How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?

The theme of this episode is narrative. It’s a fun game that enables you to create your own tales as well as see the stories produced by other players on the site.

It’s not like the other interactive tale mobile games you’ve been seeing recently. Few games deliver the same immersive experience as Episode Choose Your Own Adventure.

You will need numerous vital materials to succeed in the game. Episode free gems and passes are the most critical game resources to have on hand. How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?

Episode gems are by far the most valuable in-game cash that you should have in plenty, but episode passes are useful since they enable you to skip or fast forward a chapter, allowing you to breeze through the game.

To progress in the game, you’ll need a lot of these materials. However, like in most games, these two vital resources are exceedingly scarce.

How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?
How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?

How to Get Free Episode Gems and Passes

There are various methods to get materials for Episode Choose Your Story, including the following:

As a reward for linking your social networking account to the game’s app, you’ll get free gems.

Completing events based on your position in the top charts
Daily challenges that provide free gems and passes
Playing new tales in order to get extra hourly free passes on each episode.
Using an Episode Choose your narrative hack tool is the most efficient and simple approach to generate free episode diamonds and free passes.

Additional Episode Hack Tips and Tricks

Aside from having enough Episodes passes and gems, here are a few additional techniques and Episode hacks to help you stand out from the crowd and play like a pro:

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How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?

Looks Count

If you want to become famous quickly in this game, one of the most crucial elements to consider is the appearance of your main character.

Always check for the most recent fashion trends to ensure that your protagonist has an appealing appearance and a solid sense of style.

If you keep up with the game’s current fashion trends, you may become a virtual fashion icon.

Analyze Other Stories Stats to Learn What is Trending

The advantage of Episodes is that you can simply obtain statistics and other relevant information about popular tales.

There are also applications that offer you the rankings, ratings, reviews, and other information about other tales that are performing well in the game, allowing you to utilize them as Episode hacks.

Take the time to verify and evaluate the statistics to determine what you need to do to increase the popularity of your tale.

Get the Readers Emotionally Attached to Your Leading Character

How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?
How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?

The most effective technique to get your readers emotionally linked to your primary character is to reveal character attributes via actions rather than telling them explicitly what traits your character possesses.

Avoid telling your audience about your character; instead, show them activities that will allow them to discover the character attributes on their own. As a result, your readers will create a stronger bond to your main character.

About Episode Choose Your Story – The Game

Episode is a straightforward choice-based smartphone game. The game is available for free download on both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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The game includes a mobile creation tool that lets you become a creator without understanding how to code. The game also invites developers to send in their ideas, ensuring that there is constantly new material every week.

So date, approximately 4.4 billion episodes have been seen over 8,400 storylines in the game. So far, there are over 100,000 tales in the game. The number of weekly active players in the game has increased over time and is now about 5 million.

There are various narrative modes in the game, including Romance, Mystery, Drama, and Adventure, to name a few.

How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?
How To Get Gems For Free On Episode?

When you choose your tale mode, you will be given a quick overview on how to create your backdrop. You will then be assigned a scenario to begin with. Your initial pick advances you to the next level, which shows you the ramifications of your decision.

Every scenario is comprised of several decisions that affect your next line of action. Every decision brings us a new universe of options and chances to tell new tales. Episode is a fun and addictive choice-based mobile game.

Wrapping Up!

Like most free games, there are various in-game purchases that you can make. To be successful, you must have an abundance of Episode free passes and diamonds. There are various methods to get the materials, like using an online resource generator or an Episode Gems hack.

The most essential thing, though, is to have fun while selecting and constructing your tale in the game.

If you’ve finished the episode, we also provide project makeover hacks to assist you progress through the game.

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How do you get free gems on Episode 2021?

As usual with featured stories that have the earn gems button on them you’ll receive one pass for each chapter you read. But if you read five chapters within the three day time.

How do you cheat on episode?

Okay the first way is to find storage on the app that have this in Gem symbol on the bottom of their description.

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