How To Get Electro Oceanid?

Struggle against the Electro Oceanid while braving the electrical storm on Seirai Island.

Are you looking for information about the location of the Thunder Manifestation? In Genshin Impact, a relative of the Oceanid known as the Inazuman has been shown to exist in the form of the Thunder Manifestation. The Thunder Manifestation is quite similar to its twin, the Hydro Manifestation, in that it hovers in the air and fires its elemental energies at you. This Electro monster, on the other hand, must be engaged in direct combat, in contrast to the Oceanid and its minions.

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The Thunder Manifestation is a rather scary foe, but the main difficulty is in actually locating it, which is a complicated procedure to go through. On Seirai Island’s Amakumo Peak, at the very peak’s very top, is where you’ll find the floating Electro boss. Even if you have previously gained entry to Inazuma, you won’t be able to just stroll up to the Thunder Manifestation since it is surrounded by a tremendous electro storm. This is the case even if you have already unlocked the island country.

In order to go through this storm and get access to the Thunder Manifestation monster, you will need to solve certain puzzles and jump from island to island. In order to finish the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest and permanently unlock the Thunder Manifestation boss battle, you will need to travel from floating island to floating island while solving the four mysteries associated with the “Warding Stones.” In Genshin Impact, the following is the procedure for obtaining the Electro Oceanid.

The site of the Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation.

It’s possible that you’ve previously attempted to scale Amakumo Peak, at which point you realized very quickly that this region is fraught with danger. Those who are still alive after being subjected to the relentless electrocution are certain to perish when they are struck by lightning.

We will not be able to access the Thunder Manifestation until we have completed the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest and found a solution to the issue of electrocution on Seirai Island. This quest will be available to you in the Journal if you are able to go to the Inazuma area; however, you may first need to approach the Adventurer’s Guild in order for it to become active.

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World Quest for the Genshin Impact and Seirai Stormchasers

Talk to Katheryne at the Stormchasers section of the Adventurer’s Guild in Inazuma City to get started on the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest. Your conversation with Eiko will take place on Seirai Island, where you will be sent to by her. You won’t be affected by the Electro storm if you stay in this section of the island, thank goodness. After that, you will need to complete various goals (such as tracking footprints and battling some treasure hoarders) before proceeding to explore the first Warding Stone.

The first stone can be found on the ground, but later on, you’ll have to navigate your way between the teeny-tiny floaty islands that are far up in the sky. You may go to the Thunder Spheres and Phase Gates using the Electrogranum to get between these locations. The Phase Gates are also known as the Electro gateways.

How to solve the riddles contained inside the Warding Stone

The remaining portions of the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest mostly consist of solving the riddles contained inside the Warding Stone. The first step in solving a puzzle is locating the three paper charm hangers that are associated with a certain Warding Stone and interacting with those hangers.

After that, you will need to rotate the top and lower halves of the Warding Stone in such a manner that the number of paper charms affixed to the pole is same to the number of paper charms affixed to the Warding Stone on that side.

The completion of the fourth and final Warding stone puzzle will result in the formation of a stone plateau in the geographic center of Seirai island. At long last, you’ve arrived at your destination and opened the door to the Thunder Manifestation!

A Strategy for Countering the Thunder Manifestation

Now that we know where the Thunder Manifestation is hiding, let’s take it down and get our hands on those goodies! However, before you begin the battle, you need make sure that you have a strong squad. Because it is an Electro entity, the Thunder Manifestation is protected from any electro-related injury. Therefore, it is best for you to leave Baal at home.

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That also implies that a character of the Pyro or Cryo archetype may perform elemental reactions on the Thunder Manifestation with relative ease. It would be helpful to have on your squad a five-star Bow character like Yoimiya or Aloy for this battle. In spite of the fact that it is a flying foe, the Thunder Manifestation will often be within melee range (which means that you are not need to carry Amber with you if you do not wish to). You might bring someone like Chongyun, Sucrose, or Bennett to this battle if you don’t have a lot of characters with five stars at your disposal.

The Thunder Manifestation will launch a large number of assaults with a wide area of impact, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to anticipate their arrival. You should make every effort to avoid being hit by these assaults since being struck will mark you, making it simpler for the Thunder Manifestation to strike you. Because of their shields, bringing Noelle or Diona with you to this fight might prove to be beneficial.

That should be all the information you want to identify the location of the Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact! Have fun with the battle, and don’t overlook the opportunity to retrieve your Storm Beads when it’s over. Check out our Genshin Impact fishing guide if you need assistance catching fish, and our Genshin Impact amakumo fruit locations guide if you need assistance leveling up your Raiden Shogun.

How To Get Electro Oceanid?

Is Inazuma a girl or boy?

Inazuma, being a male, always wears his spectacles when he goes out. Both his jaw and his torso have a distinct square or rectangular outline. When Inazuma transforms into a woman, her glasses are now worn on the top of her forehead, her jaw and torso take on a more rounded appearance, and the scar on her skull shifts to the right side of her head.

Who is the most effective opponent for Oceanid?

There are several flying Mimics that the Oceanid summons. These Mimics are controlled by the Oceanid. The only reliable method of doing damage to them is through the assistance of a bow user who specializes in long-range charged assaults. Because of their element, Fischl and Kujou Sara are the most skilled at this.

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Which of the Bosses in Genshin Impact is the Most Difficult?

The 10 Most Difficult Bosses in the Genshin Impact, Ranked
When attacked, the Golden Wolflord will deal corrosion damage.
The Delusion and Vision of La Signora Are Both Challenging in Their Own Right…
The Cryo Hypostasis amplifies the effects of Dragonspine’s Sheer Cold…
Azhdaha Is A Highly Advanced Geovishap, And Its Hydro Hypostasis Can Heal Itself In the Middle of Combat.

How do you unlock Inazuma?

In order to get access to Inazuma, you will need to finish the first act of “Archon Quest Chapter II: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.” You also need to have a rank of 30 in Adventurer.

What is the best strategy for beating the electrical boss in Genshin Impact?

The boss will be located on a platform that floats in the air much above the earth. Warping to the Teleport Waypoint that you’ll find while completing the Seirai Stormchasers task is the quickest and most convenient method to reach your destination.

Is Electro a viable option for facing Oceanid?

Electro’s area-of-effect (AOE) interaction with Hydro may make the struggle against the Oceanid considerably simpler. Simply applying Electro on one of the Oceanid’s minions will create a chain reaction of Electro-Charged to spread across the numerous monsters and do constant damage. This may be accomplished by using any of the Oceanid’s minions as a target.

What are the steps to unlocking my Oceanid Electro?

We will not be able to access the Thunder Manifestation until we have completed the Seirai Stormchasers World Quest and found a solution to the issue of electrocution on Seirai Island. This quest will be available to you in the Journal if you are able to go to the Inazuma area; however, you may first need to approach the Adventurer’s Guild in order for it to become active.

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