How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?

The Legally Blonde Weekend BitLife Challenge requires your character to be a girl born in California who joins a sorority with her pet chihuahua. The greatest location for your character to join a sorority is in law school, where she will be studying. By the conclusion of this lesson, you’ll understand how to get into law school in BitLife. How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?

How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?
How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?

How to Get Accepted Into Law School in BitLife

You must first attend university before applying to law school. When your character becomes 18 and graduates from high school, you have the option of applying to university or taking time off. Choose a major such as English, Political Science, or History and enroll in university. If you don’t have these alternatives, you can age up once. If your character lacks intelligence, you may be rejected from law school later on. Maintain your intelligence by going to the library and reading literature.

How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?


BitLife: How to Get Special Careers

When you complete your university degree, you will be asked if you want to work or continue your studies. Choose higher education first, then law school. If you major in anything unrelated in university, you will be denied from law school. For example, if you major in psychology in college, you will be disqualified for law school.

You will, nevertheless, be qualified for medical school. You will also be disqualified if you did not maintain your smarts stat throughout your academic career. If you choose a comparable degree and have extremely good smart metrics, you should be admitted into law school the first time you apply. If you want to accomplish the Legally Blonde weekend challenge, you need make sure you have perfect looks before applying.

How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?
How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?

You will finish the fourth and final assignment of the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife if you have been admitted into law school with perfect looks. More information on a prior BitLife challenge may be found here.

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BitLife is accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

Bitlife: How to Get Into Law School

Bitlife enables you to live another life via your phone, attempting to achieve maximum achievement. Your ambition may be to become a lawyer. Everything you need to know about getting into Law School in Bitlife is right here.

Law School is one of the most difficult colleges to get into due to its high prestige and stringent admissions standards.

First and foremost, you must have a high intelligence/Smarts stat, preferably as near to 100 percent as possible. Without it, no matter what else you do to attempt to get in, you will be denied right away.

How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?
How To Get Into Law School Bitlife?

Following your intelligence, you will need to get a university degree in an academic topic. English and Political Science are the topics that are more often believed to qualify your character, although History is also supposed to work.

If you choose something less typically intellectual, such as Dance or anything related to the Arts, your admission to Law School in Bitlife will be refused.

If you follow both of these stages, you should be able to finish your legal training and then continue your character’s wealthy life and quest to prosperity.

That’s all there is to know about how to get into Law School in Bitlife. Search for Twinfinite if you want additional gaming tips and techniques.

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