How To Get Aerogel In Subnautica?

Aerogel is one of the most precious resources in the Subnautica world. The substance is necessary to manufacture many key technological machines including Prawnsuit, Water-Filtration Machine, Thermal Plant, and much more. To manufacture Aerogel, you will need to insert some Gel Sack and Rubies inside a Fabricator.

How To Get Aerogel In Subnautica? Source VG247

FiGGnding Some Gel Sack

Gel Sack is a popular edible type of vegetation found in the different deeps of Subnautica. It appears like a black rock with purple spots all over it. Here is a list of all the sites where it may be gathered.

Caves in the Northern and Western Parts of the Sea Treader’s Tunnel Caves and Mountains Covered with Mushrooms
Tree Cove, the Blood Kelp Zone, and the Ghost Forest
Bone Fields Caves
Ghost Canyon
Grand Reef in the Lost River
Bone Fields
Deep Grand Reef
Deep Sparse Reef Corridor

How To Get Aerogel In Subnautica?

Where Is the Best Place to Look for Rubies?

As was previously indicated, in addition to the Gel Slack, the other component that is essential for the production of Aerogel is the Ruby. Because of the brilliant red sheen that covers their whole body, finding one of them is not difficult. During the night, their bodies give off a faint glow, which may be seen from a distance.

Bulb Zone Caves
Ghost Inactive Lava Zones Found Within Forest Tree Cove
Blood Kelp Zone
Bone Fields
Accident Area Mesas
Grand Reef Underwater Islands Making Up the Corridor Caves Sea Treader’s Tunnel Caves Mountains Caves Grand Reef Caves Mountains Caves Sea Treader’s Tunnel Caves Mountains Corridor Deep Sparse Reef
Bone Fields Caves \sDunes

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Bulb ZoneCrafting Aerogel at Ghost Canyon Junction in Subnautica

After acquiring both of the components, launch your Fabricator and go to the Resources menu, then choose Advanced Materials, and finally Aerogel. Following completion of the craft, aerogel will be added to your collection.
It is important to keep in mind that Aerogel may be used in the production of a variety of different things; nevertheless, the Water Filtration System and the Prawn Suit System should be produced using it as soon as feasible.

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