How To Shift Realities For Beginners?

It is acceptable for Link’s mission to save Hyrule not to constantly be his primary priority. It is essential to make time to let free and have some fun at regular intervals. Because of this, players of The Legend of Zelda: BotW have the ability to Shield Surf.

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What is Shield Surfing?

It is precisely the same thing that it seems to be. The action known as “Shield Surfing” takes place when a player rides their shield like it’s a snowboard. The fact that Link does not need to be on snow in order for this to operate is a really amazing feature. Shield surfs are allowed on any drops or slopes in the water.

It’s not merely for the sake of entertainment either. Players have the ability to employ this strategy to accomplish their objectives. When there are no horses involved, it allows for a more expedient travel experience. Due to the fact that Selmie has included a Shield Surfing minigame, it is also possible to earn money while participating in Shield Surfing contests.

Skateboarding shield-style is a lot of fun, but you should be aware that it may be risky if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings. Maintain vigilance on the shield’s current health. If it is used too much, it may eventually break, which will be harmful to Link’s health. In addition, be sure you stick to the made-up speed restriction. There’s always a chance of being wiped out.

How to Shield Surf

When it’s time to start surfing, the first thing you need do is make sure you have a shield on. The greatest way to protect oneself from being hurt is to use a barrier that is long-lasting. Find a slope that goes down, then start running to get more momentum.

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Following this, Link will climb aboard the shield and begin his journey over the ocean! Players will have greater momentum if the slope is steeper and the run is quicker than normal.
It is important to keep in mind that this is not the same as the Yeti Boarding in Twilight Princess. While surfing, players have the ability to utilize swords and participate in combat, although this ability does not last forever. This really impedes further progress and may possibly bring the journey to an early conclusion.

How to Do Shield Surfing Tricks

Is that Tony Hawk, or could it be Link? While Shield Surfing, it is possible to do stunts. Yes, it is feasible. When surfing, pressing “Y” is the method that is most often used. This forces Link to execute a circle with a radius of 1080. To put it more simply, this indicates that he does three spins while in the air before returning to the earth.
It’s not like we’re playing Need for Speed or something, but drifting is a thing that can happen! To drift around bends like an expert, just press and hold the “R” button when you have a lot of momentum. If you follow these hints and suggestions, you’ll be able to surf the dunes in no time at all!

How To Shift Realities For Beginners?

Does shield surfing damage your shield?

The durability rating of a shield is unique to the sport of surfing. Every kind of shield has a secret value that has nothing to do with how much damage it can take in battle. When you’re out there surfing, your shield won’t be damaged by every surface! Your shield will not depreciate with time whether it is exposed to snow, dirt walkways, or sand.

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What happens if the Hylian Shield breaks?

In the event that Link’s Hylian Shield breaks, he will not be without a replacement for very long since he will be able to purchase a new one from a shop vendor in Tarry Town. The shield is sold by Granté, a merchant in BOTW who offers a variety of specialized equipment, and may be acquired from him for the steep price of 3,000 Rupees.

Should I shield surf with Hylian Shield?

The Hylian Shield has a friction and damage ratio that are average; however, the insanely high durability of the Hylian Shield makes it an excellent choice for shield surfing. The Hylian Shield is approximately thirteen times more durable than the Daybreaker, which is the shield with the second highest durability.

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