How To Unlock Treasure Pods In Slime Rancher?

The video game Slime Rancher is enjoyable for players of a wide range of ages. And Treasure Pods are known to deliver tasty riches; unfortunately, in order to open them, you need the appropriate gear and crackers.
Players of any age may experience joy while playing the game Slime Rancher since it is designed to do so. Players are able to quickly and readily get engrossed in the strange universe that the game is built on thanks to the game’s vibrant design and distinctive gameplay. What might first seem to be a straightforward game can quickly become more challenging as you make progress through it, particularly after the component of resource gathering has been included.

How To Unlock Treasure Pods In Slime Rancher?

What are Treasure Pods

Treasure Pods, which are Slime Ranchers’ equivalent of treasure chests and may be found all over the map, are hidden throughout the game. There are three distinct varieties of treasure pods: green pods, blue pods, and purple pods. Each color corresponds to a particular form of treasure. Each of them may be opened with a rather unique piece of equipment, and even the most fundamental green pods won’t be accessible to players right away in the game.

How to Open Treasure Pods

You will need to break open crackers before you can open pods. It will take quite a few hours of playtime just to get to the level one cracker, which is not an easy accomplishment at all.
Once certain conditions have been satisfied inside the game, players will be able to purchase them at the Vacpack Upgrade Terminal. To go farther in the game, players will need to not only have a certain amount of cash on hand but also have crafted a predetermined quantity of various devices.

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How do you unlock purple treasure pods in slime rancher?

After completing 100 different devices in The Lab, you will be able to purchase the treasure cracker MKIII for the price of $25,000 Newbucks. This will allow you to access all of the remaining purple pods. These pods may be discovered in every part of the game, albeit they have a tendency to be somewhat concealed or to be located in less obvious places on islands.

How To Unlock Treasure Pods In Slime Rancher?

How do you unlock advanced treasure pods?

You will need to construct a total of 35 Gadgets before the Treasure Cracker MKII will become available for use. After you have completed this step, your Treasure Cracker will have the ability to crack both green and blue Treasure Pods. After that, you will need to construct a total of one hundred Gadgets so that your Treasure Cracker may be upgraded to the Treasure Cracker MKIII.

How many treasure pods are there in slime rancher?

Treasure Pods are containers that may carry a variety of treasures, and each one will have a Slime Science Blueprint inside of it. In addition to that, players have the opportunity to get decorations and materials from the pods, such as Lava Dust, which would otherwise be difficult to locate. In the base game, there are a total of 115 Pods available.

Is there going to be a slime rancher 2?

The sequel, Slime Rancher 2, will be released in the autumn of 2022. Fans of Slime Rancher have been waiting with bated breath for the official announcement of the release date of the much anticipated sequel to the game this year. It won’t be much longer. Tuesday saw the announcement of Slime Rancher 2’s upcoming release date by video game developer Monomi Park.

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How do you unlock all the areas in Slime Rancher?

Simply pressing the letter M or moving the D-Pad to the right will bring up the map. When you initially access the map, you will only have access to a small fraction of it. Players have to uncover map nodes that are buried in each area of the Far, Far Range in order to get access to the remaining portions of the map.

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