How To Get A Sponge In Minecraft?

The world in Minecraft is built block by block, offering players the freedom to construct an ever-evolving setting of their own design. Because Minecraft is such a large sandbox game, it has a big user base. During the course of the game, players are at liberty to create anything they choose, opening the door to a wide variety of possible outcomes. Every kind of block in Minecraft has a certain function that it serves when it comes to the making of objects and the use of those items, and these functions produce a variety of diverse results. The sponge is one of the numerous blocks that is utilized the most in the game. It gives the players the ability to soak up water from the environments around them. This Minecraft tutorial was compiled by our team so that you may learn the best way to get sponges in the game. When playing Minecraft, it might be rather difficult to locate a sponge. On the other hand, our overview of the sponge covers everything important that you should know about it.

How To Get A Sponge In Minecraft? Source Pro game guides

In Minecraft, obtaining sponge can only be done in one of two methods if you are not using the creative or console mode. Mining the sponge in the Sponge Room is the first method for acquiring this item. The second method is to kill an Elder Guardian, which will always result in the drop of at least one sponge. An Ocean Monument is required for any of these two approaches to work, and I’ll explain how to locate one in the next paragraphs.

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Finding an Oceanic Landmark is the First Step

Discovering a hamlet and identifying a Cartographer in that community is the first stage in the process of discovering an Ocean Monument. After that, in order to get to the Cartographer-Apprentice level of trading, you will have to engage in business with him. This is something that can only be accomplished by exchanging documents for emeralds. The Ocean Explorer Map may be purchased from the villager seller if you have completed the aforementioned transactions and have advanced to the Apprantance level. When players have the map in their possession, they will have a better idea of where the Ocean Monument is located.
The Ocean Explorer Map seems to be like this, as seen in the figure on the right. The white marker represents you, while the blue marker represents the Ocean Monument.

There is also the option of using dishonest means in order to find the Ocean Monument. In the event that you do not mind using a hack, enter “Locate monument” into the game’s console. It will tell you the location of the Ocean Monument that is the closest to you.

The second step is to get the sponge.

After you have obtained the map of the Ocean Monument, the following stage entails traveling to the place shown on the map. If you are playing the game using the survival mode, you will need a few of potions to ready yourself for the adventure after you reach the Ocean Monument. If, on the other hand, you are not in survival mode, then this should not be that tough for you, and you probably do not even need to make any further preparations for the work that lies ahead of you. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are playing the survivor mode, you will want the Water Breathing Potion as well as the Night Vision Potion. These two potions will provide you the ability to breathe and see when you are submerged in water. You should now begin investigating the Ocean Monument in order to locate either the Elder Guardian or the Sponge Room. In any event, when you reach this point in the process of learning how to get sponges in Minecraft, you will have the opportunity to choose between two distinct courses of action.

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If you happen to locate the Sponge Room, you should use a Hoe to mine the sponges. With this technique to mine them will ensure that you receive sponges more quickly than using any other means.
Alternately, if you come across an Elder Guardian, you may dispatch of it by using a reliable blade like Diamond. When you have finished off the Elder Guardian, it will leave behind a sponge.

How To Get A Sponge In Minecraft?

The next step is drying the sponge.

If you check your inventory, you’ll discover that the sponges are now in the Wet state; thus, we need to find a way to dry them. The Wet Sponge can only be dried using one of two methods.

Put a wet sponge on top of the furnace, then use whatever fuel you have to evaporate the water off the sponge. Making it a Normal Sponge. Take note that if you use a bucket as fuel, the water will eventually collect in the bucket itself.
The second method is to place the Wet Sponge in the region of The Nether, which will result in the sponge being quickly dry.

The Many Functions That Sponges Serve In Minecraft

As was said earlier, sponges come in quite helpful when it comes to efficiently eliminating a significant amount of water in a short amount of time. To do this, position a sponge in the area from which the water should be removed, and the sponge will absorb the water in all directions. For instance, if another player caused your base to get submerged in water, utilizing a sponge will be of assistance. In addition to that, you can also use it to empty a pond using it. Each sponge has the capacity to soak up the equivalent of sixty-five blocks’ worth of water before it once again becomes a wet sponge. Simply let it dry out again, and then use it in whatever quantity you see fit.

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That is pretty much all there is to know about obtaining sponges in Minecraft, so maybe you found it helpful. Have you made any previous attempts to get the sponges? In the space provided below, please share more of your ideas and opinions with us.

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