How To Get Fragments In Blox Fruits?

The Fruits that appear at random in Blox Fruits are not pointless; rather, they are necessary to progress through the game. In addition to reawakening Fruits, one of the most important aspects of the game is acquiring new weaponry. The issue is that many gamers are unsure about how much money they should spend to obtain new weaponry.

This is when the game Fragments comes into play.

Update 11 saw the introduction of a new kind of money known as fragments (2020). Not only are new weapons impossible to acquire without Fragments, but surviving in the Second Sea and completing other objectives also requires you to have this resource. Because of the significant amount of Fragments you need, you are going to want a trustworthy method to farm them.

Continue reading to discover about the many methods that may be used in Blox Fruits to get more Fragments.

What Are Fragments in Blox Fruits?

As was noted before, Update 11 saw the introduction of a new kind of in-game cash known as Fragments. These are some of the uses for fragments:

Acquiring Goods And Services

Fragments are the sole acceptable form of payment for the purchase of some weapons and equipment. The Kabucha cannon, the Flower Ship boat, and the Dragon Breath combat technique are all examples of these goods. It’s possible that in addition to the item, you’ll need some Beli, the primary money used in Blox Fruits.

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Awakening Your Blox Fruits

Depending on the kind of Blox Fruit, you must invest more than 10,000 Fragments in order to completely awaken your Blox Fruits. You may get Blox Fruits either by chance drops or by purchasing them from certain NPCs. The process of waking them grants you access to additional skills, which may be used in either battle or exploration.

Putting Your Stats Back to Zero

By locating Plokster, you will be able to reset your stats. Typically, you can find him standing on the bridge that connects the Green Zone and the Kingdom of Rose. However, in order to reset, you will need to give him 2,500 Fragments first. In addition, in order to be eligible for a stat reset, you need to have a level higher than 700 and be on the New World or the Second Sea.

Altering the Color of Your Skin

If you want to alter your race, you may do so by paying Norp 3,000 Fragments at The Café. However, the change will take place at a random time, and you will not be able to choose a particular one. You have the option of transforming into a Human, Skypian, Fishman, or Mink. However, you can’t switch to the same race again, so your odds of receiving the race you want are one in three.

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The Acquiring of a Microchip

Every time you purchase a microchip, there will be a short delay until you can use it in the Order Raid. They may be purchased from the Smoke Admiral for a price of one thousand fragments each.

Purchasing a Fighting Style Based on the Death Step

Update 13 saw the introduction of this novel approach to combat. It is an enhanced version of Dark Step, but in order to get it, you will first need to spend 5,000 Fragments on it and satisfy certain additional requirements. This method of combat is promoted by Phoeyu the Reformed.

Sharkman Karate

The moniker “Sharkman Karate” is a play on words for the martial art that is offered for sale by Daigrock the Sharkman. It has a price tag of 5,000 Fragments, and in order to purchase it, you must first complete a number of challenges.

Purchasing Color Layers for Enhancement

Having a conversation with the Master of Enchantment enables you to acquire colors that can be layered on top of your Enhancements. The price of a Fragment is determined on the kind of color, with regular colors costing 1,500 Fragments while Legendary colors cost 7,500 Fragments.

Transforming Your Kind into a Cyborg

If you pay an unseen NPC 2,500 Fragments, you will be able to claim the Cyborg race as your own. This race is all about defense and conserving your energy supply. However, you must first emerge victorious from the Law Raid in order to unlock the Cyborg race.

Purchasing Positions on a Crew

When compared to other games’ clans or guilds, crews serve a comparable purpose. Every Crew is allowed a maximum of 25 members, and those spots are never lost even if someone quits the crew. On the other hand, in order to purchase more spaces for your Crew, you will need 2,000 Fragments.

How to Get Fragments in Blox Fruits?

It is recommended that you make collecting Fragments your top goal after you have reached Level 1,000 and the Second Sea, but it is possible to do so earlier. Let’s have a look at the many different routes to get fragments, shall we?

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Blackbeard must be vanquished.

Employing a Fist of Darkness allows you to call forth the Boss known as Blackbeard. You will get 1,500 Fragments if you have dealt damage that is equivalent to ten percent of his total health. You are only allowed one combat against him every four to six hours.

Because Blackbeard has a level of 1,000, we advise you to train well before engaging him in combat. If you lose, you won’t get any Fragments as a reward for your effort.

Conquer a monster from the deep.

Tide Keeper, the boss of the game, is responsible for calling out Sea Beasts as an adversary. You will get 250 Fragments for each Sea Beast that you kill. That’s half of what’s needed to awaken a Fruit’s initial skill, so you’re well on your way!


If you are successful, Grinding Raids may award you with up to 1,000 Fragments. Even when time is running out, you will still get Fragments, but in a lesser quantity.

Conquer Every Person Who Holds a YouTuber Title.

If you manage to win a fight against a YouTuber, you will get 250,000 Beli and 2,500 Fragments as rewards. However, before they can get this award, there must first be a price placed on their heads, and not all of them have it when they are vanquished.


On sometimes, occurrences will make it simpler for you to get more Fragments than is often the case.

Robux may be used to purchase Fragments.

In the game’s store, you may purchase Fragments using Robux if you already have some in your inventory.

How To Get Fragments In Blox Fruits?

The Struggle Is Never Over

You may buy necessary products using fragments, or you can use them to awaken your Blox Fruits. Because of this, many players with levels over 1,000 have a habit of spending the majority of their gaming time grinding for them. The grind is well worth it in order to get the benefits that may be obtained using Fragments.

What is your total number of Fragments? How many Fragments have you already used up? Tell us in the part below devoted to comments.

Is there a Mizu Mizu no mi?

The Mizu Mizu no Mi, also known as the Water Water Fruit, is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that bestows upon its owner the ability to manipulate and transform into liquid water.

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Is it possible for the fist of darkness to despawn?

This is unstable since a Fist only spawns once every four hours since the server started in a random Chest. The first time a Fist spawns, there is a one hundred percent probability that it will spawn, but after that, there is no assurance that it will spawn again.

How exactly can one get Ghoul V3 Blox fruit?

V3 Obtainment
Arowe’s mission, the specifics of which change according on the race being played, must be completed in order for the Ghoul race to advance to the V3 level. The objective of Ghoul’s level 3 task is to kill five players. Be careful to pick up the quest each time you rejoin the game, since it will start again if you leave and come back.

Are Magma fruits superior than light BLOX varieties?

The Magma fruit is ideal for you if your goal is to inflict burn damage on the opponent while also dealing area-of-effect harm. If you have great aim and like employing barrage attacks, the ideal fruit for you to eat is Light since it allows you to do more damage each shot. Agreed.

Where can I find the most straightforward raid in Blox fruits?

The easiest one to get is certainly flame, and if you have Buddha, then you can definitely do it. Flame, and you are able to easily solo a raid with only Buddha and Superhuman, or you may have another Buddha with Superhuman (max fruit and max melee, since 1 fruit stat = 5hp each).

Is it possible to buy Blox fruits with two of the same fruit?

Can u have 2 fruits | Fandom. Of course, you can only equip a single fruit at a time, and if you want another, you will need to purchase a new one. However, the new fruit will replace the one you are now using, and you will need to report it to jail in order to get rid of it.

What are some possible applications for the pieces in the Blox fruits?

You may buy necessary products using fragments, or you can use them to awaken your Blox Fruits. Because of this, many players with levels over 1,000 have a habit of spending the majority of their gaming time grinding for them. The grind is well worth it in order to get the benefits that may be obtained using Fragments.

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