How To Switch Characters In Jump Force?

A fraction of the manga magazine’s most notable characters at any given time are going to be included in an upcoming elite player fighting game that is being produced by the most popular manga magazine in the world. How To Switch Characters In Jump Force?

The incredible Switch Characters in Jump Force are celebrating in some pretty unique ways due to the fact that they have been introduced. The Jump Force program may be found below, complete with descriptions of each confirmed character as well as their many transformations and extreme techniques.

You’re going to need to find out how to transfer characters in Jump Force in the not-too-distant future since the game is a competitor in the group-based combat field category. To swap characters in Jump Force, either click the L2 button or the left trigger on Jump Force DLC Characters Revealed (depending on the version you’re playing). This is a mechanic that the game is shockingly vague about.

The absolute most noteworthy characters from throughout the whole of manga and anime are gathered together in one place for Jump Force. It is possible to practice combinations including all of the members of your group, which adds an additional level of skill. Because you may swap characters at any point during a battle in Jump Force, figuring out the most efficient way to do so is an important concept for the game.

How To Switch Characters In Jump Force?

How to get access to more characters in Jump Force

You do not need to open any of the characters in order to participate in Free Missions or the 2-Player Sofa Center.

In order to complete the Key Missions in the tale of Jump Force, you will need to choose your teams from a smaller selection at the beginning of the game, but as you go, you will unlock additional options. This is the method through which you may get access to additional capabilities for your Avatar, which will become available as more characters join the Jump Force.

The procedure for changing characters in Jump Force

The primary objective of Jump Force is for players to choose a team consisting of three Shonen Jump characters and compete against another group consisting of three characters. The characters each have their own special abilities, and the Awakening drops they may use are powerful enough to completely change the tide of a battle if used correctly.

To swap between characters while they are engaged in combat, you will need to push the left trigger on your controller (L2 on PS4). This will allow you to do so. In the remote possibility that you maintain control of the catch, you will be subjected to a “Backing Attack” without having to swap characters.

Instructions on how to get access to more Jump Force costumes for your Avatar

Assuming, however, that you need extra costumes for your symbol, you will be required to purchase them using money from the in-game market. As you go through the game’s Key Missions and some of its Free Missions, you will unlock more clothes. It is important to shop in the area around Umbra Base, as different establishments offer a variety of items; thus, it is important that you do so.

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Roster of the Jump Force

In the event that your custom-made Avatar is counted, there are a total of 41 players that are candidates for the Jump Force tournament.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto, a prominent figure in the manga industry as a whole, was almost certainly going to be one of the most prominent additions to the Jump Force program. We saw a grown-up Naruto employing Sage and Kyuubi abilities in the E3 teaser. Since different iterations of characters, such as Sage Naruto, won’t be independently playable in the game, Naruto will use unique maneuvers that approach the totality of the numerous combat styles that he uses in the manga.

Sasuke Uchiha

An ally and foe who has been with Naruto for a long time has now joined the fight. However, we were able to play as him in the show floor demo that we saw shortly after E3, despite the fact that he wasn’t included in the E3 trailer. As was the case with Naruto, the only incarnation of Sasuke that has been confirmed is the Shippuden version.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Kurosaki, the protagonist of the Dye series, jumps into the fray. It seems like the skirmish and enchantment-based battle styles of the Dye characters would be an excellent addition to Jump Force, which is why it would be a wonderful idea to have them included in this game.

Rukia Kuchiki

In addition, Rukia Kuchiki, who is also a Soul Reaper and is Ichigo’s kindred, is on the roster for Jump Force. Even while her katana is her primary weapon, she is also able to use ice magic to do damage to anyone who stand in her way.

Sosuke Aizen

Sosuke Aizen, a very evil villain from Bleach, is the last Bleach character to join Jump Force thus far. Aizen, who was a high-ranking captain in the Soul Society in the past, will have a moveset that is comparable to those of Ichigo and Rukia.


You do realize that Jump Force simply wouldn’t be a Jump game without the inclusion of Switch Characters, right? The lovable Saiyan with the lovely spike on his head was featured prominently in the game’s E3 teaser, and it seems guaranteed that he will play a leading role in Jump Force despite the recent release of Dragon Ball FighterZ. Since then, we’ve learned that a Super Saiyan Blue version of Goku will appear in Jump Force, despite the fact that, similar to Naruto, Goku won’t be playable as an individual character in this game.

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It was necessary for surly jeans to make their debut because of their widespread popularity. In the event that Jump Force is intended to be a celebration of the lengthy history of Jump, it would be unethical to exclude a character who is held in very high esteem.


In contrast to the plethora of heroes featured in Shonen Jump’s history, Frieza is without a doubt one of the most memorable antagonists.

Monkey D. Luffy

One additional cornerstone of the Shonen Jump program is the One Piece protagonist Luffy, who aspires to rule the seas as King of the Pirates.


The might of the Straw Hat Pirates In the Jump Force demonstration that was played on the exhibit floor at E3, Roronoa Zoro was first shown as a selectable character. Because he fights with many blades at once, he should be an excellent departure from the rest of the characters on the list.


The chef who puffs on cigarettes. Sanji will be the third of the Star Hat Pirates to be on the Jump Force roster when it is finally released. It was revealed at Gamescom that Sanji employs a fighting style that is heavily reliant on kicks, and it seems that this will be the case in this particular scenario as well.


In the same vein as One Piece, Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, also participates in the fight. The basis of his short proximity moveset is based on the capabilities of his Flare-Flame Fruit and his stick, which are both very hot.


In terms of the antagonists from One Piece, Blackbeard, whose full name is Marshall D. Instruct, was one of the characters that appeared in the trailer that was shown at Gamescom. Blackbeard is the only character in One Piece who is capable of controlling two Devil Fruits at the same time; nonetheless, the majority of Blackbeard’s Jump Force specialities revolve upon his usage of haziness.

Yugi Moto

In point of fact, the character you take on in the game is the spirit of The Pharaoh, who enlists the help of Yugi so that he might triumph in a tournament for younger players. Because of his great fighting technique, Yugi has been accepted into the Jump Force program, which is a wonderful development. Who of the Duel Monsters will he face off against in close proximity? Obviously, the Dark Magician, along with Dark Magician Girl and Slifer the Sky Dragon. His Draw extraordinary limitless supply of his fantastic spell and trap cards, such as Light force Sword and Swords of Revealing Light, as well. His Draw exceptional endless supply of his great spell and trap cards.

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From the series Hunter x Hunter, Gon is a good candidate for the fighting game Jump Force because of his speed and hand-to-hand style of combat. In addition to the various Nen talents that Gon has, the Limitation Transformation that was shown off during the Gamescom video may also be found in the game.


Hisoka Switch Characters in Jump Force is renowned as a strong competitor inside the manga’s world, making him an excellent choice for Jump Force. Hisoka was the primary antagonist for a significant portion of the early Hunter X Hunter episodes. He was announced in a Gamescom demo that was somewhat similar to Blackbeard.

How To Switch Characters In Jump Force? Source: Youtube

In Jump Force, how do you swap between different players?

In order to swap between characters while they are engaged in combat, you will need to hit the left trigger button on your controller (L2 on the PS4). If you continue to press the button, you will initiate a “Support Attack” even if you do not swap characters.

Who among the Jump Force cast has the most offensive firepower?

Jump Force’s Top 13 Fighters Based On Their Overall Strength
8 Shoto Todoroki.
7 Naruto.
6 Killua.
5 Trafalgar D. Water Law.
4 Kenshin.
3 Yugi Moto.
2 Ichigo.
1 Zoro.

In Jump Force, how can you swap between different teams?

Naturally, there are some individuals who will have second thoughts and question whether it is possible to switch sides in Jump Force. To answer your question directly, no. The team you join at the beginning of the game will be the one you’re bound to for the duration of the game, including participation in online competitions and other such activities.

What is the procedure for changing between Michael and Franklin?

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the following is the procedure for switching between characters:
Holding down on the d-pad while you are within the game’s universe will bring up the dial used to swap characters.
When the character switch menu is active, use the right analog stick to choose Franklin, Trevor, or Michael from the available options.

How exactly does one go about altering a character in a story?

These five stages are what I do when I want to make a change in a character that is believable:
First Step: Determine a Variable That Will Remain Constant…
The second step is to shape your character…
The next step is to let your character become angry…
Find Your Character’s New Norm, which is the Fourth Step…
Give Your Evolved Character the Opportunity to Showcase Their Skills as the Fifth and Final Step

Which of these three categories best describes the characters?

This article delves into the character profiles of three of these main characters, namely the Hero, the Main Character, and the Protagonist.

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