How To Strap Down A Motorcycle?

Transporting a motorbike in a secure manner requires carefully securing it, especially when traveling long distances. To ensure that your bicycle does not move while you are on the road, you should first secure a wheel chock to the bed of your truck or trailer. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? First, you will need to place the front tire into the chock, and then you will need to connect the straps to the front suspension tubes. Additionally, wrap a strap around the tire located at the back. In order to finish the work, you need to use a ratchet strap to pull each of the straps tighter.

Things That It Is Best That You Know

Put a wheel chock on the bed of the trailer, and then use a ramp to drive the motorbike onto the trailer.
Tie down the bicycle by holding it upright and securing it with straps; wrap one strap around each front suspension tube, and then fasten all of the straps to a ratchet strap.
Put a ratchet strap on the other side of the trailer and connect a strap that is parallel to the rear tire, then wrap it around the tire and attach it to the ratchet strap; moreover, tie down any slack strap ends.

First, We’ll Get the Motorcycle in its Proper Position

The rear of the trailer bed should have a wheel chock attached to it. A wheel chock is a slot that is designed for the front tire of the vehicle. While the motorbike is in motion, it prevents the tire from becoming crooked. To begin, fasten a chock to the underside of your trailer or truck bed. Put it in the middle of the bed and at the rear of the headboard. Then you need to secure it.
Wheel chocks may be purchased in automotive shops as well as on the internet.
Some trailers already come with pre-drilled holes for the connection of accessories like wheel chocks. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? Search for holes that have already been created for the bolts.
If you do not want to bother with the process of adding screws and nuts, another option is for you to temporarily install a wheel chock. Placing it in the same orientation as before, then securing it with ratchet straps, The tension on the strap will ensure that the chock remains in place.

Utilize the ramp to help load the motorbike into the trailer. Make use of a ramp designed specifically for motorcycles, one that can withstand the load of your vehicle. Put the ramp on the trailer bed and secure it. After that, carefully slide the motorbike into the bed of the truck. Do not, under any circumstances, release go of it; otherwise, it will topple over.
When there are two persons, one may hold on each side, making this considerably simpler.
Some utility trailers come equipped with ramps built right in, while others are designed to be so low that you won’t even need one.
Planks made of wood should not be used for this endeavor. It’s possible that they won’t be able to sustain the weight of the motorbike.
When putting the bike into a pickup truck, it is best to do it without the tailgate in place if at all possible. They sometimes can’t deal with the weight of a motorbike and end up breaking as a result.

Put the front wheel into the wheel chock so that it is secured. Roll the bicycle around to the rear of the trailer, and then place the chock under the front tire. When the front wheel has completely entered the chock, the mechanism on most chocks will click. Once you hear this click, you will know that the bike is in the right position.
Keep the kickstand up at all times. You are free to temporarily set it aside while you collect the rest of your gear, but you must bring it back inside before you secure the bicycle.

How To Strap Down A Motorcycle?

Second Section: Fastening the Front Wheel

Keep the bike in an upright position. It will be lot simpler for you to do this task if you collaborate with another individual. Instruct them to hold the bike so that it is standing straight up, without tilting to either side. The second person should go on the bike and plant both of their feet in the ground like they are riding it. This is the simplest method.
You are still able to successfully secure the bike even if you do not have a working companion to assist you. Make use of the kickstand while you are putting everything into place, but remember to elevate it before you secure the bike to the ground.

A portion of the strap should be secured to the side of the trailer in a position that is parallel to the front tire. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? Make use of the regular tie-down straps that may be purchased at a hardware shop. Raise yourself until you are at the same level as the front tire. There is no advantage to beginning on one side or the other. After that, secure the free end of one strap to the body of the trailer. Put some tension on it to check if the knot is secure. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle?
Certain trailers and vehicles are equipped with pre-drilled holes for tie-downs. Keep an eye out for any hooks or loops that would indicate a possible tie-down location. If your trailer does not have them, you may attach the strap to one of the side bars instead.
For this task, you should not use regular rope. You won’t be able to pull the rope in tight enough using a ratchet since it won’t operate with rope.

Attach a strap to one of the front suspension tubes by looping it around it. Begin on the suspension tube on the same side that the strap is fastened, then go clockwise around the tube. Wrap the loop around the tube and place it over the rubberized portions of the shock absorber.
On some bikes, there is a cross brace that is specifically built for tying. Check to see whether this attachment is already installed on your motorbike.
It is important to avoid wrapping the straps around the shock absorbers, which are the rubber components of the suspension.

Ratchet up the tension on the opposite end of the strap by securing it to a ratchet strap. A ratchet strap should be hooked to a rope and then tied to the front of the trailer, in front of the front tire. After passing the first strap through the ratchet strap, you may adjust the length of the strap by turning the ratchet. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? When the strap is pulled all the way tight, stop.
If you are working with someone else, it is recommended that they sit on the bike with you so that you do not pull the strap all the way to one side.

It is necessary to repeat the technique on the other side of the front wheel. After securing one side, you should balance out the bike by securing the opposite side. It is necessary to repeat the technique on the opposite side of the front wheel. First, secure the strap to one of the sides, then wrap it around the suspension tube, and last, use a ratchet strap to pull it tight. The parallel force will maintain the bike’s upright position.
It can help to bounce the bike from side to side to see whether or not the straps are pulled equally tight.
When the front wheel is properly fastened, your companion may release their grip on the bike and quit sitting on it.
Wrapping the Rear Tire is the Third Part

Attach a strap so that it runs parallel to the back tire. When you have finished working on the front tire, continue on to the back tire. Put the strap in place so that it is parallel to the tire on each side of the trailer, and then secure it to the trailer here.
You should fasten the strap to this position if the trailer has hooks or other tie-down devices of any kind. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle?

Wrap the strap around the back tire. Draw the strap toward the tire, then loop it through the hole on the rim. First, wrap the tire with one full circle of the strap, and then draw the strap toward the other side of the trailer.
Be careful you just wrap the strap around the tire itself and not any of the spokes in the wheel.

A ratchet strap may be found on the other side of the trailer. Attach the strap to that. Attach the ratchet strap to the side of the trailer that is opposite the door. The ratchet should then be looped through the strap. Turning the wheel will make the strap tighter; keep doing this until it reaches its maximum tension.

Bind the ends of the straps that are slack so that they don’t swing about. When traveling at high speeds, flailing straps may cause damage to both your vehicle and your motorbike. Complete the task by securing all of the loose ends. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? Either secure them to the trailer with a knot, or wrap them around the piece of the strap that has been tightened, and then secure the loop with a knot.
Keep an eye on the straps while you are driving. Check the rearview mirror to check if any of the ties have come undone, and if any have, pull over to the side of the road so that you may re-tie them.

How To Strap Down A Motorcycle?
How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? Source: Youtube

If you don’t have a chock, what other ways are there to secure a motorcycle?

Attach some flexible straps to your motorbike, and then fasten the straps’ ends to the uprights on the sides of the trailer or the hardware on the truck bed. Each of the soft straps should be looped around a ratchet strap. After that, give your shocks a little amount of compression; doing so will stop the straps from becoming disengaged in the event that you are driving on an uneven road. When choosing your anchor points, be sure to do it with care.

What exactly is the function of a motorbike wheel chock?

When a motorbike has to be transported or stored, a wheel chock is used to prevent the front wheel from rotating. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? This prevents the motorcycle from becoming unstable and falling over. Wheel chocks are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials to guarantee that your bike’s tires are properly seated and that the bike does not roll away.

How exactly does a wheel chock for a motorbike work?

The purpose of a motorcycle wheel chock is to safely and securely hold the front wheel of a motorbike so that the machine may be stored or transported in an upright position. When transporting bikes using a wheel chock, we still suggest utilizing tie-downs to secure your motorbike in addition to the wheel chock. This is because the wheel chock may not be strong enough to support the weight of your motorcycle.

How do you secure a bicycle while it’s being transported on a trailer?

The most secure technique to attach a bicycle to a trailer is to use cushioned straps, such as bungee cords, on the front and sides of the trailer, in addition to a mounted bike rack and a wheel stabilizer strap. If the bungee cords you have won’t stretch as far as you need them to, you may use ratchet tie-downs instead. It is essential to properly fasten a bicycle inside of a trailer.

What other means except a vehicle do I have to transfer my motorcycle?

Trailer. When you need to transfer your bike but don’t have access to a vehicle, moving it onto a compact trailer is a quick and easy alternative to using a truck. How To Strap Down A Motorcycle? There are trailers designed specifically for motorcycles that come equipped with ramps, tie-downs, and even wheel chocks built right in, but even the most basic trailer can be made to function if it has the right places for securing the motorbike.

How do you attach a wheel chock to the wheel?

Always check to see that the chock is centered over the tire and that it is squared with the tire.
Place the chock so that it fits tightly against the tire tread.
Wheel chocks should always be used in pairs.
Wheel chocks have to be angled downward and positioned below the vehicle’s center of gravity in order to be effective.

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