How To Take Apart A Xbox One Controller?

You need to know how to open your Xbox One controller in order to do any of the following actions: customize it, disassemble it, or replace a thumbstick.
We put the controller for the Xbox One through a lot of testing. This controller, which is compatible with a number of other devices (especially PCs) in addition to the Xbox One, is often knocked, dropped, and dirty. Grease from hands, perspiration, food particles, and other debris may be found all over the surface and in the many crevices and indentations.

The feedback motors, buttons, and thumb sticks all have their own unique set of problems as well. In a nutshell, the controller for your Xbox One has to be maintained. In order to do this, you will need to be able to disassemble the Xbox One controller, clean it, make any necessary repairs, and then reassemble it.

The Xbox One Controller Should Be Taken Apart for These Four Reasons

The controller you use with your Xbox One sees a lot of use. As a direct consequence of this, it requires frequent maintenance. It’s quite unlikely that you do anything beyond giving the buttons an occasional wipe clean.

However, in order to undertake routine maintenance and maintain long-term performance from the controller, you will need to be familiar with how to securely disassemble an Xbox One controller. It’s possible that this is to:

Fix or replace a malfunctioning thumbstick.

Fix or replace any buttons or triggers that are broken.

Check the connections to the battery.

Remove any dust or debris that may have formed in the area surrounding the controls.

Continue reading to find out how to open your Xbox One controller so that you may clean it and make any necessary repairs. Take note that the following instructions are tailored just for Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers that were manufactured by Microsoft and not for subsequent devices or those manufactured by third parties. If you have a third-party Xbox One controller, it will most likely include eight screws that can be removed with a tiny Philips screwdriver. These screws can be found on the back of the controller.

Having said all of that, you may use this instructions to disassemble an Xbox Series X/S controller from the first generation.

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Things You’ll Need to Have in Order to Take Apart Your Xbox One Controller

It is not as simple to disassemble an Xbox One controller as it is to take apart an old radio. It is not possible to use regular screwdrivers to access the inside of an Xbox One controller. You’ll need a Torx screwdriver in its place; but, that’s not all you’ll need:

Screwdriver with a Torx head (T8 or T9, depending on controller model)

a screwdriver with a flat head

Pry tools made of plastic (a guitar plectrum or pick makes a suitable alternative).

Spudger made of plastic or a disposable knife

Are you unable to obtain access to the guts of your Xbox One controller due to a lack of the necessary tools? There’s no need to worry — a wide variety of tool kits for the Xbox One controller can be purchased online.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Disassembling a Microsoft Xbox One Controller

When armed with the appropriate equipment, disassembling the controller for the Xbox One is a simple operation.

Take off the battery cover, as well as any existing batteries.

Take off the plastic covering the grip.

Remove the five Torx screws by unscrewing them.

Remove the controller’s back cover and set it aside.

Raise the internals such that they are not touching the front fascia.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss each stage in more depth. Take note that the process for opening a controller from the first generation of the Xbox Series X/S follows the same steps.

Instructions on How to Remove the Batteries from Your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S Controller

Before moving on, check to see that the power is turned off on your Xbox One controller. Put it on a table or some other kind of solid surface, and make sure the tools are within easy reach.

Follow these instructions to open the controller for the Xbox One.

Take off the door that covers the battery compartment, and place it away somewhere safe.

Take out the batteries and put them away for another time.

Detach the plastic panels that are located on the back of the “handles” of the controller, which is the part of the controller that sits in your hand, using the plectrum or the spudger. Because this might take some time, be patient and wiggle the plectrum along each edge as you move it back and forth to unclip them.

Turn the controller over so that the bottom is facing up, then loosen the five Torx screws. You may find two of them on the left side, two on the right side, and one more behind the label in the compartment where the batteries are stored. Put the screws somewhere secure so you won’t lose them later.

At this point, the rear panel ought to come out without any difficulty.
You are now able to pull the primary controller out of its housing. Take note that this is a supplementary plastic container that holds a pair of printed circuit boards (PCBs) (printed circuit boards).

If you want to make any adjustments later on, you may now swap the thumbsticks, the D-pad, and the other buttons.
Because further disassembly at this point involves some understanding of electronics, you shouldn’t continue if you don’t have expertise working with printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other electrical components (see below).

Congratulations, you’ve completed disassembling your Xbox One controller without any problems.

You’ve Removed the Packaging on Your Xbox One Controller; Now What?

You should now see the broken bits of your Xbox One controller lying on your surface. But what steps may you take after that? Here are some possible next steps for you to take.

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Clean Your Xbox One Controller

It is strongly advised that you keep your controller clean at all times, regardless of the conditions. Cleaning is vital for a variety of reasons, including maintaining the responsiveness of the buttons on an Xbox One controller and practicing good hygiene to prevent infections.

Isopropyl alcohol is recommended for removing grime by Microsoft; cotton swabs should be used for cleaning regions that are tough to access. The majority of the cleaning will be concentrated in this area surrounding the plastic components. If you have a portable vacuum cleaner that is designed for use with electronics, you may put it to work to pick up any stray particles of dust that are out of reach.

After the reassembly is complete, the danger of infection may be mitigated by using disinfection wipes.

Make any necessary repairs to the thumbstick on the Xbox One controller

Once the Xbox One controller has been opened, a variety of different repairs may be carried out. Checking the buttons that do not respond (which is often successful with extra cleaning) and repairing the thumbsticks are also options.

The thumbsticks, often known as joysticks, on the Xbox One controller have a tendency to get dislodged. The majority of the time, this issue may be fixed by gluing a tiny pole of metal into the thumbstick itself (possibly using a thumbtack for this purpose) and then pressing this pole into the analogue controller that is installed on the circuit board.

How To Take Apart A Xbox One Controller?

Disassemble your Xbox One controller in its entirety

Do you want to learn more about the inner workings of your Xbox One controller? Think about doing a complete disassembly, which involves disassembling the gadget until only the PCBs remain. You could even go a step further and separate the triggers, thumbsticks, buttons, and anything else that could be attached to the controller.

A subsequent disassembly will, as a matter of course, disclose the electrical components. As a result of this, you will need to take appropriate steps to reduce the possibility of static electricity causing damage to your controller.

In addition to this, there are a total of four thin wires located on the left and right sides of the controller (eight wires in total). The rumbling motor takes up two of the wires on each side, while the other four serve to link the two printed circuit boards. These may be carefully desoldered, although doing so is only really important if you are disassembling it to replace its components.

By removing four little screws, the printed circuit boards (PCBs) may be removed from the inside plastic chassis of the device.

However, make sure that the technique is labeled and annotated correctly, or else you’ll end up with a controller that you can’t even use to play games!

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Personalize the Controller for the Xbox One.

You can also customize your Xbox One controller by adding additional LEDs and other components by disassembling it first. This is a terrific method to do that. A can of paint and an adhesion promoter, on the other hand, will allow you to make more noticeable modifications to the look of your controller.

Putting Back Together an Xbox One Controller

When you are happy that the Xbox One Controller is prepared for use once again, just reassemble the device by following the directions that were given above in the opposite order.

After being disassembled, cleaned, and then reassembled, your Xbox One controller should function normally once again. This is true regardless of whether you performed maintenance or cleaning on it. If this is not the case, you should look into alternative methods of troubleshooting or consider purchasing a new controller.

What other kind of screwdriver can I use in place of a T6?

If you have pliers with a needlenose tip, you merely need to grab the pegs in order to remove or install them. There is very little chance that anything will go wrong, unless your main concern is scratching the surface of your hard drive or solid state drive (HDD or SSD). Yimbie questioned if all that was required to replace a hard disk drive was a Torx T6 screwdriver.

How can I prevent the joystick drift on my Xbox One controller from occurring in the first place?

It is necessary to use cotton swabs to massage isopropyl alcohol over the rounded surface of the left or right analog stick on the Xbox One and Series X/S controllers. This may be done to cure drift without having to open the controllers. Then set it aside for thirty seconds, repeat the procedure three or four times, and the drift problem with your Xbox controller should now be addressed.

What does it mean to use a T6 screwdriver?

Torx are a kind of star-shaped screwdriver that have six points and go by the names Torx, 6 point, and star. Torx is a trademarked term for a screwdriver that is compatible with Torx screws. These screws are often found in sizes ranging from Torx 6 to Torx 40 and were first devised in the 1960s with the intention of outperforming hex screws (or T6 to T40).

What are some solutions for a sticky drift?

Isopropyl alcohol should be applied on a cotton swab before use. To clean the rounded surface, pry back the thumbstick, and then gently wipe it off with alcohol. Turning the thumbstick in small increments allows you to thoroughly clean the whole device. Verify that the thumbstick has been well cleaned, and then put it through its paces in terms of its functionality.

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