hop over and stroll above the excavation site.

After reaching the area described in part 2 above, you will need to leap to the RIGHT side of the tank and onto the icy pathway with the damaged fence in order to access the third half of the level. Claim the role by making your way around the church to the rear of the building.

Positions of the Purple Disc

The purple disc may always be found in one of three different spots in the neighborhood of Generator 4. (Jug).

On the cart, next to the door leading inside Generator 4
In the vicinity of the Wunderfizz machine, on a table.
Extremely low point in the wind tunnel

Black Disc

When used with the Gramophone, the Black Disc is necessary in order to access the next lower level of the excavation site. It can only ever be found in one of the following three places:

On the bottom of a box, near the beginning of the path that leads up to the excavation site (Generator 2 side)
In a box located on the other side of the excavation site, next to the entryway that leads to the church
At the highest point of the excavation site, next to PaP in a wheelbarrow


In every instance, the Gramophone may be found inside the core excavation site (also known as the dig site), one level downwards on the floor.

Final step

Proceed below until you reach the absolute end of the tunnel when you get to the passageway that’s next to Generator 5 (Stamin-Up). Placing the gramophone on the table in order to construct the purple portal that will lead you to the Crazy Place is the first step.

Travel to the Crazy Place by way of the portal, and after you’re there, get the crystal from the pedestal that’s colored purple. The only way to escape this insanity is to reconstruct the purple gateway and use it.

After that, construct the Lightning Staff in front of the statues on the lowest level of the excavation site.

Upgrade Steps

At first, the processes required to improve the Lightning Staff were quite frustrating, but since then, they have gotten somewhat less onerous. To save some time, make sure you follow the stages in the exact order that they are listed below and pay attention to the problem answers.

Solve the Riddle: Aim and Fire at the Purple Triangles

Visit the Crazy Place, and while you’re there, make a mental note of the pattern of purple triangles that may be found near the purple gateway (shown in the image above). These “notes” are the building blocks for the first upgrade problem, which, to our great relief, is the same in every game.

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Ignore the first row of notes in order to answer this problem, and instead number the notes in the second row from one to seven.

Now, be sure you fire the notes with the Lightning Staff in the precise sequence that is depicted below: (ignoring the top row entirely).

1, 3, 6 3, 5, 7 2, 4, 6

You will be provided with an audio quotation from Samantha, and the earth will tremble if everything is done perfectly.

Rotate the Dials on the Electric Panel

Before Treyarch corrected this phase, players were required to identify and inspect a total of eight separate panels in order to locate the next dial that would start sparking. This was an unbearable burden in SOLO, and it ultimately turned out to be the primary reason why the Lightning Staff was so unpopular.

Thank goodness, this procedure has been altered. Follow the specific directions given below, moving from one panel to the next while rotating the dial to the precise position described. You may also adjust the dials at any moment throughout the game, which will save you time before you come to this phase.

You may have noticed that I only named seven of them above. This is due to the fact that the eighth panel does not ignite at any point, therefore I have omitted it.

If everything is carried out appropriately, an audio clip of Samantha will play, and a ray of light will shoot upward from the excavation site and into the air above it.

Arrange the Rings in a Line

At the very bottom of the excavation site are four enormous rings that each have a variety of colored stones attached to the side. Make sure that each of the dials is turned to the purple position by using the switches located in this region. When you are ready, use the Lightning Staff to blast the purple ball from beneath the rings in order to send it upwards.

Charge the Staff (Collect the Souls)

You will need to go back to the Crazy Place for one more test before you can proceed with the final upgrading phase. After you have killed 20 to 30 zombies in the Crazy Place, you should place the Lightning Staff in the purple pedestal (anywhere you like). For this, it is highly recommended that you have an updated weapon, and it is preferable to have some type of protection, such as the Jug, the shield, or a trustworthy teammate.

How To Upgrade Lightning Staff? Source: Youtube

After doing everything, take the staff off the pedestal it was standing on, and now you may use the Ultimate Lightning Staff. Congratulations, all of your hard work has paid off and was well worth the effort!

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Could you please tell me the password for the Lightning staff?

In order to go to the next phase, you will need to blast the keys with the Staff of Lightning in the following sequence: 6, 1, 3, 3, 5, 7, 4, 6, and 2. If the notes ever change, I will update this guide to include an explanation of how to decipher the pattern, and I will do it as soon as possible.

How exactly does one construct the Lightning staff?

In order to get entrance to the lower levels of the Excavation Site and the Crazy Place, the player has to have the phonograph and the appropriate recordings, as well as the three pieces of the staff and the elemental crystal, in order to complete the quest and receive the Staff of Lightning.

How exactly does one go about leveling up the staff in Origins?

Construction of the Staves In order to improve a staff, you must first construct all four of its component parts…
Carry a Staff with you. Choose the members of the crew whose skills you would want to improve…
Crazy Room Step. I like to refer to this phase as the Crazy Room Step due to the fact that it is finished in that room…
Element Step…. Let go of the Orb…. Charge the Staff…. Put the Staff in your inventory.

Where exactly is the fourth torch located in Origins?

In the crypt of the church, there are seven candles mounted on the walls, each of which has a number inscribed below it (one of them is a bloodstain that represents the number 4, instead of being written in chalk like the rest). On the far wall of the upper level, there are symbols, and four of them have lights shining in their centers.

How can you acquire the golden helmet in origins?

The Golden Helmet is a piece of loot that may be obtained by completing the Origins map mission. The player must already own a Golden Shovel before being eligible to find one during a random dig. A sound effect will let the player know when they have acquired the Golden Helmet while they play the game.

How many zombies are added to the map with each round?

When there are more people playing on a server at once, more zombies will spawn throughout each round. Because of the potential for latency, the number of zombies that may be generated on the map at one time is limited to a maximum of 24 in solo mode. When the server hits this limit, new zombies will not spawn until the ones that are already on the server have been eliminated.

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