How To Get Into Renna’S Rise? How to open the barrier to Renna’s Rise?

Renna’s Rise is one of the Three Sisters, which consists of three towers. However, before entering, players must complete a few tasks for Ranni.

There are a number of Rises to be discovered around Elden Ring, but the majority of them are locked tight and need players to complete a surrounding riddle to gain inside. Renna’s Rise is a little unusual in that instead of completing puzzles or leaping onto a protruding balcony, players must make considerable progress through one of the game’s most intriguing tales. How To Get Into Renna”S Rise?

How To Get Into Renna"S Rise?
How To Get Into Renna”S Rise?

Renna, the witch whom the players initially encounter in Limgrave’s Church of Elleh, reveals her actual identity to be Ranni later on. Her Elden Ring questline may be initiated by talking to her again at the top of Ranni’s Rise, but Renna’s Rise stays closed until the questline is completed.

How To Get Into Renna”S Rise?

How To Get Into Renna’S Rise?

Renna’s Rise is obstructed by a magical barrier similar to those found in Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Return to Ranni’s Rise and climb to the summit to talk with Ranni and begin her questline. You and her servant Blaidd will be tasked with discovering Nokron the Eternal City. After completing his questline and killing General Radahn, a falling star will breach the earth north of Fort Haight, allowing access to Nokron’s highest reaches. Carefully down the trench to reach the Siofra River Aqueduct.

How To Get Into Renna"S Rise?
How To Get Into Renna”S Rise?

Pass through here, beat the Mimic Tear monster, then hug the left side of the grassy region to avoid the Minotaurs until you uncover a Site of Lost Grace hidden behind a rock wall. You’ll discover a ceiling below the Grace here; slide down and make your way to the absolute bottom to see a massive skeleton statue. Destroy the Silver Tear opponents and take the Fingerslayer Blade from a chest underneath this statue. Return to Ranni, hand over the sword, and reload the region to enter Renna’s Rise and continue Ranni’s questline.

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Where Is Renna’s Rise?

The Three Sisters are a place in Northern Liurnia right beyond the Four Belfries that consists of Ranni’s Rise, Renna’s Rise, and Seluvis’ Rise. Renna’s Rise is the northernmost of the three towers and looks to be protected by a mystical barrier. The Three Sisters, however, are not accessible from anywhere: gamers must first pass through Caria Manor.

How To Get Into Renna"S Rise?
How To Get Into Renna”S Rise?

Caria Manor is an overworld dungeon in Northwest Liurnia that is filled with creatures that resemble a hand and a spider. Make your way to the top of Caria Manor, where you’ll discover a big pool surrounded by seats. Fight Royal Knight Loretta to get entrance to the Three Sisters region and see Renna’s Rise for yourself.

How to open the barrier to Renna’s Rise

These are the initial stages towards unlocking the conversation option “Offer your service” with Ranni, which advances the questline necessary to open Renna’s Rise.

Removing the barrier from Renna’s Rise

The Fingerslayer Blade must first be obtained in Nokron Eternal City. If you haven’t already entered Nokron Eternal City, proceed to where the star landed after beating Radahn.

Fingerslayer Blade location

As you reach Nokron, battle the skeletons and Mimic Tear as you go, then turn left to follow the collapsed bridge. Continue until you reach a point where you may turn left again and take that turn. Continue until you reach the singing lady, then turn left again to reach the Ancestral Woods location of grace. Following that, you must traverse various platforms and combat several Mimic Tears. Continue on until you reach a chamber with priests. Defeat them or ignore them and run beyond the area to encounter a swarm of Mimic Tears. Follow them to the building where the Fingerslayer Blade is hidden inside a treasure box.

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Then, return to Ranni and offer her the Fingerslayer Blade. In return, Ranni will offer you the Carian Inverted Statue. Now, proceed to the Divine Tower of Liurnia and use the Carian Inverted Statue to visit the hidden location in the study hall. Clearing this region will grant you the Cursed Death Mark. You’ll be able to access Renna’s Rise now that the barrier has been removed.

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