How To Get Cuirass Of The Falling Star?

Any Guardian who knows how to get the Biting Winds Legendary Bow will have a major edge in the game of Destiny 2. This is because the Biting Winds Legendary Bow is an exceptionally effective fighting bow.

The ranged weapon was first released by Bungie as a component of the Europa set in the Beyond Light expansion for the year 2020. This powerful bow is a great addition to the arsenal of any player who likes to take their foes down from a safe distance. In addition, the Biting Winds bow is useful in PvP due to the fact that it has a high chance of killing an opponent with only one shot.

Destiny 2 Perks and Stats for the Biting Winds Specialization

In Destiny 2, the Biting Winds bow has a curated roll that may contain an Explosive Head. This makes the arrows explode after a brief wait after being shot. Moving Target is yet another weapon choice, and using it grants players enhanced movement speed as well as improved ability to acquire targets when they aim down sight. In addition, it has a Fiberglass Arrow Shaft, which improves accuracy, and a Natural String, which improves accuracy, handling speed, and stability. Both of these features are included.


The Biting Winds has a longer draw time, but it’s been tuned for damage as a Compound Bow, so it’s perfect for Precision Frame.


Impact: 76

78 percent accurate

Stability: 49

Handling: 54

The rate of reloading is 46.

Assistance in Aiming: 66

Number of Items in Inventory: 61

Duration of the Draw: 684

Popular Trait Combos

9.2 percent of the time, if you combine Rapid Hit and Explosive Head.

Quickdraw with Explosive Head yields a score of 8.43.

8.24 percent of all rolls are affected by Killing Wind and Explosive Head.

7.88% of Rolls with the No Distractions and Explosive Head Strategy

7.16 percent of all rolls include a moving target and an explosive head.

5.29 percent of rolls are considered surplus or explosive heads.

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3.32 percent of rolls are accounted for by Killing Wind and Swashbuckler.

3.24 percent of Rolls are accounted for by Moving Target and Swashbuckler.

The Killing Wind and Explosive Head combination is recommended for players who want to use the Biting Winds for PvP, while the Rapid-Hit and Swashbuckler roll is recommended for players who want to use the Biting Winds for PvE.

Killing Wind, which provides a brief improvement in weapon mobility, range, and handling after a last blow, is the roll that Destiny 2 players using a Biting Wind bow find to be the most useful, therefore it should come as no surprise that this is the roll that is used the most often. As can be seen in the previous section, players have access to a wide variety of powerful and one-of-a-kind combinations that they may utilize to defeat opponents. Now, let’s investigate where you may discover the Biting Winds in Destiny 2 and how you can get them.

Destiny 2: Your Guide to Acquiring the Biting Winds

In Destiny 2, getting your hands on the Biting Winds bow may be accomplished in a number different ways. The player will be able to access the task that gives the ranged weapon if they have finished the Beyond Light campaign. Fans will be able to access the quest The Dark Priestess Hunt after completing further content from the expansion and defeating additional Fallen Kells. Those who have paid careful attention to the campaign should be at a level that allows them to do this task without any problems; nonetheless, even these players should bring the strongest weapons they have access to. Players who successfully complete the Dark Priestess task will get the Biting Winds bow as a reward. The following phase for a player who already possesses a Biting Winds bow is likely to include farming the formidable weapon once again in order to get the perfect or favored version of it.

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How To Get Cuirass Of The Falling Star?

Players of Destiny 2 who are interested in farming the Biting Winds weapon will have to finish all of the post-campaign tasks in Beyond Light in order to get The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt from Variks. Only then will they be able to farm the item. The non-playable character (NPC) can be found at Charon’s Crossing on Europa. This is also the location where players can access the different Empire Hunts missions for each Europa-exclusive weapon. The Biting Winds will become available to gamers as a prize for participating in a particular Empire Hunt.

The objectives for Empire Hunts are not very difficult and adhere to the following pattern:

First, eliminate some of the foes and get the necessary supplies.

The next step is to finish an aim.

In the end, you must slay one of Eramis’ Fallen.

Although not all of the missions in Empire Hunts are the same, one of them may be played like this as an example:

Flecks of Darkness may be obtained by defeating opponents in the Cadmus Ridge area.

Defend the Fleeing Fallen Skiff.

Takedown Kridis.

After that, go back to Varik’s and pick up the Biting Winds Bow from the back room.

These quests are not very challenging and will have a gameplay style that is similar to the Beyond Light campaign. This makes it simple to farm them. That is to say, players of Destiny 2 have the ability to continue playing the Biting Winds Empire Hunts task as many times as necessary until they get the god roll weapon of their desires.

Killing high-value targets on Europa, where certain fortunate players will have the chance to watch the deadly bow drop, is the last method for acquiring the Biting Winds. Although, taking into consideration how huge the pool of treasure is (which includes weapons and armor), the first technique is arguably the simpler one to employ.

What You Need to Know About Destiny 2 (About the Bow)

When Destiny 2 was first released in 2017, bows were widely seen as an unsatisfactory choice of weapon for the first few years of the game. All of that changed with the release of Beyond Light and the introduction of the Biting Winds, however. The Biting Winds bow was included in the 2020 expansion, making it the first bow worth utilizing in the game. It quickly became the preferred weapon of many players.

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The first-person shooter developed by Bungie is presently playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and personal computers. And if gamers haven’t already, they should definitely check out Destiny 2: The Witch Queen since it’s a real delight!

How To Get Cuirass Of The Falling Star?

Is it possible to get Cuirass via XUR?

You will not be able to purchase them from Xur or get them from fortunate random drops as you would with the vast majority of other exotics; instead, you will be required to play several high-level Lost Sectors. Cuirass of the Falling Star is the long-awaited Thundercrash Exotic for Titans. It comes with a main perk called Glorious Charge, which makes Thundercrash do more damage when it hits its target.

What are the steps to get the Titan exotic chest?

Players must first complete the campaign using the Titan class in order to be eligible for the newly added Titan Exotic chest piece, which is only accessible to those who have purchased and installed The Witch Queen addition.

In Nightfalls, is it possible to get Cuirass of the Falling Star?

You should keep an eye out for the Exotic Chest Reward if you want to get the Cuirass of the Falling Star. After that, you’ll be eligible for that award if you finish either the Legend or Master Lost Sector Solo challenge. If at first you are unsuccessful, keep trying, and you will succeed after a few attempts at the task at hand.

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