How To Get Benevento Treasure?

This article provides details on how to get Benevento’s Treasure, which may be found at the enormous burial site situated beyond the Gardens on the path leading to House Benevento. If you solve this puzzle, you will be rewarded with Berengario’s Chalice; but, in order to get it, you will first have to defeat a challenging miniboss.

Position of Beneviento’s Treasure in the World

As you make your approach to the Garden and closer to House Beneviento for the first time, Ethan will start seeing visions of what will happen as you advance.
You will find yourself at a vast cemetery with a massive gravestone that belonged to a member of the Beneviento family, but the slab that had their name was broken in many places. It won’t be available to you until after you’ve vanquished Donna and Angie and made it back to The Village. Until then, you won’t have access to it.

Discover where the missing slab is.

You are going to want to make sure that you have a lot of ammunition, particularly explosive varieties, and a few First Aid Meds in order to get this optional treasure. The treasure won’t be given up without a struggle, so be prepared.
You can get a Broken Slab if you go to the cemetery in the Village and discover it atop the statue of the Maiden of War. In addition to some new ghouls, you will also notice that a tiny mausoleum has opened up in that location. This is the missing slab from the big Beneviento gravestone that is located beyond the garden.

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Defeat the Giant that is Watching Over the Tombstone.

Be prepared to face the huge gravestone when you get there. An encounter with a miniboss will be signaled when a giant carrying an even larger axe crashes into the area. Because this enormous, monstrous foe is capable of doing a significant amount of damage with just one stroke, you will need to be prepared to avoid its attacks at a moment’s notice.
This giant, in addition to his sluggish but strong overhead strikes, has the ability to and will jump over the whole of the arena if you give him too much space to do so.
You will need to exercise caution if the giant brings his weapon back into a stance at any point throughout the battle. Either he will take a low posture with his weapon behind him, or he will raise his axe high over his head. In any case, the monster will creep closer to you over time, and if it gets within a certain range of you, it will launch a massive attack with sweeping motions that will cause significant damage.

If that wasn’t awful enough, the giant will also sometimes call upon several Moroaicas to assist him throughout the battle. As if that wasn’t enough trouble enough, the monster will also try to kill you. You might want to consider dodging around them because they move fairly slowly; however, it is preferable to use explosives to damage all of them when they move close together. This will allow the Moroaicas to go down while you deal damage to the giant. Your ammo count will determine whether or not you should do this. You will be able to remain in the battle for longer because to the Moroaicas’ propensity to drop a lot of crafting materials, which you may use to create extra healing items and ammunition.

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How To Get Benevento Treasure?

While you should make an attempt to hit the monster in the head after it has completed one of its swings or leaps and is left defenseless for a short period of time, you should always be ready to flee at a moment’s notice. It will need a significant amount of firepower to take it down, so if you are having difficulty, you may want to try again at a later time.

Find the Treasure hidden by Beneviento.

Should you be successful in your battle against the giant, you will be awarded the Giant Crystal Axe, which has a market value of 30,000 Lei. If that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to place the Broken Slab at the base of the tombstone, which will cause it to reveal Berengario’s Chalice, which has a market value of 18,000 Lei.

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