How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Have you finished harvesting hay for your chickens? This post will show you how to acquire Hay out of a Silo in Stardew Valley. How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Hello there! Do you have agricultural issues? Do you want to feed your clucking chickens? So look no further. Hay is a significant source of nutrition for farm animals in Stardew Valley. It has no monetary worth, yet it keeps your cattle healthy. It is harvested using a scythe. If you use a standard scythe on grass, you have a 50% chance of getting a bale of hay and a 75% chance of getting a golden scythe. When you do the same, the hay ends up in your Silo, if you have one. Each Silo has a hay storage capacity of 240 units.

How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?
How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Hay may also be collected when harvesting wheat, with a 40% chance of acquiring the same. Hay is also available from Marnie’s property and the Desert Trader. In Stardew Valley, here’s how to get the Hay out of the Silo.

How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?
How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Get hay out of a Silo in Stardew Valley

Now that you’ve chopped the grass surrounding your farm, you’ll see that the hay is being stored immediately in your Silo. You may see the current storage capacity of your Silo by clicking on its façade. If Junimos harvests the hay, it will be accessible in the Junimo Hut Storage. Marnie will sometimes bring you ten bales of hay in the mail at random.

To retrieve the hay from the silo, you will need to use a hopper, which is often included with Barns or Coops. It cannot be moved or lifted up. The hopper facilitates the movement of hay between the Silo and the player’s inventory. Hay may be delivered by right-clicking on the Hay Hopper, making it accessible for all animals to consume. The hay hopper in a luxury barn or coop includes an automatic feeding system, so the hay is transferred to the feeding table quickly.

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How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

If you get married in Stardew Valley, you won’t have to worry about the farm animals becoming hungry since your spouse will fill the feeding table for you.

Hay may be kept in places other than Silos, such as chests. Simply remove the hay from the hopper and deposit it in the chest to do this. Look into how to get married in Stardew Valley or how to feed hens now that you’ve taken the hay from your silo.

How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?
How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Elden Ring: How To Seek Three Wise Beasts

Here are the locations of the three wise creatures in Elden Ring: Oridys’ Rise, Tetsu’s Rise, and Chelona’s Rise.

Complete the Seek three wise creatures riddles if you are a Sorcerer in Elden Ring. These puzzles are significant to complete because they provide Memory Stones, which increase the amount of Memory Slots you have in the game. You should also have as many memory slots as feasible since they are necessary for sorcery and incantations. That’s where these riddles come in, since solving them unlocks Memory stones. So, let’s go through how to find Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring and turtle placements at Oridys’ Rise, Tetsu’s Rise, and Chelona’s Rise swiftly.

How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?
How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

How to Seek Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring

In this game, you should search for spiritual Turtles while looking for three wise creatures. These three puzzles are available at:

The Ascension of Oridys
Tetsu’s Ascension
Chelona’s Ascension

Let us verify the turtles’ whereabouts for these sites.

How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?
How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Oridys’s Rise

1. Fast Travel to the Castle Morne Rampart grace location.

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2. Head east and take advantage of the updraft with Torrent.

3. Find the Oridys’ Rise Tower and a statue with an open Book near its stairs. Engage with it.

  • First Turtle: Hide in the thicket slightly ahead, to the left of the puzzle statue you just engaged with.
  • Second Turtle: To the north, turn behind the puzzle statue to discover the second turtle.
  • Third Turtle: Attack southwest from the puzzle statue towards a little pool. This turtle is undetectable.

Tetsu’s Rise

1. Fast Travel to the location of grace on Sorcerer’s Isle.

2. Interact with the puzzle statue at Tetsu’s Rise Tower.

  • First Turtle: Head northeast from the puzzle statue to discover the turtle near the cliff.
  • Second Turtle: From the tower, go east and examine the tree trunks. The turtle may be found on the tree. To get this turtle, you need need a ranged weapon or a spell.
  • Third Turtle: Head southeast from the tower to the island’s lowest portion. This turtle may be seen among the shrubs. This turtle isn’t hidden in the undergrowth as in Oridys’ Rise.
How To Get Hay Out Of Silo Stardew?

Chelona’s Rise

I recommend checking out our dedicated guide for the locations of all three wise animals in Chelona’s Rise.

This concludes our advice on how to find the Three Wise Beasts in Elden Ring. You should read our article on Carian Glintblade staff vs Meteorite staff to determine which is the best staff for you now that you have more memory stones.

How do you use hay in a silo Stardew Valley?

The silo will automatically store hay after it is completed. Using the scythe on your land will turn the grass into hay, which will be stored in the silo. To see the current storage, click on the front of the silo. You may reintroduce hay into a silo by passing it through the dispenser.

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How do you collect hay in Stardew Valley?

Hay may also be gained by cutting weeds using a weapon enchanted with the Haymaker enchantment, which offers a 1/3 chance of producing a Hay for each cut weed. Hay collected in this manner goes immediately into Silos if harvested on the farm, and into the player’s inventory if harvested elsewhere.

How do you collect hay?

When harvesting hay, it is preferable to proceed slowly and methodically to ensure equal cutting and to avoid harming any animals that may be lurking in the long grasses (snakes, birds, etc.). After cutting the hay, it should be distributed uniformly to dry properly before baling.

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