How To Skip A Song With Airpods?

The introduction of Apple’s AirPods in 2015 was unquestionably a watershed moment for the industry of music production and consumption. They enabled us to free ourselves from the tether, much like other Bluetooth gadgets available at the time. How To Skip A Song With Airpods? However, AirPods are capable of far more than previously thought, including the ability to manage your smartphone with a single touch.

You can now skip tracks with the touch of a finger, which is useful whether you want to calm down, scream out a power ballad, switch on beast mode to get psyched for a gym session, or turn on beast mode to get hyped for a gym session. But how exactly can you do this?

How To Skip A Song With Airpods?

In this piece, we’ll walk you through the process of utilizing AirPods to skip to the specific music that you want to hear next. Simply adhere to the instructions that are laid out step by step below.

How to Jump Ahead or Backward in a Song on AirPods Generations One and Two

When Apple originally introduced AirPods in 2016, they swiftly dominated the market because to their streamlined form, simple operation, and one-size-fits-all construction that provided customers the same level of sound quality (if not better) than its wired competitors. They also provide users with the ability to manage numerous features, such as the volume, play, stop, and skip songs with only the touch of a finger.

To begin, the AirPods have to be configured so that they can carry out the desired purpose. This is how it should be done:

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Launch the Settings application on the Apple device of your choice.

Make use of Bluetooth.

Pressing the I symbol will bring up a list of all of the available Bluetooth devices; from this list, choose your AirPods.

You’ll see that there’s a choice for “Left” and “Right” under the “Double-Tap on AirPod” option. Choose which of your AirPods you want to use as a controller for the device.

You will now be shown a list of the functions that are available to you. Tap the option that says “Next Track.”

After you have finished these simple steps, you may start playing music on your smartphone. To move forward to the song of your choice, just double-tap the earbud you want to use.

When I touch either of my AirPods, why doesn’t the music skip?

Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You’ll find it there. Tap the button labeled “More Info” that is located next to your AirPods. You may pick which AirPod you would want to double-tap for Siri, playing or stopping audio content, or skipping between songs by selecting the left or right AirPod from the menu.

Is it possible to switch songs when using AirPods?

You may skip songs, go back to the song before the one you’re currently listening to, or play and stop your music by doing a double touch on either the right or left AirPod.

What do the different buttons on my AirPods do?

A double touch on the top of the stem, where the AirPods are attached, will bring up the controls for the headphones. For instance, when you receive a call that comes in, double-tap the screen to answer it. You also have the option of configuring each of your AirPods such that a double tap will accomplish one of the following: Audio material may be played and paused.

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How can I change the music that is playing on the following track on my AirPods Pro?

You may also choose how quickly you need to touch the side of your AirPods Pro either twice or three times in order to skip a song or go to the music before the currently playing song, respectively.

Why does my pair of AirPods Pro not allow me to skip songs?

If you want to jump forward to the next track when you’re listening to music or any other audio with your AirPods Pro, you may do so by pressing the force sensor twice. When using the first generation of Apple AirPods, you could manage Siri by double-tapping each earbud to urge her to skip forward.

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