How To Evolve Pentagram Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors received a significant number of new content updates in the update that went out on March 12, 2022. The Pentagram has undergone an entirely new development as a result of this. In the past, the Pentagram was a weapon that was a little lacking in power and had a lengthy cooldown, but it could clear the screen of all enemies. However, now that it has undergone a development, it is far more effective as a weapon. In Vampire Survivors, what are the steps involved in evolving the Pentagram?

How To Evolve Pentagram Vampire Survivors? Source Pro Game Guides

There are two processes involved in the evolution of the Pentagram. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you are equipped with the Crown passive item. The crown raises the amount of experience you get from gems by eight percent for each level you progress. It rises by a factor of five with each subsequent improvement, reaching a maximum of forty percent of experience gained from gems.

Following that, you will need to get the Pentagram’s level up to eight. The duration of the Pentagram’s cooldown is reduced, and the probability that its activation would destroy friendly goods, such as gems and power-ups, is reduced as well as the Pentagram’s level is increased.

How To Evolve Pentagram Vampire Survivors?

After you have completed all of these conditions, all you need to do is open the next chest you come across. There is a possibility that the Gorgeous Moon, the next stage in the growth of the Pentagram, may become available. There is a possibility that another evolution may fall instead of the Gorgeous Moon if you have previously fulfilled the conditions for other weapon evolutions. In this case, the Gorgeous Moon is less likely to drop.

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