How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?

Heart Scales are valuable items in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and this guide will assist players with locating them. How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?

As players go through Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, they will come across an NPC that can teach a Pokemon any move that it may have forgotten. This NPC, however, will not provide his services for free, and fans will need to lure him with a specific gift. That particular item is a Heart Scale, and this tutorial explains how to get one in Pokemon BDSP.

How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?
How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?

Renri Seong updated this on February 17, 2022: A Pokemon’s moves may easily be overwritten and forgotten due to a mis-click. While it has been simpler for Pokemon to recall Moves over time, the initial Pokemon games were not as straightforward. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, faithful remakes of Diamond and Pearl, return to their origins by having players work a little more if they want their Pokemon to remember a certain Move. In BDSP, players must give the Move Reminder a Heart Scale.

Most Heart Scales are concealed and must be located with the Dowsing Machine, however there are alternative methods to get them without using the Poketch. This tutorial has been updated with extra information on “fishing” up Heart Scales as well as the necessity of knowing Pokemon Moves.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Heart Scale Locations

Fans looking for Heart Scales in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl may go to four distinct places. Two of those sources yield one guaranteed Heart Scale apiece, therefore players should prioritize them. If a fan still needs more of these things, they may concentrate on the other two sources, which can supply endless Heart Scales but take a significant amount of patience.

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Route 212

The first guaranteed Heart Scale can be located on Route 212, which should be approached from Pastoria City. Players should proceed northwest after they join this path until they come upon one of Pokemon BDSP’s honey trees. Fans should travel a few steps to the left from here to approach a row of trees that form a vertical barrier, and the Heart Scale is concealed in the mud at the corner of that row.

Route 214

Another guaranteed Heart Scale may be found by going to Veilstone City and continuing south to Route 214. There is some fence on the right side of this route that forms a number of routes that travel below, and fans should follow those channels until they reach a purple-clad trainer. Just to the west of that trainer is a circle of thick grass, and the second Heart Scale is hidden in a gap in that loop.

How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?

Grand Underground

Players in search of an endless supply of Heart Scales may visit Pokemon BDSP’s Grand Underground. These riches may be mined from the sparkling patches that appear on the walls in that place, but due to their scarcity, fans should not expect to find a Heart Scale every time they dig.


Luvdiscs are another limitless source of Heart Scales, and fans may catch these fish-like Pokemon by fishing on Route 224 with the Super Rod. This place is accessible after obtaining the National Dex in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and players looking for a Heart Scale should capture the Luvdiscs they discover or use Thief or Covet on them.

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Luvdisc has a 50% chance of carrying a Heart Scale, which is quite high for wild Pokemon that carry goods. Fishing Pokemon, on the other hand, demands more patience than Random Encounters. When the exclamation point appears above Lucas/Dawn, players must touch the A-button. The time it takes for the exclamation point to emerge and vanish varies depending on the Rod. Some players may struggle with the “quick-time event” since Luvdisc can only be fished up with the Super Rod.

Fortunately, there are methods for making it simpler to catch Pokemon. Pokemon have had Abilities since Generation 3. The majority of Pokemon have a primary, secondary, and hidden ability. Even though Abilities are often utilized to gain a passive edge in fight, there are several that may be employed outside of battle. When fishing, abilities that prevent Pokemon from escaping make it simpler to catch them.

The following Abilities ensure that you will always catch a Pokemon:

  • Adhesive Cups (Octillery, Cradily)
  • No Guard (Grimer, Shellos) Sticky Hold (Machop)

Machop may be found as early as Route 207, north of Oreburgh City. Because not all Machops have No Guard, be sure to verify their Summary after capturing one. Set the Machop/Machoke/Machamp to the front of the party and then go fishing for Luvdisc on Route 224.

Why BDSP Players Should Use Heart Scales

Although obtaining Heart Scales might be time-consuming, having a few on hand can be useful. Stronger moves are learnt when Pokemon develop, although occasionally that “strong move” is learned at “level 1.” Gallade, for example, learns Night Slash, a Dark-type move, at level 1. Ralts, on the other hand, does not evolve into Kirlia until level 20, and Kirlia cannot develop into Gallade if it is not male and players do not have a Dawn Stone to utilize on him. Meaning that by the time players receive Gallade, he’ll be long beyond the stage when he’s meant to learn Night Slash by leveling up.

How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?
How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?

This is when Pastoria City’s Heart Scales and Move Tutor come in help. Using Heart Scales at the Move Tutor in BDSP, players may teach their Pokemon any move that they should already know. Remember that a Pokemon must first “learn” the move. So, if Gallade is level 56, it can’t go to the Move Tutor and learn Close Combat since that move is only available at level 63. As a result, Pokemon’s Moves must be “registered” before players may spend Heart Scales to relearn a high-leveled Move.

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Can you buy heart scales BDSP?

You cannot buy Heart Scales from a vendor in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as these can only be found at certain locations or by mining in the Grand Underground.

How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?
How To Get Heart Scales Bdsp?

Can you farm heart scales?

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there is no way to purchase heart scales. Instead, you will need to venture out into the wild and find them.

How rare are heart scales in the underground?

The Heart Scale is a rare item, with only two places to get it in the Overworld. However, you can get an infinite amount of them by either mining in the Grand Underground or by catching Luvdisc.

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