How To Socialize A Grumpy Hedgehog?

In response to my two blog entries on hedgehogs – How to Care for a Pet Hedgehog and Must-Have Products for Your Pet Hedgehog – I’ve had letters and comments from readers concerning many additional areas of providing care for hedgehogs as pets. How To Socialize A Grumpy Hedgehog?

One of the questions that I’ve been asked on several occasions is how to socialize or tame a hedgehog that is either fearful or irritable. Because I know there are other people who are curious about this topic, I decided to write an article about it on my blog.

It is vital to keep in mind that hedgehogs are very sensitive to smell, especially when dealing with an anxious or irritable animal. They depend more heavily on their sense of smell to compensate for the fact that their vision is not as developed as it is in the majority of other animals. Because hedgehogs are able to differentiate between individuals based on their scent, you will need to acclimate him to your scent before he will feel safe around you.

In order to familiarize a hedgehog with your scent, you should aim to maintain as little variation in it as possible. For instance, if you are in the practice of switching between several brands of moisturizer, body wash, laundry detergent, and so on on a regular basis, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from doing so while you are in the process of socializing your hedgehog. Before spending time with your hedgehog, you should avoid using any soaps that have a strong aroma.

Due to the fact that they have such weak eyesight, hedgehogs are also very sensitive to light and dark. If there is a lamp in the room where the cage is located and you stand between the light and the cage, you will create a large shadow over the hedgehog, which will most likely startle him. When picking up your hedgehog, you should make an effort to be conscious of your shadows and avoid placing him in a significant one.

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How To Socialize A Grumpy Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are similarly sensitive to rapid or jerky movements. When you are handling your hedgehog, if you are really nervous and make quick movements, this can cause your hedgehog to become even more anxious. It’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t hurt all that much if you are poked in the eye. To aid in relaxing your muscles, concentrate on moving in a smooth and tranquil manner.

To get started, you should concentrate on “cuddling” with your hedgehog, even if he continues to remain balled up. It isn’t as much fun to hang out with your hedgehog if he’s curled up in a ball, but at first, it could be your only choice if your hedgehog is being grouchy. Make an effort to spend some time (maybe 30 minutes) socializing with your hedgehog whenever you can. In the beginning, I used to carry my hedgehog about in the pouch of my hoodie whenever I went out. The more time you spend together, even if he isn’t moving about, the more he will get used to the fragrance of your hands, clothing, and other things. You may also take an old shirt or another article of clothing that you’ve worn and put it in their cage so that they can get used to the smell of your body while they are in their cage. This will help them feel more comfortable around you. Before you begin, examine the article of clothing thoroughly for any strings that may be hanging loose to ensure that they won’t get entangled in the process.

When you first pick up your hedgehog, it is OK to use a blanket, gloves, or another similar item to protect your hands. This is especially important if your hedgehog is remaining rolled up. On the other side, I’ve heard of folks who handle their hedgehogs at all times while wearing heavy gloves out of dread of being pricked by the animal. If you keep your hands inside of the gloves, you will create a barrier between your fragrance and your hedgehog’s aroma, which will prevent your hedgehog from ever becoming used to the smell of your hands. Having a hedgehog as a pet means accepting the possibility that you may get prodded sometimes; thus, you should concentrate on getting over your phobia of being prodded.

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Continue to pet and coddle your hedgehog until he begins to relax and uncurl when he is out of his cage. You may start giving him snacks as soon as he starts to relax a little bit. As a tasty treat for hedgehogs, mealworms are often purchased by their owners. You might also seek for things that hedgehogs can eat. My hedgehog went absolutely wild eating little bits of banana. In addition to that, he like cooked chicken pieces quite a lot. Once you have discovered a reward that is both appropriate for your hedgehog and one that he appreciates, you should start giving it to him as soon as he uncurls. This will assist him to identify uncurling and spending time with you as a pleasurable and enjoyable activity, which will ultimately allow him to become less curled up.

You should continue to hold your hedgehog on a regular basis even when he learns to uncurl himself more rapidly during cuddling time. If you cease holding him on a regular basis, he will ‘forget,’ which will result in him being afraid of you once again.

How may one bring an enraged hedgehog to their senses?

Just put some food at the end of their goal where they will be able to see it from a distance near enough for them to notice it. Last but not least, if you discover that your hedgehog is hissing or puffing, you may still use this strategy successfully with them. It is really effective. It is possible that all that is required to silence them is for you to take them up and satisfy their natural curiosity.

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How To Socialize A Grumpy Hedgehog? Source: Youtube

How can I make my hedgehog friendlier?

Developing a Relationship with Your Hedgehog
Put something in the cage that has a scent similar to yours.
Frequent handling is recommended.
Place them on top of your knees.
They should be wrapped with a blanket.
Make use of a sleeping bag.
Use a bonding bag.
Use a hoodie.
Bring them outdoors please.

Why do hedgehogs become grumpy?

He is worried that you are going to consume him, and it is your responsibility to reassure him that this is not the case. There is a possibility that he has a sour disposition. However, with enough time and patience, even the hedgies with the most negative attitudes may be won around. The more effort you invest into him, the more reward he will provide in return.

How long does it take a hedgehog to get used to the presence of a human?

The first two weeks spent with your new hedgehog buddy are the most crucial for molding their personality and determining how they will behave while they are around you. When you go back to your house, you can find that you have had a momentary personality shift in comparison to when you were selecting your hedgie, and this is quite acceptable.

What may be the cause of my hedgehog’s hostility?

In general, hedgehogs will not attack humans when they are provoked. They prefer not to interact with other people and would rather be left alone most of the time. On the other hand, rather of biting or attacking when humans go too near to them, they will generally “curl up.”

Do hedgehogs become moody?

Hedgehogs express their thoughts and feelings via their body language. They will often curl up into a ball and utilize their quills, also known as their spines, to express how they are feeling. Hedgies are easily frightened. Hedgies will roll up into a ball with their quills standing straight up when they are startled or scared.

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