How To Find A Unicorn In Bitlife?

Confronting a legendary beast is a lot more challenging than one may first think it would be.
If you are trying to complete all of the accomplishments in BitLife, then there is a good chance that you have already come across the one that needs you to discover a unicorn. The solution to your problem is probably not going to be satisfying, so be ready to lose a lot of lives and wear out your thumb trying to solve it. Unfortunately, the answer to your query is probably going to be tough to achieve.

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Instructions for Acquiring a Unicorn

In order to discover a Unicorn in BitLife, all you have to do is get older and eventually you will run across one at random. It would seem that there is no way to affect this, and all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that you find one by chance. When you level up, there is a possibility that you may have an encounter with a different kind of animal. This does not take place every time a person lives, but it is typical for there to be a handful of instances when it happens. You could make it such that every time you age up, you travel back in time by a full year in the settings. This would enhance the number of changes you see.

How To Find A Unicorn In Bitlife?

That will open up more opportunities for you to meet new people.
When you do ultimately run across one, you will be presented with a choice between the following four options: I had to flee for my life, but I brought it to the animal shelter and decided to keep it as a pet. You will want to keep it as a pet since these creatures are devoted to their owners and may survive for a very long period. How long do their lives typically last? To put that into perspective for you, I’ve read that some of them have lived to be over 240 years old! This indicates that they have the potential to serve your family for at least a number of generations, should you so choose.

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There are not many more things that can be done in BitLife with a Unicorn. It’s simply a chance meeting that you’re going to keep your fingers crossed will happen to you. The only way to actually give yourself a chance of finding one is to just try as many different lives as you can in as little time as you can. Continue to become older and just keep hoping it will happen! How To Find A Unicorn In Bitlife?

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