How To Get Cookie Cutters In Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an enthralling Gacha game in which players must use a little bit of luck to pluck delicious cookies from a jar. Cookie Cutters are a kind of fictitious money that can be used in the role-playing action game that was developed by Devsisters. Instead of purchasing Crystals, which are the game’s premium currency, players may use Cookie Cutters to draw from Cookie Gacha pools. There are two distinct categories of cookie cutters, namely the Magic Cookie Cutter and the Special Cookie Cutter. Magic Cookie Cutters have a purple sparkle to them and are used in the Featured Cookie Gacha, whilst Special Cookie Cutters are made of silver and are used in the Standard Cookie Gacha. Both types of cookie cutters are utilized in the Cookie Gacha. In the latter, there is a greater likelihood of discovering more recent Cookies.

How To Get Cookie Cutters In Cookie Run Kingdom? Source Touch, Tap, Play

The chances of successfully removing a Cookie from the Gacha while using a Cookie Cutter are equivalent to those when using Crystals. Even though they are hard to come by, Cookie Cutters are an extremely valued kind of cash in the game. The players’ goal should preferably be to amass as many as they possibly can. This walkthrough will walk you through all of the many methods available in the game for acquiring Cookie Cutters, so make sure you have it handy!

How To Get Cookie Cutters In Cookie Run Kingdom?
How To Get Cookie Cutters In Cookie Run Kingdom? Source Game Rant

Farming Cookie Cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The following is a rundown of the available options for acquiring more cookie cutters:


The campaign mode of this video game gives players the opportunity to earn Cookie Cutters by completing various tasks. Cookie Cutters are a reward that may be obtained through certain tasks; if you accomplish a quest that grants this reward, you will have a Cookie Cutter added to your inventory after the quest is finished.

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Paying a visit to the Medal store

Cookie cutters are another item that may be purchased. It is necessary for the player to go to the Kingdom Arena Battle menu in order to access the Medal store. They may get Cookie Cutters by first obtaining Medals from winning fights in this mode as well as other events, and then exchanging those Medals for Cookie Cutters. You’ll need 400 Medals to get a Magic Cookie Cutter, but it will be well worth the money. If you notice a Cookie Cutter being sold in the store and you have Medals, be sure you trade them in immediately since it is possible that the Cookie Cutter may not be available again in the future.

Attending the Rainbow Shell Gallery is a Wonderful Experience

In a manner similar to that of the Medal store, the Rainbow Shell Gallery may be accessed via Touc’s Trade Harbor. The gallery’s wares are subject to rotation on a regular basis. The player has the option, if Cookie Cutters are available, to trade them in for a certain amount of Rainbow Shells. Rainbow Shells are collectible items that may be obtained by loading the boat at the Trade Harbor. The gamers get their Rainbow Shells the next day, and they also have the opportunity to earn more Rainbow Shells via other activities.


You may get the Cookie Cutters you want by completing an event successfully. These items are often made available in a variety of recurrent events that have a time restriction on when they are available for purchase. Occasionally, the developers will give away as many as ten Magic Cookie Cutters all at once as an incentive for doing things like integrating your Google or Apple account to your Devplay account.

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You can get your Cookie Cutter if you have the code for it, which you can input into the game if you do.

How To Get Cookie Cutters In Cookie Run Kingdom?

What exactly are the benefits of using magic cookie cutters in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

In lieu of paying Crystals, players may instead use Special Cookie Cutters, Magic Cookie Cutters, and other types of Cookie Cutters to draw from Cookie Gacha pools. Magic Cookie Cutters are used on the ordinary Cookie Gacha, while Special Cookie Cutters are used on the Featured Cookie Gacha. This is because the Featured Cookie Gacha gives newer Cookies a greater chance of being drawn.

Which item is the most difficult to get by in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

At the moment, the Frost Queen Cookie is the most difficult to get as well as the most coveted cookie in the game. The Frost Queen Cookie has been included in the new Ice Frost Gacha, which was unveiled in the first portion of the update titled The Frost Witch and the Lantern in the Snow.

Is there a cheat code for Cookie Run: Kingdom?

What are the secret codes for Cookie Run: Kingdom? Free items and bonuses for use inside the game may be obtained via the use of Cookie Run: Kingdom codes. These include crystals, sugar gnomes, and more experience. We strongly suggest that you save this website to your bookmarks and return to it on a regular basis in order to get a plethora of treats.

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