How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?

For more information on how to unlock the Hawkmoon Exotic Quest in Destiny 2, check out this guide. Prior to being able to get Hawkmoon, players must first accomplish a number of different actions.

How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?
How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?

Guardians who haven’t played the game in a few of seasons may find it difficult to get back into the swing of things when they return to Destiny 2 since the game continually adds new content for players with each passing season.

In Destiny 2, the 12th season brought the Hawkmoon exotic hand cannon, which was a fan favorite from the first Destiny game. Those players who have been absent from the action since before Season 12 will, however, find nothing in the way of in-game guidance to help them earn the hand cannon. How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?

It is likely that returning players will have a simpler time gaining Hawkmoon despite the fact that there are a number of stages required to activate the real beginning quest. Additionally, let this serve as a caution to novice players: obtaining the Hawkmoon beginning quest as quickly as possible will require players to play missions that are out of sequence with the plot in Destiny 2; players may avoid this by waiting until later in the game to complete the quest.

Initially, the quest’s objective was to guide players through the narrative of the game; however, given that the DLC may be experienced in any order, this quest no longer mandates that players make their way through the narrative in order to complete it.

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How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?

Unlock The Hawkmoon Exotic Quest In Destiny 2: Season Of The Splicer

In order for players to be able to begin the Hawkmoon Exotic Quest, they must first complete a series of objectives that are necessary to unlock the quest. To get started, gamers will need to have the Deluxe version of Destiny 2 in their possession. Players now have access to the Season 12 Wrathborn Hunt activities, which are some of the last actions required to complete the quest. Players may access these activities by using this content.

After making the purchase, new players are able to immediately begin the New Light campaign, which walks them through all of the fundamentals of Destiny 2. For those players who have already participated in the game, the New Light campaign quest may be obtained by going to the Quest Archive, which is found in the Tower to the left of the Postmaster.

After finishing the New Light objective, players will need to go to the Moon and finish the “A Mysterious Disturbance” quest there before moving on to the next assignment. It is the first mission that can be completed on the Moon, and players who are venturing to the Moon for the very first time will be requested to do the task as soon as they launch their rocket.

How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?
How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?

After the player has finished the task, they will be allowed to freely explore the Moon, and they will also have the option to begin a new quest named “Trial of the Hunted” (still on the moon). The direction to take may be seen on the left side of the map.

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After the players have completed the Trial of the Hunted, they will need to make their way to the Tangled Shore in order to speak with the Spider. Prior to having access to the Tangled Shore, players who are new to the game or who have not yet begun playing the Forsaken downloadable content must first finish the “Last Call” adventure.

Once players are able to explore the Tangled Shore, they will be requested to talk with Crow, at which point they will get Season 12 gear and be able to formally begin the first Wrathborn Hunt.

How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?
How To Get Hawkmoon Destiny 2 Season 14?

After you have finished the first Wrathborn Hunt, report back to the Spider. After you have a conversation with him, the “As the Crow Flies” Hawkmoon exotic quest will become accessible. The “Let Loose Thy Talons” quest comes after this one as the second formal step in the process of acquiring Hawkmoon. Players in Destiny 2 who successfully complete this exotic quest will get their very first Hawkmoon as a prize.

Can you still get the Hawkmoon in Destiny 2?

Bungie made amends with The Witch Queen, bringing the hand cannon to the Sol System’s favorite cosmic, squid-faced merchant: Xûr. From Year Five on, players may acquire a random Hawkmoon roll from Xûr every week while the interplanetary trader is in the galaxy.

How do you get Hawkmoon 2 in Destiny 2021?

Spider may be found on the Tangled Shore.
Locate the five Paracausal Feather sites.
Pay a visit to the Crow on the Tangled Shore.
Finish the task In the EDZ, a Cry From Beyond.
Create 50 Power Orbs.
Go back to the Crow on the Tangled Shore.
Examine the indicated coordinates.

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