How To Solve A Megamix?


In this lesson, we will learn how to solve the Megaminx Last Layer using just three algorithms and four stages.

First Step: [EO] Orient the Edges such that they Form the Gray Star

2) [CO] Orient the Corners such that all of the Grays are facing up.

Step 3) [EP] Perform a Permutation on the Edges by Placing Them in the Appropriate Position

Step 4) [CP] Rotate the Corners by moving them to the appropriate positions.

Video Guides That Walk You Through Each Step Tutorial on the Megaminx’s Last Layer

How To Solve A Megamix?

Is there a Rubik’s cube with 100×100 squares?

Rubik’s Cubes 100×100 are available on How To Solve A Megamix?

How long does it typically take to finish a megamix puzzle?

25 seconds, 24 ticks
The current record for the fastest time to solve a Megaminx is 25.24 seconds, which was achieved by Juan Pablo Huanqui of Peru on March 13, 2022 at Lima Cuberano, which is located in Lima, Peru.

What is the current record for the Skewb?

How To Solve A Megamix?

9.3 milliseconds
At the WCA World Championship 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, on July 12, 2019, Australian Andrew Huang established a new record for the Skewb with a time of 0.93 seconds. This record was set at the event.

Which Rubik’s Cube is the most difficult to solve?

It’s possible that the Pentamix is even more challenging than the original Rubik’s Cube.

This Pentamix is a marvel to see; there is no denying that. It is widely acknowledged as being among the Rubik’s cubes with the most challenging solutions.

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How To Solve A Megamix? Source: Youtube

What does the Br stand for in Megaminx?

The one face that is found on the 3x3x3 is often referred to as the back face (B), and the two faces that are found on the Megaminx that are in its place are referred to as the backright (bR) and backleft (bL) faces.

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