How To Get Drawers Out Of Dresser?

Learning how to take dresser drawers out may be a very important skill to know, particularly if you ever need to relocate the dresser itself. When the drawers are removed, it becomes a great deal more lightweight. This may prove to be especially helpful in the event that one of your dresser drawers becomes damaged.

If the dresser has a central track, the drawers may be removed by looking for a pull-out guard and then pulling it down so that the drawer can slide all the way out of the dresser. Humidity, faulty hardware, corrosion, or things that are blocking the drawer are some of the other potential concerns that might lead to the drawer being stuck.

This article will provide you with all of the information that you need in order to successfully remove a drawer that has a central metal slide.

Check to see that your drawer has a metal slide in the center.

It is crucial to make sure that you have a central metal slide before beginning research on how to remove a drawer that has one.

If the dresser drawers on your chest of drawers have metal rollers on either side, then you most likely do not have this problem. Instead, you may easily remove the drawer by first pulling it out completely and then lifting it up and out of the cabinet.

You may have to press to release levers in order to open the drawer if it has two metal slides on each side. Simply run your fingers down the edge of the drawer to determine whether or not you can feel them. To check whether you can find them, slide the drawer that is beneath it out of the way and use a flashlight. In this scenario, it’s quite unlikely that you have access to one that has a center track either.

Simply pull out the middle drawer and inspect the drawer that is located directly above it to determine whether or not you own a center track. You might also place your hand inside the drawer and feel the area above the drawer to determine whether or not there is a metal track.

The remainder of this post will assist you in learning how to remove the dresser drawer, provided that you can either see or feel one.

Have a look at the directions.

If you’re anything like me, after putting together the dresser you probably either tossed away the directions or stashed them away in one of the drawers.

It is time to remove them from the drawer and check to see if there is anything that may be preventing the drawer from being pulled out, such as a plastic stopper that was placed there for reasons of safety. It’s possible that when you first assembled the wooden drawers many years ago, you also fitted a release mechanism, but then you forgot about it.

Buying a secondhand dresser means you won’t have any instructions to follow for putting it together. On the other hand, if you know the brand of the dresser or the store where it was acquired, you may hunt them up on the internet.

If you have the sorts of drawers that have a central slide, if there are release mechanisms, and if there are stoppers in place to prevent the drawer from sliding out all the way, the instructions can inform you whether or not you have those types of drawers.

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Check for a Guard That Pulls Out.

There are occasions when an item of furniture will have additional safety safeguards in place for reasons unknown. Because companies don’t want to take the chance that the drawer will be pulled out all the way by mistake, they insert a little piece of plastic so that the drawer can’t be pulled out all the way. This prevents the drawer from being pulled out completely.

When you try to pull the drawer out all the way, a plastic flap will strike the drawer, and you will either see or hear it hit the drawer. It just will not move in any direction!

How To Get Drawers Out Of Dresser? Source Reddit

Along the metal track, there could also be a teeny-tiny piece of plastic that functions in a manner analogous to a speed bump. Without doing a thorough inspection of the metal track, you won’t be able to see this one.

If a piece of furniture has anti-tip cables, then it will almost certainly also have one of these so that youngsters can’t damage themselves by pulling the drawers out all the way. This is done to prevent injuries to the children.

Plastic may make it more difficult to remove the drawer since it is more fragile, but it also may assist prevent you from doing so.

Take The Drawer Out

Pull on the drawer if you are using an item of furniture that has a plastic guard and you are certain that there is not a locking mechanism installed in the piece. It’s possible that the plastic shield may be broken with only a tiny amount of pressure. When carrying out this task, use extreme caution, particularly if the piece of furniture in question is made of pressed wood.

It is well knowledge that pressed wood is more prone to shattering than solid wood.

Try A Different Drawer

It’s possible that a damaged or jammed drawer is making it difficult for you to remove the one that’s stuck in its track. Begin working on another drawer so you can identify whether or not this is the source of the issue. If you are able to simply remove another drawer, the problem may lie with anything other than the drawer in question.

Other possible causes for your drawer’s inability to move freely

Even while a piece of plastic that is shaped like a semicircle and acts as a stopper may be the cause of your drawer being stuck, there are lots of other things that might keep your drawer from coming out completely. It is likely that you have a broken drawer or a jammed drawer if the issue is only occurring with one of your drawers and not the others.

If you’re having trouble getting your drawer to open, try some of these tips and methods.


When temperatures and humidity levels are high, the drawers on your solid wood furniture may become difficult to open and close. Your dresser cannot fit a little bigger drawer that has swelled as a result of the humidity since the dresser was not built to support a drawer that is slightly larger.

To make the drawer easier to open and shut again, just apply some lubricant to the surface of the drawer.

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Broken Hardware

There is a possibility that one of the screws is loose, or that the central slide is damaged on your instrument. Because of this, it may be difficult for the drawer slides to function correctly. It will be necessary for you to take apart a section of the dresser and then repair any hardware that is damaged.

There Is Not Enough Room in the Drawer.

If you have a little bit too much stuff in your drawer, it won’t open. This is a common occurrence when youngsters stuff an excessive amount of clothes, books, or even documents inside the drawer. In order to shift the contents in the drawer, you will need to give it a good shake. After that, you need to be able to get the drawer to at least partially open.

Put your hand into the space between the two pieces of furniture, and then shift the items such that you can open the drawer. After you have done so, you should make sure that the drawer is emptied and cleaned before you replace its cover.


Drawers that are outfitted with metal hardware will inevitably develop rust over time. You may loosen the drawer’s hardware by applying oil or candle wax to the moving parts, but keep in mind that this is just a stopgap measure. You need to get new metal hardware so that you don’t have to deal with a drawer that won’t pull out correctly. This will save you from having to deal with the issue often.


What is the best way to remove drawers that have metal glides but no levers?

If the drawer in your furniture does not have a lever, it very certainly has another kind of stopping mechanism. Drawers that are equipped with roller balls often get stuck on the tracks before they can be opened. To remove the drawer completely, pull it out all the way, then raise it up.

On the under-mount drawer slide, there can additionally be a mechanism for halting the drawer. You need to open the drawer below the one you wish to open, then run your hand down the track and the bottom of the drawer to see if there is a plastic component that is preventing the drawer from being pulled out.

How To Get Drawers Out Of Dresser?

How do I take out the drawer from the dresser that has a central slide?

It is quite probable that there is a stopping mechanism in a drawer that has a central slide. A speed bump is often a tiny piece of plastic, such as a plastic tab, and it serves as an obstruction in the road. These are not difficult to splinter. In addition to that, you can have a drawer that has several very tiny levers. To open your drawer, the release mechanism may be activated by giving the lever a simple push in the opposite direction.

How can drawers be removed if they have bottom slides?

If you own furniture with drawers that have bottom slides, it is essential that you be familiar with the operation of this kind of drawer. Most of the time, they are equipped with a release mechanism that may be used in order to take out the drawer. To do this, either pull or push on a tab made of plastic that is attached to the drawer slide.

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How to unstick wooden drawers?

Find out why the wooden drawer won’t move in the first place. In the event that it is caused by humidity, a dehumidifier will be of assistance. You may simply just pull the drawer out with a lot of force, but you need to be cautious not to damage it. Applying a little layer of oil to the portions of the dresser that slide might also be useful in unsticking hardwood drawers.

Why is it so difficult to open the drawers on my ancient dresser?

Drawers found in older dressers are often composed of solid wood, which makes them difficult to open. They do not have roller balls or any of the other roller balls and other metal components that make them simpler to open. It might be that they are swollen as a result of the humidity, or that they are trapped, making it difficult to open them.

Why won’t the drawer on my dresser open all the way?

Drawers in contemporary dressers often come equipped with a mechanism that prevents them from being opened completely. Drawers that are mounted below cabinets often have a plastic stopper installed in the front of the drawer that stops it from opening all the way. It’s possible that the drawer won’t open all the way if there’s too much items taking up space inside of it.

To sum everything up

Verify that you are familiar with the operation of the slide before attempting to figure out how to fully open a drawer that is equipped with a center slide. You should be able to utilize these suggestions to get the drawer unstuck after you have determined what it is that is stopping it from opening all the way.

How can you get a drawer made of wood that is jammed open?

The drawer slides may be made just slightly more slick by applying a block of paraffin wax or burning a simple white candle. This will allow the drawer to be opened. Working carefully and meticulously is the key to success. To open the drawer as far as it can go, pull it out all the way, and then brush wax or a candle over the slides and any other sections of the wood that are visible.

How can you get a drawer unstuck?

Try a long, thin dinner knife or another dull instrument, such as a metal ruler, to gently jiggle the item back into position so that the drawer may open freely. If there is a huge object that is jammed within the drawer, use this method. You can open the drawer up to its maximum capacity without causing any damage to the drawer’s framework.

How do you take the drawers out of a Broyhill dresser?

How to Take the Drawers Out of a Broyhill Dresser
Take the drawer out of the dresser about halfway. Take out and dispose of any of the objects that are in the drawer.

Attempt to pull the drawer out all the way, taking your time. …

Pull the drawer out as far as it can go while standing to the right of the dresser and facing it. …

To open the door, you will need to move the latch inside, near the track.

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