How To Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2 Without Phone?

In order to do a factory reset with your headset, you will first need to ensure that it is turned off. Holding down both the power button and the volume button on your headset at the same time will cause the boot screen to appear on your headset. Turn the power on as you normally would if you want the Factory Reset option to be displayed.

How To Factory Reset Oculus Quest 2 Without Phone?

If you touch the headset icon, it will bring up your headset in the “Devices” section.
Tap the symbol that looks like a gear to access the headset’s reset menu.
To confirm your choices from this menu, you will need to touch on the “Factory Reset” option.
The moment has come for you to reset your headset.
Is a phone need for the Oculus Quest setup process at all?
After the first configuration, using the service won’t need your phone anymore. It is beneficial to be able to get alerts, share content with friends, and purchase applications on the web. It’s time to unbox everything after the soul of your soul has been sold to the soul of your Facebook, and there’s an app ready to go for the app that’s ready to go.

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If I don’t have my phone, how can I reset my Quest?

When you get the boot menu, press and hold the power button while also pressing and holding the volume down button for a few seconds. The picture that follows contains the Oculus startup screen for your virtual reality headset. Your Quest may resemble a piece of art more than anything else, but the underlying idea is the same. After choosing “Factory Reset” with the volume buttons, you also have the option of selecting it by pushing the power button after making your selection.

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What are the steps to resetting the Oculus Quest 2?

Choose this option to access your Settings.
Choose the Quick Actions option.
Spend some time making sure that the position you sit in to watch the screen is one that feels comfortable and natural to you.

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