How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?

A complete walkthrough including all of the items, monsters, and bosses can be found here. You may include links, photos, and other information. Go to the Speedrun Walkthrough by clicking here. How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?

Facing the Crystal Sage

Proceed ahead from the Grand Archives bonfire and unlock the double doors using the Grand Archives Key, which you may get after slaying three Lords of Cinder. Straight through the doors, dispatch the Crystal Sage. If you don’t kill him right away, he’ll vanish and teleport throughout the region. When initially encountering the Sage, one method is to equip a poisoned weapon or wipe one down with Rotten Pine Resin before passing through the doors.

Pelt the Sage with Dung Pies as you approach, then attack it with your poison-laced weapon as many times as you can before the Sage vanishes. A better method could be to combine Toxic Mist and Poison Mist pyromancies, which do not need a large expenditure of FTH to be successful. If the Sage is poisonous and poisoned, and its HP is sufficiently reduced, it may die off-screen, in which case a pop-up indicating that the Crystal Scroll has been acquired will display. If this doesn’t kill the Sage, the second encounter should do the trick. When you kill him, he’ll drop the Crystal Scroll.

Put wax on your head.

Return to the chamber and go to the left to locate a thrall. Kill it and go to the left up the stairs to get a Titanite Chunk 1x. Drop down and keep going up the steps until you locate a Crystal Lizard. To discover Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x, take the stairs up here. Return around the stairs for a Titanite Chunk 1x. Continue investigating this chamber, where you will come across a thrall and a red-eyed lothric knight.

How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?
How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?

The Knight is guarding a Titanite Chunk x1, and the Crystal Chime is in a chamber adjacent. A Titanite Scale 1x may be found near the main area of this chamber by climbing a library stepladder. Take the wax-covered priests to the altar part of the chamber. When defeated, go to the wax pool and accept the instruction to Dunk your head in wax. This will wrap your character in wax, preventing you from being cursed by an adversary you will shortly face.

Turn right into the next area to get two Crystal Lizards. Ghostly hands will emerge from the walls here, and if not waxed, they will curse you. A corpse with Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x may be found in this chamber. There is a lever just behind the third book case on the wall in front of you that accesses a hidden chamber on your left, where you will discover Witch’s Locks in a chest and Power Within on a corpse. Ascend the stairs and turn left to assassinate a wax priest. Loot a corpse behind him for Titanite Scale 1x. Step into the neighboring room to assassinate a wax priest. Kick down the ladder to the right.

How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?
How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?

A corpse may be looted in an alcove in this area for Titanite Chunk 1x. Continue down this corridor to face a crystal lizard. Continue straight until you reach the balcony outdoors, where you will discover Homeward Bone 3x on a corpse hanging over the railing. A ladder may be found on this balcony. Continue into the next area, where you may confront the Crystal Sage if you haven’t already slain him. A wax priest will be on the right. There will be additional thralls down this trail, as well as a wax priest at the finish. You may drop down to the next ledge at the end to locate a corpse with Titanite Scale 1x.

If you’re feeling really athletic, you may roll off here and land on top of a bookshelf, where you can go to the left to locate Avelyn. Return and drop down to the right, then climb the ladder on the right. Continue straight until you reach the steps on the right. Take them up to fight three thralls. A Titanite Chunk 1x may be looted here. If your last plunge has worn off, there is a wax pool here.

Find the Boreal Outrider Knight & Shortcut

Take the steps down and go to the other staircase, where you will find several thralls, a wax priest, and another wax priest around the corner. For Titanite Scale 1x, loot a corpse in the corner. Attack a wall to the right to expose an Illusory Wall.

How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?
How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?

In the next chamber, there will be a Boreal Outrider Knight. If you defeat him, you will get the Outrider Knight Armor Set. Head right along the walkway on your way out of this chamber to locate Soul Stream on a corpse.

Exit this area and descend to the lowest level, then follow the center corridor out and up the stairs. A elevator is located at the top of the steps to the right. Take the elevator all the way to the bottom. Exit the elevator and look straight ahead for a lever. Pull it to open the door in front of you, allowing you to bypass the main entrance.

How To Get In The Grand Archives Dark Souls 3?

Find the Titanite Slab

Return to the elevator and go to the main center corridor, turning right before the next door to locate a Shriving Stone 1x. Make your way to the room’s exit, which leads outdoors. Turn left before exiting to locate a lever that will move the neighboring bookshelf to expose a chamber. The Scholar Ring on a corpse and a wax puddle may be found in this chamber. Descend the stairs, where thralls will assault you.

Defeat them and go to the left to reach the next level. Pull it to lower the room’s bookshelves. The chest lies on the floor, next to the massive wax puddle. When you reach the giant wax pool, turn AWAY from it to face the railing that overlooks the Crystal Sage spawn point. Walk to this railing, and when you reach the railing with a dead body next to it, and a red eyed skeleton to the left behind some book cases, look right, and the chest contains a Titanite Slab.

Return to the central bridge and cross it, emerging via the doorway and up the stairs. Turn left and up the stairway to meet two wax priests while dodging the many phantom hands. 1x Soul of a Crestfallen Knight loot A chest containing Titanite Scale 3x may be found in a nook.

Exit the chamber via the doorway where the wax priest is standing. Ascend the steps to the right to locate a Crystal Lizard. A body nearby has a Fleshbite Ring on it. Exit the chamber and descend to the left to reach the rooftops. To the right, you’ll reach a vast rooftop where a stone gargoyle will attack. A body along the edge may be looted for a Titanite Chunk 1x.

Drop down to a lower level and through the archway to uncover a corpse with Hollow Gem 1x. Step out this doorway and to the right to uncover a corpse with a Titanite Chunk 1x at the end. Return through the chamber you just came from and turn left to face several winged opponents. Take them out one at a time if possible. Continue onto the next rooftop, then glance below to see another roof you may leap to if you continue left to the corner.

If you’re feeling brave, leap to uncover a corpse containing Titanite Scale 3x and Greirat’s Ashes. If not, be prepared to confront a gargoyle defending a Weary Warrior’s Soul 1x. Return to this location by jumping over the railing and landing on the balcony, where you may make your way back up to the roof to discover the aforementioned Soul and two Crystal Lizards to the left. On this roof, you will be engaged by three Gargoyles. A Titanite Chunk 1x may be found on a neighboring rooftop.

Hostile NPC trio

Drop down to enter another building, where a wax priest awaits. On this top level, you may obtain an Ember 1x as well as an Undead Bone Shard 1x. You may open access to and from the lower level by kicking down a ladder on the right. A thrall and a red-eyed lothric knight await you farther down the floor.

A Titanite Chunk 2x may be found on a balcony to the left. Return to the building and turn right until you reach an entryway on the right. Step outside into the courtyard with the statue in the center, then up the wide set of steps to face three NPCs. The Faraam armored one drops the Golden Wing Crest Shield, while the Mage drops the Sage’s Crystal Staff. Onikiri and Ubadachi are dropped by the dual katana wielder. Large Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x may be looted from a corpse on the stairs.

By donning the slumbering dragoncrest ring and casting concealed body, you may avoid attacking them. Casting spook instead of wearing the ring should also work, although it will be more difficult owing to the limited length of the disguised body. The lingering dragoncrest ring aids in extending the duration.

Major Shortcut & Winged Knights

Continue up the stairs and inside the building until you come to a lift on the right. Activate it to get access to the Grand Archives bonfire shortcut. Take the elevator back up and exit the building, turning right and taking the left staircase up. Head left at the summit to locate Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x. Continue until you reach a breach in the railing and embrace it until you reach a staircase. Ascend the stairs and turn right through an archway to locate a corpse along the railing holding an Estus Shard 1x. Return to where you originally went onto the roof and go up the roof, via the stairway, and up the roof even higher.

Before entering the building, turn right and ascend a ladder to a tower where Hunter’s Ring may be found. Return down the stairs and up the roof to enter the building. Along the road, you’ll come across three Ascended Winged Knights who will drop a Titanite Slab if you kill them all the first time. Inside the structure, look for a hole on the floor through which you may descend down to the beam and then back inside the cage to locate the miraculous Divine Pillars of Light. When you step out of the cage, you’ll see a Blessed Gem on the beam.

Soul spear will be hurled at you by a man grub caster on a beam below. Drop to this beam, kill the grub, then descend the neighboring ladder to locate two boxes containing Divine Blessing 1x and Twinkling Titanite 3x.

Boss Fight: Twin Princes

Return to either the bonfire or the elevator that links to it. At the top of the elevator, exit the building and follow the main road ahead until you reach a set of blockades with several hollows behind them. There will be knight opponents beyond.

Continue straight until you discover a doorway on the right through which you may enter a building to locate an elevator. Take it down to unlock the Lothric Castle shortcut. If you use the lift again and roll away, a second lift platform will appear. Step into the elevator and descend to locate a Titanite Slab 1x on a corpse. Return to the elevator and turn right to open the double doors. Enter the next room to confront the boss, Lothric, Younger Prince.

Destroy the Twin Princes to acquire Cinders of a Lord and the Twin Princes’ Soul. Return to Firelink and deposit the Cinders on the throne to begin the ultimate fight at Kiln of the First Flame. Alternatively, you may complete the optional regions of Consumed King’s Garden, Untended Graves, and Archdragon Peak.

Why is Grand Archives locked?

Key to the main entrance to the Grand Archives of Lothric. With the fire fading, and the spreading pus of man tainting the castle, the Grand Archives closed its doors for good.

When can you access the Grand Archives?

Grand Archives is lockedĀ until you’ve done the first 3 Lords of CinderĀ as well.

Can you enter Grand Archives early?

No, you need to finish Gotthard’s questline first. You can enter the Archives when he gets thrown off the roof.

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