How To Get Hamon In Yba?


Because the energy created by Hamon breathing is the same as the Sun’s rays and is the opposite of the energy the Undead have, Hamon is famous for doing greater harm to Vampires. How rare is D4C YBA?

To gain the Hamon Speciality, go to the mountains where Doppio is located, then stroll to the left side of the mountains. Then, go to the top left corner of the cliffs in the Naples Train Station location and descend to the platform where Jonathan Joestar is. When charged, Hamon’s skill tree increases your damage by 25% and your defense by 30%, making it ideal for high damage Stands. It costs $15,000 and you must be level 10 as well as have a Zeppeli’s Headband.

36 total skill points

How To Get Hamon In Yba?


G – Hamon Charge: This command charges the user’s Hamon meter. When the meter is full, there will be a brief pause before charging again. When the Hamon bar is full, the user will brilliantly flash yellow and remain blazing yellow till the Hamon bar is empty.

V – Scarlet Overdrive: A powerful punch that temporarily sets the target on fire. This move cannot be completely blocked. Without the burn damage, this move does 21.3 damage.

A typical in-game upgrade tree, displaying all of the hexagons and pathways for each upgrade.
Hamon’s skill tree and upgrade routes as they would look in-game.

B – Sunlight Yellow Overdrive: A sluggish bombardment that causes tremendous damage compared to the stand barrage and is an excellent self-defense strike. This move delivers 1.9 damage each punch and 2.6 against vampires. This may be repeated until your hamon’s charge runs out, which means you could potentially execute an unlimited barrage if the hamon’s charge did not run out.

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C – Zoom Punch: The user’s fist is extended to reach their target. It draws your foes closer, doing considerable damage and slowing them for a brief period of time. This attack delivers 21.9 damage and stuns the opponent. This move has a lot of endlag.

How To Get Hamon In Yba?
How To Get Hamon In Yba?

Skill Tree

  • Hamon Duration: Determines how long your Hamon meter will surviv
    • 1 point for Hamon Duration I
    • Hamon 1 point for duration II
    • Hamon 1 point for duration III
    • Hamon 1 point for duration IV
    • Hamon V: 2 points for duration
How To Get Hamon In Yba?
  • Hamon Defense: When Hamon is charged, the user takes 30% less damage.
    • 1 point for Hamon Defense I.
    • 1 point for the Hamon Defense II.
    • 1 point for the Hamon Defense III.
    • Hamon Punch: 2 points, increases overall damage by 25% while the Hamon meter is charged (10% for healing techniques like Crazy Diamond’s heals), and does 60% more damage to the Undead.

Tips, Combos and Glitches

How To Get Hamon In Yba?
How To Get Hamon In Yba?
  • V + B
  • A visual issue arises in which you always have the Hamon aura.
  • Use Hamon while you’re between levels 15 and 25 and battling Vampirism users in the Sewers.
  • Hamon works well when combined with high damage stands (i.e. The Hand, Killer Queen: Bites the Dust, Star Platinum: The World, Crazy Diamond, King Crimson, Magicians Red, Hermit Purple etc.)
  • Using Hamon decreases damage received by 30%, therefore possessing it will drastically minimize your chances of dying quickly.
  • It is recommended to simply improve Hamon Duration III since it makes a little effect and saves 4 skill points if you max it out.
  • Scarlet Overdrive now launches quicker in Version 1.0, offering users additional reasons to utilize it.
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How To Get Hamon In Yba?
How To Get Hamon In Yba?
  • The character of Hamon in Your Bizarre Adventure is based mostly on Jonathan Joestar’s Hamon. His Hamon was built on the use of Sendo (a Martial Art) and enhancing his power using Hamon. This is seen in tactics like Zoom Punch.
  • Hamon may have been influenced by the Chinese combat style known as Qi.
  • There are plans to introduce advanced specialities that only non-requiem stand users will be able to utilize, such as Joseph’s Hamon with Clacker Volleys and Caesar’s bubbles.
  • When you employ a vampire mask with the Hamon combat technique, you just perish and catch fire. This is because the Hamon is combating Vampirism. It is indicated in JoJo Part 3: Stardust Crusaders that DIO was physically weakened owing to Jonathan’s Hamon.
  • Damage was boosted by 25% in a test using Magician’s Red and Hamon. Cross Fire Hurricane’s damage increased from 20 to 25 instead of 27. (if it was a 35 percent increase in damage). Also, time how long it takes for the security guard to die as a result of it:
    • Without Hamon, the security guard died in 9.13 seconds.
    • The security guy died alongside Hamon after 7.42 seconds.
    • The security guard died in 8.06 seconds without Hamon on contact, but Hamon was active after impact.
  • Hamon no longer increases the damage of The World Over Heaven because it was too powerful. If you still want to utilize Hamon with TWOH, avoid getting Hamon Punch since it will waste a skill point.
  • Sunlight yellow overdrive by Hamon used to do 3.1 damage.
  • Hamon was originally $3000, but has now been raised to $15000. It is also now necessary to have a Zeppeli’s Headband.
  • Because Hamon is the most costly Spec, most people do not reset it.
  • Some individuals humorously refer to Hamon as “Sunshine Kung Fu.”
  • By chance, Hamon and Boxing have extremely comparable talents.
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Can you have Hamon and vampire in YBA?

As a result, you may not utilize hamon or spin while the vamp race is on. Hamon-related strikes deliver 40% more damage against Vampirism, on top of the 25% damage increase from Hamon Punch. The vampire race cannot be stored via Style Storage.

Can you have spin and Hamon in YBA?

Spin is the sole combat technique in Your Bizarre Adventure that is based on one from the Steel Ball Run world. Spin and Hamon are Specs that cannot be used in conjunction with the Vampirism race.

How rare is D4C YBA?

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, or D4C, is President Funny Valentine’s stance in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run. This Stand has a 25% chance of dropping in-game from a Rib Cage of The Saints Corpse. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap does an excellent job of zoning.

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