How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

House, commonly referred to as Link’s House or just House, is a place that appears many times in The Legend of Zelda series. In a number of the games in the series, this location serves as Link’s home. Typically, it may be found anywhere inside the boundaries of the kingdom of Hyrule. How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

Features and Overview

A Link to the Past

At “A Link to the Past,” “Link’s House” may be found in a place that is about in the middle of Hyrule, while Hyrule Castle can be found adjacent to the north. Both Link and his uncle call this unremarkable structure and its sparsely furnished interior home. The furniture is made of wood and is of the most basic kind. There are three Pots, one on each side of Link’s bed, which is located in the house’s northwest corner.

Inside each of these Pots is a recovering Heart. The Lantern, which will most likely be the first item that Link acquires in his journey, may be found inside the Treasure Chest that can be found in the southeast corner of the home. If the Treasure Chest is accessed after the player has already obtained the Lantern from another source, then instead of the Lantern, the Treasure Chest will contain a Blue Rupee.

In the very first scene of the game, Link is awakened by a telepathic appeal for assistance from Princess Zelda. She tells him that Agahnim has imprisoned her in the dungeon of Hyrule Castle and that she needs his assistance to escape. He opens his eyes just in time to see his uncle, who is equipped with a sword and shield, getting ready to depart the home.

How To Get Link'S House In Botw?
How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

When Link’s uncle discovers that his nephew is awake, he assures him that he will be returning before sunrise and warns him not to leave the home until the next day. Link, on the other hand, will not comply with his uncle’s instructions and instead will go inspect the castle. After a while, during the final credits of the game, it is shown that Link is now training with his uncle in sword fighting outside of their house.

If Link is still in Hyrule and not in the Dark World when the game is resumed, he will have the option of starting the game in one of many other places, including his own House. In a later part of the game, once Link has obtained the Flute, it also becomes one of the places that he may be taken to by the Flute Boy’s Bird.

The location that would be Link’s house in the Light World is represented by the Bomb Shop in the Dark World.

How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

Ocarina of Time

In the first scene of Ocarina of Time, Navi the Fairy, acting on instructions from the Great Deku Tree, shakes Link awake from a nightmare in which Princess Zelda is involved. Link is in his own home at the time. The first time Navi and Link see one other is in Link’s House in the Kokiri Forest. However, Navi’s first request to Link is that he rush out of the house and go see the Deku Tree.

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After a certain point in the game, the home becomes more or less meaningless; nevertheless, one unique element that maintains its usage alive is a scoreboard inside the room. With this scoreboard, Link may check his successes in different mini-games across Hyrule.

If the game was saved when young Link was not in a dungeon at the time it was saved, the game will load and young Link will begin at his house. After Link has defeated Malon’s record in the obstacle course at Lon Lon Ranch while he is an adult, he will be able to get a Cow that resides in his home.

In Ocarina of Time 3D, Link gets the opportunity to rest in his own bed, located within his home. If he does this, he will either regain his health or get access to the Monster Challenge Mode. In this mode, he will be able to refight any boss that he has previously vanquished while on his journey. In addition, a Sheikah Stone may be discovered just outside of his residence.

The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Link and his younger sister, Aryll, reside in a home on Outset Island with their grandmother. The house plays a more significant role in the plot of this game than it does in the majority of the other games in the series.

How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

Link will need to go back to the house on multiple occasions to retrieve a Shield and to help his sick grandmother by releasing a Bottled Fairy on her, which will result in his grandmother giving him an infinite supply of free, rejuvenating Elixir Soup. A crawl area may also be located below the home, and it has a chest that has an orange rupee inside of it.

In a later part of the game, Link will also get the Deed to the Cabana on the Private Oasis from Mrs. Marie. This will make the Cabana Link’s property. From there, he is able to enter a labyrinth that is located under the island and get a Triforce Chart. At addition, while in the Cabana, Link has the opportunity to participate in a Sliding Puzzle and win a prize of Rupees.

The Minish Cap

Link’s grandpa, Smith, is Hyrule’s most famous swordsmith, and the two of them make their home in The Minish Cap. In addition to its use as a private dwelling, the two-story building also has a working blacksmith forge. Its look is comparable to that of its previous form in A Link to the Past. It can be found in South Hyrule Field, perched on a plateau.

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Given that Princess Zelda is Link’s childhood friend and makes an early appearance in the narrative to wake him up for the Picori Festival, it seems likely that she is already acquainted with this house. Later on in his adventure, Link will have the opportunity to spend the night at this inn in order to regain any Hearts he may have lost and to fuse Kinstones with Smith, who is always found at home smelting.

Twilight Princess

The home that Link inhabited in Ocarina of Time is similar in design to the one that Link inhabits in Twilight Princess, which is a tree house in Ordon Village. It has a basement as well as a few levels that are accessible through ladders, and at the very top, there is a window that Link may see through. There is a pot of simmering soup that can be discovered atop a fire that is maintained for the whole of the game.

In addition, there is a green flag with a triangle insignia that looks very much like the Triforce hanging over the entrance of the residence. The basement has a Treasure Chest that has fifty Rupees in it, however the place is so dim that you may need the Lantern in order to discover it. In addition, there is a giant mirror in the basement that Link may use to see his own image. The Wooden Sword will be sent to Link’s House by Rusl not long after the beginning of the game.

A Link Between Worlds

The location of Link’s House in A Link Between Worlds is identical to where it was found in the previous game, A Link to the Past. On the other hand, it is a lot more confined, and at first Link was the only one who lived there. Ravio comes in not long after Link’s attempt to confront Yuga backfires, and he eventually opens a rental store inside the residence. Link and Yuga never reconcile.

How To Get Link'S House In Botw?
How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

At any moment, Link may come back to this location to rent stuff from Ravio. Ravio eventually gives Link the option to buy the stuff that he is renting out to others. In the video game A Link Between Worlds, the mask of Majora, or maybe a facsimile of it, is displayed on the wall of Link’s house. Link has the ability to blend into the wall behind the mask, giving the impression that he is donning the mask, despite the fact that this has no impact on the narrative or the gameplay itself.

Lorule’s equivalent of Link’s House is the Vacant House.

Breath of the Wild

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In the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will have the opportunity to find a House in Hateno Village that is in the process of being destroyed by the Bolson Construction Company. Bolson, the boss, will make an offer to sell the House to Link if he is talked to. He will ask for 3,000 Rupees and 30 bundles of Wood as payment.

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The “Hylian Homeowner” Side Quest will now begin after this is done. The structure comes equipped with a Weapon Rack, which Bolson presents to Link as a welcoming gift once Link moves in. It is strongly hinted throughout the game that Link was the one who possessed the mansion a hundred years before the events of the game.

After purchasing the House, Link has the option of purchasing accoutrements for it, such as a door, a Bed, more lighting, and Bow, Shield, or Weapon Racks, in addition to having Bolson adorn the outside of the House. Link is able to get a Picture of the Champions once he finishes the “EX The Champions’ Ballad” Main Quest in The Champions’ Ballad. The best place for Link to hang the picture in his house is on the wall near his bedroom, which is located on the second floor.

How To Get Link'S House In Botw?
How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

Other Appearances

Hyrule’s Rhythmic Cadence

Cadence of Hyrule has a number of locations, one of which being Link’s House. If the player choose to use Link as their save character, Link’s journey will start at this location.


How To Get Link'S House In Botw?
How To Get Link’S House In Botw?

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Link’s House¬†was referred to as¬†Link’s Home¬†in¬†The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ‚ÄĒ The Official Nintendo Player’s Guide¬†by¬†Nintendo of America Inc.¬†However, as this contradicts the name given in¬†Encyclopedia, it is not considered¬†Canon.

Link’s House¬†are referred to as¬†Your House¬†in¬†A Link to the Past.¬†However, as this contradicts the name given in¬†Encyclopedia, this is not considered¬†Canon.

How do I start Links house quest?

It is possible to begin at the village of Hateno, which is located in the Hateno Region. Look for a little footbridge behind the Bolson Construction Homes to locate an abandoned home that has workers now attempting to knock it down. The Myahm Agana Shrine is located just to the west of the footbridge. Tell Bolson, the guy who is wearing the pink trousers, that you are interested in purchasing the home from him.

How do you get Link’s horse?

It has a strength rating of 4, a speed rating of 3, and a stamina rating of 3. This horse is located in the Taobab Grassland in the Upland Lindor region of the game world.

Can you finish Hylian Homeowner?

The completion of the quest Hylian Homeowner is not necessary for the completion of the quest From the Ground Up; however, if Link finishes From the Ground Up before he finishes the Hylian Homeowner quest, he will need to retrieve Bolson and Carson from Tarrey Town in order to finish building his house in Hateno Village.

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