How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

During the Halloween Night event that takes place at the end of October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), players will have the opportunity to gather lollipop candy as a special Halloween item! This article will teach you how to get Lollipops as well as what you can do with them once you have them. How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons received a new feature called Lollipops with the release of the Version 1.5 Fall Halloween Update. In order to take use of this new feature, the game must be completely updated. Find out more about everything that is included in the update right here.

How To Get Halloween Lollipops

Unlike Candy, which can be bought at Nook’s Cranny or any other store, Lollipops can only be obtained during special events and cannot be purchased elsewhere. On the contrary, the only way to get Lollipops is to take part in the Halloween Night event that will take place on October 31 from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

Give Candy To Villagers On Halloween Night

The only way to get Lollipops is to participate in the Halloween event on the evening of October 31 and hand out Candy to the inhabitants on your island. This takes place during the event. Lollipops cannot be bought, hence there is no other method to get them than trading.

You will want to hand out candy to the inhabitants of your island who are wandering about outside, since the villagers who are inside their houses will not participate in Trick or Treating with you and will not take your products. Instead of going outside, you could ask the locals inside for extra candy.

You may not always get a Lollipop from your villagers, though, since they could also gift you some of the Halloween-exclusive Spooky Set products and recipes instead. These might include the Spooky Table Setting, the Spooky Garland, and other such things.

It has been our experience that villagers will hand out lollipops around one quarter of the time; so, if you haven’t had any success yet, continue to attempt to convince them by offering them additional candy. If you’ve already participated in a game of Trick or Treat with a villager, they won’t instantly let you play again, although it’s not difficult to get around this restriction.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

To reset a villager’s ability to take more Candy from you, just enter and exit a nearby building, such as your home or Resident Services. This will do the trick. After that, you’ll get the opportunity to play Trick or Treat once more with the villager and offer them an additional piece of Candy in exchange for a chance to win Lollipops.

You may employ this trick several times throughout the night on Halloween to continue delivering Candy to your Villagers in the hopes of obtaining Lollipops and any other prizes you choose.

How To Get More Candy During Halloween

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

Have you exhausted all of your Candy? On Halloween night, the 31st of October, if you go to a villager’s house dressed in a frightening costume, you will have a much easier time obtaining more candy. It is possible to do this about every five minutes.

If you do not have a costume, you may get Jack’s Robe and Jack’s Face by giving Candy to Jack until he offers them to you. Put on both of them so that your other villagers will give you some candy.

Check out our comprehensive guide here to learn more about Halloween candy, including how to get it and what purpose it serves.

What To Do With Halloween Lollipops

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, lollipops are largely useful for offering as rewards to Jack the Pumpkin Czar, but there are a few other minor uses for them as well.

Give Lollipops to Jack On Halloween Night

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

However, you will first need to offer Jack some Candy in order for him to start considering taking Lollipops. After you’ve completed those steps, he’ll bring up lollipops and ask you to locate some for him to eat.

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Once you have gathered some Lollipops by distributing Candy to the people on your island, travel back to Jack and trade them with him for a few of unique Spooky Set items that cannot be gained in any other manner. These things will be given to you in exchange for the Lollipops.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

Jack will offer you the following special items from the Spooky Set in the sequence listed below in return for Lollipops:

After acquiring the item for the Spooky Wand DIY Recipe, subsequent Lollipops will deliver copies of the goods for Jack’s Robe and Jack’s Face, both of which you ought to already own as a result of giving Jack normal Candy. This will occur after acquiring the item for the Spooky Wand DIY Recipe.

You will only need to get and swap a total of three lollipops in order to acquire all of Jack’s special things, provided that you do not desire further copies of Jack’s Robe and Jack’s Face.

Drop Lollipops To Spawn Ants

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

If you have already obtained all of the stuff that you requested from Jack, you may replace the Candy that you normally give to the residents on your island with Lollipops instead of giving them Candy. You should only engage in this activity if you have obtained everything from Jack and are in need of stuff from villagers since there are no special benefits for doing so.

You Can Get Ants If You Throw Candy.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you want to catch an Ant insect but haven’t done it yet, you may do so quickly and simply by using Lollipops.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

You just to place a Lollipop item anywhere on the ground outside, and then you may leave that part of your island. You are free to come back a little bit later after you have traveled some distance, but there is a strong likelihood that Ants will be crawling all over your Lollipop by that time.

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Even if you pick up your Lollipop after this, you won’t be able to use it for the Halloween event since it won’t be damaged in any way. Check out our comprehensive tutorial for additional information on how to capture Ants and Flies in New Horizons.

Eat Lollipops For Fruit Energy

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is one more and last application for Lollipops, and that is to simply eat them. By doing so, the player will get fruit energy, which can be used to break rocks and pick up trees in their inventory.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

However, considering that Fruit and Turnips already provide far more usable energy than Lollipops do and that obtaining Lollipops may be quite a challenge, we do not advise that this be done.

How do I get more Lollipops in ACNH?

The easiest method for players to get Lollipops is to participate in the Halloween Event on October 31 and give Candy to their Villagers. This will trigger the event. You will get an item in exchange for the Candy that you give to the villager.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

Can you keep Lollipops ACNH?

If you wish to get multiples of these products, you will need to keep feeding Jack Lollipops. When you have finished all of them, you may keep the lollipops and offer them to the villagers instead of completing the challenges.

What happens if you give villagers Lollipops?

After you’ve given him another one, he’ll give you “Jack’s Robe” to finish out the cosplay. You may get lollipops by trick-or-treating with the locals and handing out sweets to them. If you offer them sweets, in exchange, they will either give you a lollipop, a piece of creepy furniture, or the recipe for some spooky furniture.

How To Get Lollipops Acnh?
How To Get Lollipops Acnh?

How to Get Lollipops

The tutorial on How to Get Lollipops provides information on how to get lollipops from villagers and details the benefits that can be obtained by trading them in with Jack after you have enough lollipops.

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