How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, navigating the oceans is an essential part of the gameplay. As a result, the player will need to devote a significant portion of their time to the collection of materials in order to level up their ship. However, the difficulty of this endeavor increases with time as your spacecraft requires an increasing number of unique components and scarce minerals in order to be upgraded. The Bilbrin Timber, sometimes referred to simply as Bilbrin wood, is one of the uncommon materials that may be found here. It is impossible to harvest it from trees that have been cut down since it is utilized in the construction of lightweight ships. Within this article, we will explain to you the most effective way to search for Bilbrin wood.

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Location of Bilbrin Wood inside Lost Ark and its environs

Sail to Lake Shiverwave, which is situated on the eastern side of Rohendel, in order to collect some Bilbrin wood. Doing so is the simplest method to do so. Both the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel are itinerant commercial ships that may be found in this region. Both of these merchant ships will sell Bilbrin timber in return for Sceptrum’s Coins if you want to do business with them.

Bear in mind that the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel and the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel may dock in any port; however, they will only sell Bilbrin wood while they are parked in Lake Shiverwave at Rohendel. This is the only place they will sell it. Always keep an eye on the pier at Lake Shiverwave port since ships will be docking there about every 10 to 15 minutes. It will cost you 25 Sceptrum’s Coins if you want to buy a single piece of Bilbrin wood.

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You may also get bilbrin wood by buying it from the Trade Merchant located in your Stronghold. This is an alternative method of collection. On the other hand, the likelihood of a Trade Merchant turning up at your Stronghold with Bilbrin timber is quite low. As a result, this is an approach that is not always trustworthy. Tuleu, Astiel, and Maxelle are three examples of merchants that could carry Bilbrin wood in their inventory.

How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

What exactly is the Lost Ark version of Bilbrin wood?

In Lost Ark, the substance known as Bilbrin Timber, which is often referred to more simply as Bilbrin wood, is classified as Rare. It is a form of wood that is used in the process of modernizing as well as constructing lightweight ships. The only way to get Bilbrin wood, as opposed to Timber, is to exchange Sceptrum’s Coins for it at either the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel or the Plumpcrab Fishing Guild Vessel. This is in contrast to Timber, which may be harvested from naturally spawning trees. You may also barter seals with the Trade Merchants located in your Stronghold in order to get Bilbrin wood for your inventory.

How can I get Sceptrum’s Coins while playing Lost Ark?

In the game Lost Ark, the pirates have their own special kind of money known as Sceptrum’s Coins. Coins are obtainable in Rohendel via the completion of a number of different missions and challenges. Both local businesses on the island of Rohendel and traveling commercial ships that dock in the port of Lake Shiverwave accept Sceptrum’s Coins as a valid form of payment. Aside from that, they may be traded for pirate coins with any merchant who is willing to do so and who has the appropriate inventory. How To Get Bilbrin Wood Lost Ark?

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