How To Get An Alakazam?

During the Christmas season, did someone give you Pokemon Let’s Go as a gift? If that’s the case, you’re probably curious about how to capture Alakazam in Pokemon Let’s Go. Here’s how to obtain Alakazam in Pokemon Let’s Go.

How to Get Alakazam in Pokemon Let’s Go

If you’re playing Pokemon Let’s Go and want to know how to capture Alakazam in the wild, we’re sorry we have some bad news for you: you won’t have any success. It doesn’t matter whether you play Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee, you won’t be able to catch an Alakazam in the wild.

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Although there are a few Pokemon in the Nintendo Switch game that are unique to each version of the game, Alakazam is not one of them. If it’s not possible to capture this psychic Pokemon in the wild in Pokemon Let’s Go, what other ways are there to get Alakazam?

How can I Get Alakazam in Pokemon Let’s Go?

Catching an Abra and then allowing it to develop into an Aalakazam is required in order to make use of the Alakazam ability in Pokemon Let’s Go. The first stage of Abra’s evolution is Kadabra, while the second stage is Alakazam. In Pokemon Let’s Go, obtaining Alakazam can only be done in this fashion, and the steps involved in doing so are outlined below.

To begin, you will need to successfully capture an Abra. You may find them along routes five, six, seven, and eight respectively. Be advised that Abra is well-known for being timid and will attempt to teleport away if she feels threatened. To increase your chances of successfully catching them on the first try, use a Great or Ultra Ball. In the event that they flee, you should just continue to move about in the grass until you find another one.

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How To Get An Alakazam?

After you have obtained an Abra, the following step is to develop it into a higher form. Keep Abra in your team until it reaches level 16, when it will evolve; in the meanwhile, continue to capture Pokemon from the wild and engage in battle with other trainers. Once it reaches this level, it will automatically transform into a Kadabra. It is possible to capture a Kadabra in the wild on routes seven and eight, but given how uncommon they are, it is recommended that you instead evolve an Abra.

In order to get Alakazam in Pokemon Let’s Go, you will, as the last step, have to exchange your Kadabra with a buddy. However, you should make certain that your buddy gives it back to you and does not retain it for themselves in order to avoid disappointment. After you have done so, you will at long last be the owner of an Alakazam.

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