How To Get Apples On Minecraft?

If you’re near any trees in Minecraft, getting your hands on some apples shouldn’t be too difficult. When consumed, these wholesome, crimson fruits have the ability to restore 2 Hunger Icons and may also be utilized in the production of Golden Apples. They are also found in chests across the world.

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Every Possible Method for Obtaining Apples in Minecraft Including: Finding Apples as Loot in Chests Trading Apples for Other Items With Villagers
Apples and Their Many Possible Applications

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Every Possible Method for Obtaining Apples in Minecraft

Apples may be obtained by dismantling the Leaf blocks of Oak and Dark Oak trees, which is both the simplest and most popular method. However, destroying the Leaf blocks of other types of trees will not result in the dropping of Apples. In order to get the fruits of the appropriate plants, the Leaf blocks of such trees may be broken in any manner.

If you shatter the Leaf blocks using a tool that has the Fortune enchantment, there is a slightly increased chance that one of the blocks will drop an Apple, however this increase is very minor. There is a 0.5 percent chance that an apple will fall from the Oak or Dark Oak tree when you break a Leaf block.

How To Get Apples On Minecraft?

Apples as Chest Loot: Where to Look for Them

Apples are also a possible loot item that may be found in the Chests that are found in specific constructions. You have a chance of discovering one or more Apples in the Chests that are located in Igloos and Strongholds (Altar Chest and Storeroom Chests). In addition to this, there is a possibility for you to discover Apples in the Chests of the Village Weaponsmiths in each and every Village, as well as any Chest in the houses of Villages located in the Plains biome.

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Apples Obtained Through Barter with Locals

You may barter with Apprentice-level Farmer Villagers in order to get Apples when you are exploring a Village. Despite the fact that they do not always have this trade option available, they will provide you 4 in exchange for 1 Emerald. They have a possibility of obtaining this trade in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition at a rate of fifty percent (50%). On the other hand, in the Java Edition, they have a probability of 66 percent.

Apples and Their Many Possible Applications

Apples, in addition to being consumed, may also be used to create Golden Apples. Putting one Apple in the slot that is directly in the middle of a Crafting Table and then surrounding it with eight Gold Ingots is the formula for doing this. You will end up with 1 Golden Apple if you follow this difficult and pricey crafting method. You can get significant health benefits from eating a Golden Apple, but you can also use it to heal Zombie Villagers, provided that you combine it with a Potion of Weakness beforehand. In addition to this, you can give them to Horses to make them go into love mode so that you may breed them.

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