How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

Finding iron in Astroneer might be tricky, but we’ve got a few helpful hints.

When you initially start using Astroneer, you may expect to obtain iron rapidly. After all, it’s quite popular in Minecraft, which is a forerunner in survival games. Astroneer, on the other hand, subverts that notion by making iron a little harder to come by. Rather than diving into the first cave you come across, you’ll need to construct a base, get a rocket, and set out on a voyage to a completely new planet. That is some scary stuff. This article will teach you all you need to know about getting iron in Astroneer, including how to take that great leap into space. How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

How To Find Iron In Astroneer

There is a lot of work to be done before you can receive iron. When you initially start Astroneer, you will be on Sylva, an Earth-like planet. Because the atmosphere is essentially safe, your major priority should be learning the basic mechanics, such as oxygen and power. In the beginning, you should focus on modest adventures to get the few things required to proceed.

For example, if you want to create the Small Shuttle, you’ll need a lot of Compound. You should also prioritize acquiring Resin, which will enable you to construct Platforms for your base, which will be required to power your printers and other facilities.

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

After you’ve built up your printers, you’ll need to collect Aluminium and Ammonium. You may utilize them to construct the Small Shuttle and Solid-Fuel Thruster, which you can use to travel between planets.

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How To Get Aluminium In Astroneer

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

Smelting Laterite, a raw metal discovered in caverns on Sylva, produces aluminum. Laterite is abundant underground, so you shouldn’t have to go far to find it. Its red/blue colour gives it a distinct texture, making Laterite simple to identify. When you have enough Laterite, return to your base and build a Smelting Furnace. This requires two pieces of Resin and one piece of Compound, all of which may be found around Sylva.

Insert the Laterite into the Smelting Furnace and wait for it to finish to get your first piece of Aluminium. Repeat this process until you get four pieces, which will be enough for the Small Shuttle, the Solid-Fuel Thruster, and the Soil Centrifuge, all of which will be required to obtain Ammonium.

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

How To Get Ammonium In Astroneer

Ammonium is significantly simpler to come by since it can be produced in the Soil Centrifuge. The Centrifuge utilizes dirt to create a variety of natural resources, making it a very helpful tool for constructing specialized products. To get Ammonium, fill two tiny canisters with soil and place them in the Centrifuge.

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

Small Canisters may be made from a single piece of Resin, making them easily accessible. Simply dig some soil into your Small Canisters in your knapsack to fill them up. The green light on top of the canisters will alert you when they are full.

Connect the canisters to the Soil Centrifuge to empty the soil, allowing you to create a piece of Ammonium. For the Solid-Fuel Thruster, you only need one component, so leave it at that for the time being.

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How To Build A Rocket In Astroneer

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

You can make a rocket using three aluminum and one ammonium. As previously stated, a rocket consists of two components: the Small Shuttle and the Solid-Fuel Thruster. These are created by the Large and Small Printers. After you’ve completed both components, you must connect them to the Landing Pad, which is the circular platform that comes with your base at the start.

Place the Small Shuttle on the Landing Pad and then the Solid-Fuel Thruster underneath it. When you finish, you will be able to go to another planet. You must go to Novus to get iron.

What To Do When You Reach Novus

How To Get Iron In Astroneer?
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

When you find Novus, it’s time to start excavating. Hematite, like Laterite on Sylva, is found underground in caverns. You must process Hematite in a furnace to get iron, therefore you have a few possibilities here. You may either acquire lots of Hematite and shuttle it back to your old base on Sylva, or you can establish a new base on Novus.

The latter is undoubtedly the better alternative, although it requires repeating a couple of the early beginner’s stages. But be careful to avoid those bothersome beginner’s errors. Here’s a brief rundown of everything you’ll need to get started with Novus:

  • Oxygenator (Insert it into the Small Shuttle)
  • Tethers for printers, small generators, smelting furnaces, and soil centrifuges

You should have everything you need to set up a functional remote base on Novus using those goods. Once that’s done, you may switch between Sylva and Novus as required, providing you fast access to iron anytime you choose. Simply place the Hematite into your Smelting Furnace and wait until your first piece of iron is complete.

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What To Build With Iron In Astroneer

When you obtain your initial iron pieces, you should construct the Medium Shredder. The Shredder may be used to convert Debris, which can be found on every planet in Astroneer, into Scrap. You may then swap Scrap for other important things at the Trading Platform, giving you easy access to additional minerals like Wolframite and Titanite. Iron may also be utilized in the Atmospheric Condenser, which can produce gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur.

What planet gets iron in Astroneer?

Hematite is a natural resource in Astroneer. Hematite is made of reddish-black, crystalline spikes.


NovusCave Layers
GlacioIce Dunes and Mantle Layers
How To Get Iron In Astroneer?

Where can I find hematite?

Gray hematite is typically found in places that have still, standing water or mineral hot springs, such as those in Yellowstone National Park in North America. The mineral can precipitate in the water and collect in layers at the bottom of the lake, spring, or other standing water.

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