How To Get Electrizer In Diamond?

The fourth generation of Pokémon included a large number of evolutions, including a select few that could only be accomplished by using newly available held items. These may take place when the character gains a level or when it is exchanged while possessing the relevant item, albeit a select few have additional conditions, such as being time-bound or restricted to a certain date. Dusknoir, the Gen IV development of Electabuzz from the previous generation, is one of these evolutions. How To Get Electrizer In Diamond?

Continue reading to discover the locations of Elekid and Electabuzz, two Pokémon that can potentially develop into Electivire.


Electivire was the next evolution of Electabuzz, and the only way to get it was to trade an item called the Electirizer, which was possessed by Electivire. When you were playing a Generation IV game on your DS, you could catch an Elekid in the past by inserting a copy of Fire Red into the system. However, you can now find Elekid only in the Grand Underground, which is only accessible via Brilliant Diamond. If you notice glittering rocks, you know you’re in the proper area, so keep an eye out for Elekid as a rare spawn in different Pokémon Hideaways like the Dazzling Cave, Whiteout Cave, Stargleam Cavern, and Glacial Cavern, and then train it up to level 30 so it may evolve into Electabuzz.

Your sole chance of obtaining an Elekid or Electabuzz if you have Shining Pearl is to make a trade with Brilliant Diamond. Brilliant Diamond is your only other option.

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You will need an Electirizer once you have Electabuzz in your possession. Following the steps outlined in the previous section (see below), you will be able to develop your Electabuzz into an Electivire by trading it in when it is holding an Electirizer.

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In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, the only method to get an Electirizer is to capture or take one from a wild Elekid located in the Grand Underground and use it on your own Pokémon. At that location, Elekid have a probability of holding one that is 5% of the time. You have the option of catching an Elekid, or you may attempt to steal one from another Pokémon by using an attack such as Thief.

Trading one of your items obtained in Brilliant Diamond for an Electirizer is the only method to get one in Shining Pearl.


You need further assistance with Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, don’t you? Have a look at some of our other tutorials!

How can I get the BDSP for Magmortar?

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players will first be tasked with locating and capturing a Magby before they can go on to obtaining Magmortar. Players who have Pokémon Brilliant Diamond will not be able to get Magby, Magmar, or Magmortar on their own; rather, they will have to engage in a trade for one of these Pokémon in order to do so. These Pokémon can only be found in the Pokémon Shining Pearl edition.

Who takes use of the Electrizer Legends Arceus?

The Electirizer is an item in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that can be used to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire. This item is part of the evolutionary chain that may be obtained throughout the game. Find out how to get Electirizers, and go through a list of Pokemon that may develop as a result of utilizing an Electirizer!

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Where is Magmarizer Legends: Arceus?

The Magmarizer may be acquired from the Outpost Trader using Merit Points, which can be earned by locating missing Satchels belonging to other players and/or NPCs (depending on whether you are playing offline or online), as well as by exploring Space-time Disturbances.

In Brilliant Diamond, is it possible to get a Magmarizer?

The only method to acquire a Magmarizer in Brilliant Diamond is to make a trade with Shining Pearl using an existing one.

Is it possible to get an Electivire without trading?

If you do not intend to just be given an Electivire in exchange for anything else, your first objective will be to capture an Elekid. From the moment you begin the game, you’ll have access to the Grand Underground and its resident Elekid. The Whiteout Cave, the Icy Cave, the Dazzling Cave, and the Stargleam Cavern make up its biomes. Search for it and seize it if you find it in any of those places.

Can I obtain Elekid in Brilliant Diamond?

In light of this, players that have Brilliant Diamond may get Elekid by traveling to the Grand Underground and heading to either Whiteout Cave, Stargleam Cavern, Glacial Cavern, or Dazzling Cave. If you want to locate the Pokémon in any of the locations, all you have to do is go to either one of them, then repeatedly leave and enter the area until you discover it.

How can I get the Electirizer Arceus weapon?

Instructions on How to Obtain Electirizer When playing offline or online, respectively, players may earn Merit Points by locating missing Satchels belonging to NPCs or other players, and Space-time Distortions are a good place to look for them. These points can be used to buy an Electirizer from the Outpost Trader.

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How To Get Electrizer In Diamond?

Where can I get the Electrizer and the Magmarizer?

The Electrizer is the only place where players can discover the Magmarizer, and they can only find it held by Magby in the Grand Underground. This time around, the Pokémon can only be obtained with the Shining Pearl. You will have a chance of running across Magby in the Pokémon Hideaways known as Volcanic Cave, Sandsear Cave, and Typhlo Cavern, respectively.

How can I develop my Electabuzz without exchanging my Brilliant Diamond for anything else?

To develop Electabuzz into Electivire, you must trade Electabuzz when it is carrying an Electrizer. Only then will Electivire be able to evolve. The evolution of Electabuzz will take place as soon as you do so, after the completion of the deal. Because you’ll need to convince them to trade your Pokemon back to you if you want it, it’s best to tackle this challenge with a reliable companion.

Where may I find an Electrizer to purchase?

You have to battle an Elekid in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl in order to get the Electrizer. In the Grand Underground, you may find this Pokémon in the Dazzling Cave, Whiteout Cave, Stargleam Cavern, and Glacial Cavern. Brilliant Diamond is the only place where you may get an Elekid, which has a 5% chance of carrying an Electrizer.

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