How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?

Dragon City is a popular game on both the Facebook and mobile platforms. You nurture dragons and establish a metropolis on a floating island in Dragon City. Gold is the in-game currency that enables you to feed and level up your dragons. Gems are the premium in-game money that may be used to rapidly acquire dragons, accelerate breeding, and do other tasks. Gems may be bought with real money or won by completing certain activities. This Billwildforcongress tutorial will show you how to get free gems in Dragon City. How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?


Every day, visit Dragon City. Every day you check into Dragon City, you get a gift. Especially if you check in on a daily basis. You may get gold for logging in on certain days. You could receive meals on other days. Every now and then, you’ll receive a free gem. To the left, tap the calendar-like icon to see what you receive each day you log in and how many days you need to check in consecutively to win a gem.

Level up by gaining XP. You may earn XP by gathering food from farms, creating habitats, and fulfilling objectives. To view what your current objectives are, tap the symbol that looks like a checklist. To get experience, complete the tasks in the Goals list. When you hit a new level, you will get 1 free gem.

How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?
How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?

Unlock the Tower of Jewelem. Lush Island (the second island) on the right is connected to Jewelem’s Tower. Once activated, Jewelem will provide you with one free gem every 24 hours. Once you’ve reached level 12, follow these procedures to construct Jewelem’s tower:

  • Select Jewelem’s Tower.
  • Rebuild should be selected.
  • Select Send Dragons.
  • Choose the highest level dragons with the components mentioned in the upper-right corner.
  • Select Send Dragons.
  • Wait for the Tower to be completed.
  • Rep for each subsequent level.
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How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?
How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?

Play the Deus Daily Bonus game. Deus Daily Bonus is a 24-hour mini-game that you may play once. Cards containing a bonus reward are shuffled, and you choose one to win a prize. Most of the time, the awards are minor, such as a little amount of money or some food. On rare circumstances, you may win some jewels.

Participate in PVP tournaments and win. Competing in tournaments with other players is another method to gain free gems. During a combat, you must choose a dragon or squad of dragons to oppose another player. To get a prize, you must win a certain number of matches. Before the competition starts, the prize is listed. Tap Battle in the lower-left corner to participate in PVP fights. After completing the tutorial, you may begin league fights. When you reach level 10, you can unlock challenges, and when you reach level 12, you can access arenas.
For example, if you win two League fights, you will get three diamonds.

How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?

Finish the Offers. The tasks you must perform vary from installing an application to viewing some promotional movies. Offers are presented on your island map in the panel to the right.

Sign in with your Facebook account. Logging into Dragon City using your Facebook account will get you 10 free gems. To get into your Dragon City Facebook account, follow the instructions below.

  • In the lower-left corner, tap Social.
  • Tap Here we go under “Friends.”
  • Get 10 next to the Facebook symbol by tapping Log in.
  • Tap Log in to receive 10 more times.
  • Enter your Facebook account and password, or continue as [your name].
  • Select Claim.
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How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?
How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?

Invite your friends. By asking Facebook friends to play, you may win gems. They must accept your invitation and go through the tutorial to level 15.

Earn and unlock chests. Chests may be obtained by participating in events such as Alliance and Arena combat. Chests provide random gifts ranging from 1 to 4 gems. Bronze chests and above are guaranteed to contain at least one gem.

How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?
How To Get Gems For Free In Dragon City?

Purchase gemstones. While there are several free ways to get free gems, the payoff is generally rather minimal. The easiest approach to get diamonds is always to buy them with real money. Tap the purple gem symbol at the top of the screen to buy gems. Then, under the bundle you wish to buy, press the pricing button. Then, on the Google Play Store or App Store window, press the option to confirm your purchase. Gems vary in price from $1.99 for 25 to $99 for 1,700.
Keep a watch out for special gem bargains. Occasionally, diamonds may be purchased at a bargain. Look for deals on the right-hand panel or at the gems shop.

How do I get gems fast in Dragon City?

First you build midoriyan tower. Then you can build a javelin tower you can get one free gem per day like every day one gem free gem i would give you one euro every day would you take it.

How can I get free gems?

Such as clan war stars each of these will provide you free gems as of 2022. There are a total of 15 937 gems available by completion of achievements.

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How do I get more gems?

All you have to do is log in and claim certain items. And naturally the first way would be the gem mine i mean it’s clearly in the name this thing produces gems.

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