How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

" Although you could believe that understanding one's misfortunes in the future leads to hopelessness, the exact reverse is true! That "resolve" is what brings happiness to a person; it doesn't matter whether you know you're going to die tomorrow or not. One's 'determination' eradicates 'despair'! The human race is going to evolve! This is the goal that has to be accomplished! This was almost designed by God!
— Enrico Pucci, SO Chapter 157


Made in Heaven is the Stand of Enrico Pucci, the primary antagonist of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean. It is also the last evolution in Whitesnake’s line, which puts an end to The Heaven’s Plan. Made in Heaven is the final evolution in Whitesnake’s line. How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Made in Heaven is a very potent stance if it is used in the appropriate manner. Players have the ability to chain together maxed out instances of both Double Acceleration and Time Acceleration to ensure that their stand is never sluggish. This means that you can often acquire free combinations and then swiftly escape the arena. It is sometimes criticized since its attacks inflict relatively little damage, but the amount of damage you do is inconsequential if you can strike your opponent while your opponent is unable to hit you. How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

This stand’s quickness makes it very tough to defend against it, and it is quite difficult to do so. Even if every move in MiH’s moveset (with the exception of Universal Reset) doesn’t cause the most damage in the game, players still have to worry about the stand’s pace. With Double Accel, MiH is capable of delivering M1s and other attacks at an alarming rate.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Because of this, it is strongly suggested that you employ a Time Stop stand, such as Star Platinum: The World or The World Over Heaven, to compete with the incredible speed of this stand and do as much damage as you can while in Time Stop.

However, even this vulnerability may be neutralized by using Made in Heaven’s Time Acceleration, which reduces the effectiveness of all time-related abilities by shortening their duration. Due to these several contributing variables, the Made in Heaven stand is among the very finest in the game.

How to Obtain

Step 1: Get Whitesnake.

Step 2: You must have a Prestige level of 1 or higher in order to speak with Enrico Pucci, and you must have a level of 40 or higher in order to accept his task.

Step 3: Find a DIO’s Diary and talk to Enrico Pucci. He’s at Naples Prison, near Bruno Buccellati.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Step 4: Complete his quests, this includes killing 30 Thugs, 25 Alpha thugs, 20 Corrupt Police, 15 Zombie Henchmans and 10 Vampires

Step 5: Once you completed the quests you will get Green Baby. Use the Green Baby on Whitesnake. You should have Worthiness V, otherwise, you might turn into stone. If it worked, you should get C-Moon.

Step 6: Talk to Enrico Pucci again, this time you don’t need a DIO’s diary. For the rest of the quests, whenever you talk to Enrico, make sure to have C-Moon equipped, or he’ll just give you the Green Baby mission.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Step 7: He will tell you to defeat Heaven Ascension DIO, and get his bone, DIO’s bone. To get into his dimension you need the 4 corpse parts, the Pelvis, Left Arm, Ribcage, and Heart of the Saint’s Corpse. You can get them by winning SBR matches or getting them in arcade, very rarely. After you defeat Heaven Ascension DIO, there is only a 16% chance of getting DIO’s bone.

Step 8: Once you defeat Heaven Ascension DIO and obtain his bone, talk to Enrico Pucci again. He’ll say to defeat Jotaro Kujo, who is to the right in the water near the Enrico NPC, and obtain his Disc (Jotaro’s Disc). He’s the strongest boss in YBA, so you might need some help. After you defeat Jotaro Kujo, there is only a 16% chance of getting Jotaro’s Disc.

Once you get the Disc, talk to Enrico Pucci again. He’ll tell you to go to the Tallest Peak and unsummon and resummon your stand, C-Moon. The mountain is on a path close to the normal DIO NPC, who you can fight once you reach level 30. If you still don’t know where it is, search for it or ask a player for help.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Step 9: Once you’re on the top of the Tallest Peak, unsummon and resummon your stand, and Made in Heaven should be yours! You’ll get an Enrico Pucci hair, unless you have your cosmetic inventory full.
Total Skill Points: 70 Points


How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

When Double Acceleration is engaged, all of your dashes will function as immediate teleports instead of regular dashes.

A straightforward punch that does 6.3 damage using the left mouse button. During the duration of Double Acceleration, the speed of your punches will be increased by 100%.

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E – Stand Barrage — The MIH charges forward and barrages, doing one damage for each strike. This move’s normal speed is increased by 50 percent when Double Acceleration is active. (Will not get an increase in speed while using Time Acceleration.) Despite this, it is still an extremely quick barrage, even without the Double Acceleration ability being engaged. [Hamon deals 1.3 damage per successful hit]

R – Stand Barrage Finisher: Heavy Punch does 12.6 damage and ragdolls the opponent; while Double acceleration is active, this move comes out significantly more quickly. (15.6 when include hamon)

MIH throws three knives, each of which does 7.5 damage and a little amount of stun for a total of 22.5 damage dealt by this ability. When upgraded to its maximum level, this move has a very short cooldown. (It is possible to block it, and it does not break the block.) [10.1 with hamon per person]

Y – Speed Slice: Both the user and MIH slash the opponent’s neck at a rapid rate of speed, inflicting 10 damage, a bleed effect, and ragdolling them in the process. (Breaks Block, cannot be Perfect Blocked; can’t be Perfect Blocked Again) 12.5 with the hamon added

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Heaven’s Judgment (G) causes the user and MIH to accelerate ahead and strike the target several times while moving at the speed of light. This move inflicts many ticks of damage, each doing 5.8 damage, until finishing out the opponent with a punch that does around 12 damage. This strike delivers around 52.6 health points worth of damage in total. Additionally, similar to Cream’s Dark Space, it is possible to block for the whole of the move. It is possible to block, but you cannot parry. 65.75 dollars with hamon added

Z – Double Acceleration provides both the user and MIH with a speed boost, doubling their walk and run speeds while also boosting the speed of their barrage, heavy punch, M1, and M2 attacks. Your sprint transforms into a kind of quick teleportation as well. (Easy to cancel during the initialization process)

X – Infinite Speed: Both the user and MIH move at the speed of light behind the target and deliver a punch that stuns and does 25 damage to the victim. This technique is comparable to a skull crusher in various ways. It is possible to parry, and if it is not, it will skip block and stun. (with hamon, it’s a 31.25)

H is an ability that allows the user and MIH to speed up the passage of time, making both the day and the night fly by in a flash. When it begins, all of your cooldowns will be removed, with the exception of any that were imposed by a Universe Reset that occurred before you.

During this, the user’s walk speed is increased by nearly three times its regular rate, the user’s cooldowns are lowered at a pace that is twice the normal rate (this no longer affects moves that include double acceleration or special acceleration), and all time-related moves have their power reduced.

In contrast to Double Accel, neither your attack speed nor your M1 speed will improve. In addition, at this period, all other players within a radius of one hundred studs, including the user, will be held captive in an invisible barrier. (You have the option to abort this maneuver, and the tempo of the music will speed up significantly while you are accelerating.)

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

H, which stands for “Time Acceleration to Universe Reset,” is not a move in and of itself; rather, it is something that has the potential to be improved, which will take place not long after the time acceleration is complete. As the players’ screens gradually get increasingly white, they will be unable to move beyond of the invisible barrier’s confines and will be unable to play the game.

On the other hand, if you were already barraging, you could certainly keep doing so. After then, there will be a minute that will cause latency, during which everyone, including NPCs, will be transported beyond outer space and into a new universe.

After everyone has been transported to the new world, the user’s health will be restored to about 40 points, and they will acquire a new identity, i.e. they will transform into a different ROBLOX player. Their name will remain same, except that it will now have the phrase “(Alternate Universe)” following it.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Every other participant is required to adopt a new persona and sacrifice one of their limbs. Should they lose an arm, they will suffer further harm, and should they lose a leg, they will be unable to move quickly. You have the ability to improve this so that the consequences of this Temporary Rename and the loss of limbs persist for a longer period of time.

Combos, Tips and Glitches

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Because of its damaging moves, defensive buffs, and move confirmations, Boxing is the specialization that you should focus on using. or Pluck due to the fact that it has the ability to combo with MiH and has a pace that matches your own, allowing you to avoid slowing down and being struck while employing your specialized moves. Or, when you use Vamp, your speed bonuses from your bloodbar passive are added to your existing speed.

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Never utilize unlimited speed out of nowhere unless your opponent is unable to prevent it, since if you battle a competent player, you will likely be parried and penalized for using it. If your opponent can block it, however, you may use it.

When it comes to utilizing MiH, speed is one of the most critical aspects to consider. You CANNOT just rush up to the adversary, withstand their attacks, and then leave without taking any damage. That will surely result in your death. The MiH stand is a hit-and-run operation. You should perform a quick and risk-free combination before using your speed to get away from them in order to prevent taking damage from any combos they may have.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

Because every other move has a lower cooldown and is, on average, more damaging, it is not advised to employ stand barrage. Use the barrage ability only when you are being barraged initially or while you are battling with other people.

Your barrage will travel at double the pace with Double Accel, but its duration will stay the same. When you are in the Double Accel state, your barrage will truly do twice as much damage.
You may get the upper hand over Timestop if you timing Heaven’s Judgement correctly.
If you want to win a one-on-one match, you absolutely cannot slow down and should keep time or double acceleration on at all times.

Use Double Accel at the beginning of the match, wait for it to run out, use Time Acceleration and then use Double Accel immediately after, wait for the second Double Accel to run out, use the third Double Accel which should be off cooldown as Time Acceleration also speeds up your cooldowns, and then repeat the process. This is one way to loop these abilities. Another way is to use Time Acceleration and then use Double Accel immediately after.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

It is important to keep in mind that this may be accomplished with the standard Time Acceleration, but you will also require the maximum level of Double Acceleration. (It is important to note that this strategy is no longer valid since MiH is unable to loop both Double Acceleration and Time Acceleration.)

Once you unlock any level of Universe Reset, you will no longer be able to utilize the Double Accel loop described above. Because of this, it is strongly suggested that no points be placed into it at all.
It is important to keep in mind that you should not use Heaven’s Judgement (G) immediately after a ragdoll. Ragdolls may buffer block to become impervious to damage, and if you use Heaven’s Judgement directly after them, you will miss part of the hits while they are still on the ground. It is essential to have a good sense of timing for Heaven’s Judgement since the ability requires a modest windup.

Make use of Speed Slice whenever you have the chance, since it is immune to either block break or crash.
After taking a ragdoll from a jawbreaker, speed slice, or HJ, you should always utilize your speed buffs.
Don’t use universe reset.
A hit-and-run stand, sometimes known as a pressure stand, is what you’ll find here. Put this information to work for you.

It is important to keep in mind that all of your movements or the most of them may be cancelled by being struck, so you should attempt to avoid using them too near to your opponent.
If you use Time Acceleration prior to using Time Stop, the amount of time that Time Stop lasts for will be cut in half. However, you must have the maximum amount of Time Acceleration.

How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?

When utilizing this Stand, you should not put your focus on doing damage since its primary benefit is increased speed. If you can put enough pressure on your opponent to prevent them from recovering, you will be able to slowly but surely wear down their health and eventually win the match.
If a MIH is using Infinite Speed, you may parry as the MIH begins their dash, but you cannot parry while they are in the middle of their dash.

This stance may be quite effective when used in conjunction with the fighting technique of Hamon or Pluck. When fully charged, Hamon has the ability to increase the damage of your strikes, and pluck has the potential to deliver you tremendous combinations.
If you press the reset button while the Universe Reset scenario is playing, you will be sent to an unpredictable location on the map, such as the inside of a skyscraper. The explanation for this cannot be determined at this time.

The fact that MIH comes equipped with knives and M1s is something that the vast majority of people fail to remember. Knives are a great technique for stunning an opponent, which may assist in the beginning of a combination. During Double Accel, M1s come out at an alarmingly high rate, which may be used to chip away at an opponent’s health since they will have difficulty M1 trading. Additionally, it can be utilized to assist in the beginning of combos or to distract opponents because you are much quicker than they are.

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How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
  • A simple combination consisting of Click, T, and G: (M1, Knives, HJ)
  • The sequence T (Knife Throw) + LMB + (Spec Move (JB)) is a pretty straightforward combination that may be repeated as necessary.
  • Another simple combination is Z (Double accel, use if not on cooldown), X (Infinite speed), G (Heaven’s Judgement), T (Knife throw), M1 x3-4, and Y (Knife throw). Using Z (Double accel), X (Infinite speed), G (Heaven’s Judgement), and Y ( (Speed Slice to escape or knock your opponent out to do a few spec moves)
  • Combination to shatter blocks: Y (to break blocks) + X + Eyeg/Zoom/Pierce/Freeze+ The answer is G (HJ (block break), Throw Knife).


How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
  • Hamon is activated by pressing Z (Double Acceleration) plus T (Knife Throw) plus Y (Speed Slice) plus X (Infinite Speed) and G (Heaven’s Judgement) plus V (Scarlet Overdrive) plus C (Zoom Punch) plus B. (Sunlight Yellow Overdrive).
  • Another combination that can be performed with Hamon is as follows: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + X (Infinite Speed) + Zoom Punch + R (Heavy) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + G (Heaven’s Judgement)
  • a hamon combination that does 130 damage and consists of the following moves: X (Infinite Speed) + C (Zoom Punch) + V (Scarlet Overdrive) + G (Heaven’s Judgement) + (charge hamon) + Y (Speed Slice). Works better if you block break scarlet overdrive. Sometimes it doesn’t work since limitless speed doesn’t count as teleporting.
  • Pluck (Sword-style)
  • Pluck is performed by pressing Z (Double Acceleration) plus T (Knife Throw) plus Y (Speed Slice) plus X (Infinite Speed) plus G (Heavens Judgement) plus (equip Pluck) plus B (Instant Slash) plus C (Triple Pierce Strike) + (Pierce Strike) + (Pierce Strike) + V (Crescent Slash) + (Thrust) + LMB (4X)
  • Pluck Opener Combo: Z for Double Acceleration, B for Instant Slash, V for Crescent Slash, C for Triple Pierce Strike, Y for Speed Slice, T for Knives, X for Infinite Speed, and G for Heaven’s Judgement
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?


Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed) + G (Heavens Judgement) + C (Vaporizing Freeze) + (Space Ripper Stingy Eyes) + V (Vampirism) Vampirism: Z (Double Acceleration) + T (Knife Throw) + Y (Speed Slice) + X (Infinite Speed (Blood Drain)


X (Infinite Speed) + V (Eye Gouge) + C (Jaw Breaker) + (Boxing Barrage) X (Infinite Speed) + V (Eye Gouge) + M1x2 + Knife T + C (Jawbreaker)


  • Charged with spin: double acceleration plus throw knives plus all steel balls plus knives and m1s
  • Spin is accomplished by pressing Z (Double Acceleration) followed by N (Golden Skin) followed by T (Knife Throw) followed by Y (Speed Slice) followed by X (Infinite Speed) followed by G (Heavens Judgement) followed by C (Spin Punch) followed by V (Steel Ball) followed by B. (Multi Steel Balls)
  • Spin: Z (Double Acceleration) T (Throw of the Knife) V (Throw of the Steel Ball) B (Multi Steel Balls) X (Infinite Speed) Y (Speed Slice) G (Heaven’s Judgement)
  • Spin: Steel Ball with Multiple Steel Balls, Knife Throw, Infinite Speed, Speed Slice, Dash Towards Them, and Judgement from Heaven
  • Spin: Multi-Steel Balls + Knife Throw + Steel Ball + Infinite Speed + Knife Throw + Speed Slice Spin: Multi-Steel Balls + Knife Throw + Speed Slice Spin
  • When working with MiH, avoid using spin.


How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
How To Get Made In Heaven Yba?
  • You will get a free block break with techniques like Scarlet Overdrive or Jaw Breaker as a result of this, in addition to a free combo and Heaven’s Judgement, since many people will block after you hit them with unlimited speed.
  • The moniker “Stairway to Heaven” was originally given to this stand because it was inspired by the Led Zeppelin song of the same name. Made in Heaven is the name of both a single released by Freddie Mercury and an album released by Queen. It was then renamed for the tankbon release and given the name Made in Heaven.
  • If you develop a shining Whitesnake into a MiH, it will maintain its Whitesnake appearance even after the evolution.
  • This should be the quickest stand in the game if there are no issues.
  • Made in Heaven is one of the rare stands that has a unique animation for both the M1 and M2 stages.
  • It is known as Maiden Heaven in the local language.
  • In order to circumvent potential copyright violations, the name of this Stand was altered in-game to “The Way to Heaven.”
  • This stand is the quickest in both movement and attack speed, making it the fastest in the game (in double accel). You may penalize other players for not completing combinations or use this to escape after completing a rapid combo if you use it to your advantage.

How do you get to heaven in YBA?

And number three you’re gonna need to have a lot of patience. Once you guys have the world take out your deals diary. And start reading it first quest is to kill 50.

How do you get Dio made in heaven YBA?

You must defeat him in order to obtain his Bone, a vital component for evolving C-Moon into Made In Heaven and The World into The World Over Heaven in The Heaven’s Plan. You will be assigned to defeat him after talking with JOE and bringing him all 4 of the Saint’s Corpse Parts.

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