How To Update Luma 3Ds?

With the release of version 8.0 of Luma3DS, boot9strap version 1.2 or a later version is needed for use, and all earlier entrypoints are no longer supported. How To Update Luma 3Ds? You may start here if you do not already have arm9loaderhax or boot9strap installed on your system, or you can refer to here for details on how to upgrade from arm9loaderhax.

You may get the most recent version of Luma3DS from this link. You should not download the source code in either zip or tar.gz format; rather, you should download the Luma3DSvX.X(.X).7z file.

Luma3DSvX.X must have boot.firm extracted from it (.X).

How To Update Luma 3Ds?

Copy the contents of a 7z archive created using a program such as 7-zip (Windows/Linux) or Unarchiver (macOS) to the root directory of your 3DS’s SD card. Please try upgrading boot9strap if your 3DS will not turn on after you complete this step or if you see an error message stating “Unsupported loader.”

Optional: Continue on to the next section, “Section VI – CTRNAND Luma3DS.” Your Nintendo 3DS will now be able to start up even if an SD card is not currently attached.


Simply update the boot.firm file on the SD card with the most recent version that you downloaded from the releases website. There is currently no support for auto-updaters.

The most recent version of the Homebrew Menu is included in the release archive as well; if your boot.3dsx file is too old, you should consider replacing it with the one included in the package.


“My Nintendo 3DS displays a blue light for a few of seconds before turning off and displaying the message “unsupported loader” on the screen. What do I do?!”

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Luma versions 8.0 and above need boot9strap with v1.2 or a higher version number. I would appreciate it if you could attempt to update your boot9strap installation here. Furthermore, despite the fact that third-party bootloaders are available, we are unable to guarantee compatibility with them; boot9strap is the only entrypoint that is officially supported and encouraged.

“I was unable to install LumaUpdate or update Luma because of a network problem!”

Check to see if your Nintendo 3DS is linked to the internet.

“A few of the functions that Luma3DS claims to have do not seem to be functional for me!”

Are you using an older version of the firmware than 4.0.0? Many of the fixes that Luma has created are incompatible with firmware versions lower than 4.0.0. Because boot9strap and Luma3DS do not have any negative side effects associated with upgrading to the most recent firmware, we strongly encourage you to do so. If you are using the most recent version of the firmware, please make an effort to adhere more carefully to the documentation that describes the functionality with which you are experiencing difficulties. You may locate this documentation on any of the pages that are mentioned in the sidebar.

How To Update Luma 3Ds? Source: Youtube

Is it possible to upgrade my 3DS Luma?

It is absolutely risk-free to upgrade your device as long as it is running Luma 10.2.1 or a later version.

What is the most recent version of the 3DS firmware?

A fresh system update for the Nintendo 3DS was released recently; this is the first one since November 2020. Version 11.15.0-47 is now out, and according to Nintendo’s patch notes, it does not deliver much more than “improvements to system stability and usability.” This is a term that Nintendo often employs during less significant system upgrades.

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Do I have Luma3DS?

If you want to determine whether or not you have Luma3DS, power on your console while holding down the SELECT button. If the console boots properly, it is unlikely that you have Luma3DS; in that case, you may disregard the rest of this instructions.

On the 3DS, what exactly is Luma?

Luma3DS is a tool that can patch the system software of (New) Nintendo (2)3DS portable systems “on the fly.” This may provide features such as per-game language options, debugging facilities for developers, and the ability to remove limitations imposed by Nintendo such as the region lock.

Is Nintendo planning to close the 3DS eShop?

Nintendo has provided a timeline for when customers may anticipate the 3DS and Wii U eShops closing in both the West and Japan. The retail outlets for both platforms will be permanently shut down in the West on March 27, 2023, while those in Japan will do so on March 28, 2023. 1

Is it Possible to Unbrick a 3DS?

Warning: Those of you who have 3DS consoles that were bricked by Gateway may now get them unbrickered. You are going to need an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, a hardware mod that has already been installed in your 3DS, and a previous NAND dump from either the hardware mod or emuNAND.

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