How To Feed A Pokemon In Arceus Legends?

The ability to connect with a Pokemon in a way that has never been seen before is one of the most alluring new additions to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and feeding Pokemon is one of the aspects that makes this possible.

There is a cycle of game play that is associated with feeding a Pokemon. You distract a Pokemon by feeding it in order to make the process of getting it much simpler, to get around them, or for any number of other reasons.

How To Feed A Pokemon In Arceus Legends? Source Gamepur

Despite this, a significant number of players in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are still clueless on how to properly feed a Pokemon.

In light of this, we’ve put up a helpful tutorial that walks you through the process of feeding Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The Pokemon Legends Guide to Feeding Arceus explains how to feed your Pokemon.

You may feed a Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus by tossing a food item like an Oran Berry, Hearty Grains, Plump Beans, or Springy Mushroom in front of them. Other food items include similar things.

Just make sure that the food item you are tossing near the Pokemon is something that they would like eating. If it is not, then the Pokemon will not eat the food item that you have thrown but will instead hunt for the source of the food that you have thrown.

To put it more simply, the Pokemon will stare in your direction. You could even be attacked by them, depending on the sort of Pokemon you encounter.

How To Feed A Pokemon In Arceus Legends?

Doing a little bit of study can aid you in the process of feeding various Pokemon, which in turn will make the process of collecting Pokemon a lot simpler for you. Since the Pokemon is preoccupied with feeding while in this stage, you have more time to take careful aim with the Pokeball in order to catch it.

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In light of this, the following is a complete list of the keys that you need to hit in order to toss a food item towards a Pokemon in order to feed it:

Choose a kind of food to eat.
To get the aiming arc on your Nintendo Switch, you will need to press the X button.
To spin the arc, use the L-R directional keys on your keyboard.
That sums it up well. In Pokemon Legends, this is how you toss a food item to any Pokemon so that it may be fed to it.

There is an action role-playing game called Pokémon Legends: Arceus that is presently available for play on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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