How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

Kaycee’s Mod is not a mod, but rather an extension to the card game Inscryption that introduces a new roguelike mode with much increased replayability. How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

How To Get Kaycee'S Mod?
How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

Kaycee’s Mod in Inscryption is a bit deceptive in that it is not a mod, but rather a game update that adds extra material in the form of an expansion. It got its name from events in the Inscryption narrative. Kaycee’s Mod for Inscryption also contains a roguelike mode, which many fans have been requesting for quite some time. Players may finally have their dream with this latest update. The best part is that Kaycee’s Mod is completely free.

Kaycee is a name that certain players may be familiar with. This name appears multiple times during the main tale of Inscryption. This new game mode allows players to discover more about Kaycee. Players will discover more about the tale and Kaycee as they win games in this mode. With each victory, new cards and constraints are unlocked, making the game increasingly difficult. A similar mechanism may be seen in other games, such as Hades, with the Pact of Punishment.

Inscryption’s narrative mode starts with players in a dark, eerie cabin playing a card game with a strange entity lurking in the shadows. It’s obvious that their objective is to leave the cabin, but it may take numerous attempts. When they do so, the game changes dramatically, yet many players still prefer the first act for its visual. Kaycee’s Mod converts Act 1 of the game into a real roguelike mode for gamers seeking an extra challenge. How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

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Playing Kaycee’s Mod In Inscryption

The only way to get Kaycee’s Mod is to complete and beat the narrative mode of Inscryption. The game takes around 15 hours to complete, so it isn’t too time consuming. This time will vary based on the player and their level of completionism. Kaycee’s Mod extends the game’s length and replay value. Players may now easily spend over 100 hours in Inscryption thanks to Kaycee’s Mod.

How To Get Kaycee'S Mod?
How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

There is, however, another method to get Kaycee’s Mod. Players may unlock it by pressing Shift+K+M on the start menu screen. This is suggested for players who have already completed Inscryption or have seen someone else complete the plot. New users who have never used Inscryption before should start there. Inscryption is really just an experience. It was named the 2021 Game of the Year by Screen Rant.

Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod – Beta Open Now!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, thank you very much for your overwhelming support for our game! This mini-expansion is an expression of my thanks in part. I’ve had a lot of requests for an infinitely playable version of Part 1 that focuses on Leshy’s deckbuilding roguelike as a solo experience. Kaycee’s Mod is all of that plus a bit more. How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

Kaycee’s Mod is a free Inscryption mini-expansion that turns Leshy’s Cabin into an infinite and progressively difficult roguelike. Ascend the Challenge Levels by running with various skulls. As you go through the stages, additional cards, challenges, and dev logs scribbled by the late Kaycee Hobbes as she unearthed the mysteries on the disk become available.

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How To Get Kaycee’S Mod?

How to play it…

  • To access the mini-expansion beta, go to Steam, right-click Inscryption, and then choose Properties. Navigate to the Betas section and input the code “givemeascensionmode.”
  • Once in the beta build, use the start-screen shortcut Shift+K+M to unlock Kaycee’s Mod.

When you’re in…

  • Please use the in-game bug report function (accessible by pressing F11) to report any issues!
  • If you want to talk about the new mechanics, dispute balance, and so on, go to the Daniel Mullins Games Discord and search for the #kaycee-mod channels.

What can we anticipate as the beta continues…

  • Balance shifts.
  • There are two additional Rare Cards.
  • There are two new items.
  • A last confrontation for those who have completed Challenge Level 12.
  • The remainder of Kaycee’s development logs.

WARNING: Make a backup of your save file before doing this.

How do you unlock Kaycee’s Mod?

To get access to new material, the player must progress through higher “ascension modes” by completing a run while enabling enough Challenges to complete each Challenge Point (CP) criteria. It is still possible to play with less CP than is necessary, but no new material will be unlocked.

Can you get Kaycee’s Mod on Epic Games?

Kaycee’s Mod will now be available to users through a free update on Steam, as well as the Epic Store and GOG editions of the game.

What does Kaycee’s Mod add?

Kaycee’s Mod is a free endless mode upgrade that will come on Thursday, March 17, to damage your waking hours. Since the beta release of Kaycee’s Mod, there have been a number of upgrades that have included features such as a new map event and the ability to customize your map layout.

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