How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

“I couldn’t help but feel uneasy whenever you smiled, Yoriichi, even though I tried to suppress the feeling. And when we were discussing the fact that there were no successors for the many different breathing methods, you all of a sudden began seeing things with an oddly optimistic outlook while maintaining a grin. My arrogance led me to assume that our generation was the only one that was unique. I was overcome with nausea due to my rage and disgust. What specifically tickled your funny bone about it? […] What exactly is so funny about imagining a world like this? Even just considering the possibility of defeat makes my blood boil with rage.” How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?
How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

-Michikatsu “Kokushibo” Tsugikuni

Moon Breathing, also known as Tsuki no Kokyu, is an endgame breathing style that can be obtained without completing any additional quests by speaking with the NPC Kokushibo, who can be found in the Frosty Forest atop a mountain next to a large Moai statue, close to the cave of the Green Demon. Moon Breathing can be learned by speaking with Kokushibo. After mastering it, the user is presented with a flesh katana as a reward. Moon breathing is a fun-to-use breathing technique that mixes and enhances movements from various breathing methods to build its own distinctive package. In general, this results in a breathing style that is entirely its own.

Kokushibo, the sole user capable of moon breathing
Kokushibo is the sole user of Moon Breathing that has ever been documented.

Moon Breathing is an extremely advanced kind of breathing that requires a lot of practice. Because its moveset is centered on multi-ranged combo extenders as well as immediate strikes, it is well suited for both comboing and poking. On the other hand, it is eclipsed by other Breathing Styles like BDA that offer a greater number of block breakers, iFrame moves, or combinations that are simpler to execute.

How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

It has been shown that Moon Breathing is useless when used against Flame Breathing.

The Moon Breathing Abilities Training Path
It’s called the Moon Breathing Skill Tree because it looks like a moon.

Moon breathing comes at a steep price, since it needs 33 skill points invested in order to be unlocked completely. This indicates that a total of 89 skill points are necessary to reach the pinnacle of all three demon skill trees, including moon breathing (prestige 8).

How to Obtain

How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?
How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

To begin, speak with the NPC known as Kokushibo. You will be changed into a hybrid after pressing “I agree,” and you will lose half of your levels as a result (False, It resets your level to 25, sometimes extra depending on however much XP you have at the time.). The user must reset their character before the appearance modifications will take effect in order for them to take effect. After you have finished the reset and reached level 50 or above, speak with the Kokushibo NPC once again. You may get Moon Breathing immediately after clicking “Ee biko!” without completing any more missions.

Requirements to become a Hybrid:

  • Be Level +50.
  • Have 5 Muzan Bloods

Requirements for Moon Breathing:

  • Level +50 And Prestige 1. (After you become a Hybrid you have to become lvl 50 again)
  • Be a Hybrid.

(It is advised to speak with the NPC Kokushibo during the night since Hybrids will be consumed by flames during the day if they are not members of the Kamado clan.)

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Breathing Style Relationship Chart

How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

Breathing Skills

How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?
  • Every M1 the opponent uses expends some of their stamina. This effect is passive. (Verified, but not included in the V2.5 version after the poll)
  • The Initial Form: Dark Moon (壱いちノ型かた 闇やみ月づき Ichi no kata: Yamidzuki?) – The user will execute a horizontal slash in front of them, quite similar to the Surface Slash that can be performed by Water Breathing.

This ability has a cooldown of 25 seconds and does 25 points of damage. Additionally, 15% of the player’s breath bar is used. [Blockable]

  • San no kata: Enkidzuki is the name of the third form, which is also known as the Loathsome Moon form. – After a brief wait, unleash a strong area-of-effect strike that is comparable to Sun Breathing’s Flash Dance, but with a somewhat shorter range and significantly longer delay.

This ability has a cooldown of 35 seconds, does 30 points of damage, has a range of about 30 studs, and drains 40 percent of the breath bar. [Guard Break]

  • Fifth Form: Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy (伍ごノ型かた 月げっ魄ぱく災さい渦か Go no kata: Geppaku Saika?) – The user unleashes a barrage of slashes in rapid succession, analogous to the Eight-Layered Mist that may be produced by Mist Breathing. On the other hand, the Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy causes knockback to everyone that it strikes.

It has a cooldown of forty seconds, can do up to eighty points of damage, and uses up fifty percent of the mana bar. [Blockable]

  • Mirror of Misfortune, Moonlit ( Shichi no kata: Yakky – Dzukibae?) is the name of the seventh form of the Shichi no kata. – Following a brief pause, the user cuts five multi-directional, long-range rifts-like slashes in the earth. These slashes have a vast range.

This attack has a range of around 120 studs, does 36 damage, and drains 85% of the breath bar when used. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds. [Blockable] [Auto-Execute]

  • The Eighth Form, also known as Getsuryu Rinbi (Hachi no kata: Getsuryu Rinbi? The user unleashes a swift diagonal slash that moves at a rate of speed comparable to that of Flame Breathing’s Flame Bend.

It has a range of around 60 studs, does 18 damage, and occupies 30 seconds of your cooldown time. It also uses up 40 percent of your breath bar.

  • Catastrophe ( J Shi no kata: Kyhen?) is the fourteenth form in the J Shi no kata system. – The user makes a backwards sprint while bringing their sword up close to their sheath, and then they let go with a series of crescent-shaped slashes that move at a slow pace. The stance that the user assumes before releasing the slashes is quite similar to that of the Judgement Cut associated with Mist Breathing.

This ability has a cooldown of 25 seconds, does 36 damage, and drains 85 percent of your breath bar. [Blockable]

  • Sixteenth Form: Half Moon (拾じゅう陸ろくノ型かた 片かた割われ月づき Jū Roku no kata: Katawaredzuki?) – The user will hold their ground while they fashion many flesh swords out of their own body. These flesh swords will spew crescent-shaped blades that will spread outward and injure and toss anybody who gets near to them. You may use this technique to get out of combinations while ragdolling your opponents at the same time.

This ability has a cooldown of three minutes, does 10–20 damage, and costs 80 stamina points. [Guard Break] [I-frames]

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How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?
How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

Pros & Cons


  • Moves that inflict a lot of damage.
  • Combinations that are both adaptable and simple to execute.
  • Has a long ranging kit.
  • The majority of maneuvers have a rather short wind-up.
  • Cooldowns ranging from medium to low.
  • Low to moderate breath bar use is typical for extenders.
  • A large number of possible extenders and starts
  • has an evasive move that ragdolls the opponent.


  • There is no guarantee that Dark Moon will operate as an extender, and using it might land you in trouble.
  • Can be challenging for less experienced players to use to their full capacity.
  • Because it requires a lot of endurance to perform, the Half Moon is not a very dependable iframe move.


How To Get Moon Breathing In Demon Fall?

1. In order to perform several of the combinations, you will need to take some time to charge your breath while your opponent is being rag-dolled.
2. Use Moon-Dragon Ringtail and then rush towards your opponents if you are having difficulties obtaining M1s on them.
3. Because of the knockback, Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy should always be utilized as the last attack in any combination.

  • M1 x3, Dark Moon; M1 x3, M2 x1; Loathsome Moon; Moon-Dragon Ringtail; M1 x3, M2 x1; dash; M1 x3, M2 x1; Moon-Dragon Ringtail; M1 x3, M2 x1; Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy – [If you have Kendo Mastery, add one additional M1 to everything; nevertheless, after using Moon-Dragon Ringtail, it is recommended that you immediately charge into your opponents. If you already have it, start with the lunge.]
  • Kendo Mastery allows for the following combos: M1x4, Dark Moon, M1x4, M2x1, Loathsome Moon, Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy.
    • [Add one more M1 for everything if you have Kendo Mastery, it is preferred to rush into opponents after using Moon-Dragon Ringtail. Moon-Dragon Ringtail, M1 x4, M2 x1, Loathsome Moon, M1 x3, Dark Moon, M1 x4, Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy – [It is best to rush into opponents after using Moon-Dragon Ringtail. If you already have it, start with the lunge.] If you are at the wall, here are several combinations you can do on Moon. (Always make use of the barriers to your advantage so that your bombardment from the Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy may easily impact the player.) – M1x4, Dark Moon, M1x4, M2x1, Loathsome Moon, M1x4, Loathsome Moon, After taking a breath, use Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy, M1x4, Dragon Ringtail, Lunge, M1x4, Shotgun/M2x1 – M1x4, M2x1, Moon Spirit Calamitous Eddy, M1x4, Dark Moon, M1x4, M2x1, Loathsome Moon, M1x4, M2x1 – M1x4, M2x1, Loathsome Moon, M1x4, Dragon Ringtail, Lung After taking a breath, utilize Dragon Ringtail, M1x4, Shotgun/M2x1, and finally M2x1.
    • M1 x4, Dark Moon, M1 x4 and knock away, 1 step forward and Moon-Dragon Ringtail, then dash and attempt to spam m1 while dashing, land all m1 and knock away again, Loathsome Moon then timing “and one, and two, and..”, Lunge, then spam all M1. M1 x4, Dark Moon, M1 x4 and knock away. M1 x4 and knock away.
  • Mirror of Misfortune, Moon Dragon Ringtail, Rush + Lunge, M1 x3 (4 with KM), Dark Moon, M1 x3/4, Moon Spirit (Works great in ranked) Mirror of Misfortune, Moon Dragon Ringtail, Rush + Lunge, M1 x3/4 Eddy of Catastrophe (helps you land more strikes by spinning around), M1 x4/5, Loathsome Moon. You may also use Loathsome Moon immediately after Mirror if you want to. Jump off the ragdoll, then. Lunge/Rush, M1 x3/4, Dark Moon, M1 x3/4, Ringtail, M1 x3/4, Eddy/Shotgun, M1 x3/4, Eddy/Shotgun. In ranking gamemodes, if you utilize the mirror right at the beginning of the match behind the statue, you will have the ability to wall combo your opponent.
  • (it is not easy to pull off this combination) lunge, m1x3, dark moon, m1x3, moon-dragon ring tail, lunge (this is due of the knockback from ninth form), m1x3, m2/shotgun. The order of these moves is because of the knockback from ninth form. (add an additional m1 if you have kendo mastery)
  • m1x3, m2, capture them on the wake up with hateful moon, catch them on the wake up from loathsome moon with Calamitous Eddy. m1x3 m2 catch them on the wake up with loathsome moon. (if you have kendo mastery, add one more m1 to your total)
  • (use this to get out of a combination) Calamitous Eddy sitting on their ragdoll body looking like a half moon.
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  • There have been many instances when this page has been removed.
  • Since the release of Patch 2.05, Fourteenth Form has been buffed such that it no longer has the ability to one shot players.
  • With the release of Patch 2.8, the prerequisite for Moon is no longer Prestige 1. Instead, you need to have at least 50 Levels and be a Hybrid to qualify for them.
    • However, as a result of this, the Tokito clan is no longer useful since, with the upgrade, the benefit of being able to study moon without having prestige has been gone.
  • Moon Breathing is the only Breathing Style available in the game that does not have a Slayer Mark associated with it.
  • Since Patch 2.0, the passive ability of Moon Breathing has not yet been made available to players.
  • When Half-Moon was introduced to the game, for about an hour after its introduction, it was plagued by the same fault that plagued the previous 14th form. This glitch caused it to land numerous hits on a single target, allowing it to do about 130 damage until the bug was corrected the same day.
  • The Sixteenth Form in the game appears to be a reference to Kokushibo’s secondary Blood Demon Art, which is the ability to create flesh swords either out of his body or his katana. The Sixteenth Form in the manga bears a small resemblance to Waterfall Basin, which is another Water Breathing technique that is not present in the game. However, the Sixteenth Form in the manga bears no resemblance to Waterfall Basin at The manga also makes use of this method at several points during the story.

How do you get the moon to breathe as tokito?

Talk to the trainer Kokushibo who will transform you into Hybrid. The transformation will cut your levels in half, and you will be left at level 25. If you are apart of the Tokito clan, you can then talk to them again and select the Ee biko! option to be given Moon Breathing.

How do moon and sun breathe in demon falls?

You need to be a strong swordsman apparently and then you need to take a special quest from muzon at the end. And then that will give you hybrid. And after that you need uh to be in the taquito.

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