How To Erase Colored Pencil?

Putting in a lot of work is required to produce quality artwork. No matter whether you are working with watercolor, oil painting, or colored pencils, you will undoubtedly commit a great number of errors throughout this process. However, if you make a mistake with colored pencils, is it possible to correct it? Can you remove colored pencils?

In this article, we will investigate the inner workings of colored pencils. After that, we shall investigate the operation of pencil erasers. In conclusion, I will share with you some of my finest erasing techniques with colored pencils.

Why is it that colored pencils can’t be erased?
It is impossible to erase colored pencils using a standard rubber eraser due to the composition of the eraser, which prevents this from happening. The pigment and the binder are the two primary components that go into the construction of the core of a colored pencil. It is the binder that prohibits you from putting a rubber eraser on colored pencils so that you may erase your work.

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Erasing with colored pencils is next to impossible when you use a binder for them.

However, the use of wax or oil-based binders is another factor that contributes to the difficulty of erasing colored pencils. When you use a conventional eraser on a wax or oil-based pencil, the color smudges as opposed to staying put as it would with a graphite pencil. While the pigment of the pencils embeds itself in the tiny fibers of the paper, a coating is formed over them by the wax or oil.

If you attempt to remove the wax or oil off the paper using a rubber eraser, all you end up doing is smearing the pigment along the edges of the sheet.

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Are Colored Pencils Erasable?
The good news is that you can erase mistakes made with colored pencils. Even though the wax or oil binder of a colored pencil makes it very difficult to erase, it is nevertheless feasible to do so if the appropriate equipment are used. To erase colored pencils, however, will need more dexterity and work than standard pencils.

How Does One Erase Work Done with Colored Pencils?

There are a number of different approaches that may be used to remove colored pencil markings. There are techniques that call for tapes or vinyl erasers, but the two approaches that I find to be the most effective are employing colored pencil erasers and kneaded erasers.

Erase-Its for Colored Pencils

When one considers how difficult it is to remove markings made with colored pencils using standard erasers, the existence of colored pencil erasers should not come as much of a surprise. Artists who work with colored pencils developed the colored pencil eraser so that it could more effectively remove pigment from the paper.

Even while colored pencil erasers cannot completely remove the markings made by colored pencils on paper, they may remove enough so that you can cover up your error. Keep in mind that colored pencils have a very good blending ability, which means that you may quickly hide the erroneous colors if they are light enough.

Using erasers for colored pencils is exactly the same as using erasers for ordinary pencils. But in terms of their physical qualities, colored pencil erasers are more abrasive than regular erasers. You risk tearing the paper if you brush it too vigorously against the paper. When using erasers for colored pencils, you need to exercise extreme caution.

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Erasers that are Kneaded

In my perspective, kneaded erasers are a miracle of modern technology. These erasers are neither capable of completely removing the markings left by colored pencils, nor are they capable of removing the marks with the same level of effectiveness as colored pencil erasers. However, they may delete a sufficient amount for you to cover up the errors.

The pigments from colored pencils are removed from the paper using kneaded erasers, which operate by taking up the pigments. However, it is unable to pick up all of the colors since some of them penetrate the paper to such a great depth. However, it is not why I like using kneaded erasers so much.

How To Erase Colored Pencil?

Erasers that have been kneaded are pliable, meaning that they may be molded into almost any form. In the event that I make a very little error while working on an artwork, I may form the eraser into a point. By doing it this manner, I can delete just the little error and not the surrounding region as well.

When working in an area that has been oversaturated with color, kneaded erasers are a particularly useful tool to have on hand because of their versatility. You don’t want to hide that error by adding another shade of color, do you? What you need to do is pick up sufficient pigments from it so that you can cover up the error you made.

Hard Erasers

There are a variety of alternatives available, including colored pencil erasers, kneaded erasers, and others. I’ve found that the firmer an eraser is, the better it is in erasing colored pencils to the point that you can cover over the mistake you made with another color.

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My recommended hard eraser is a vinyl eraser. However, vinyl erasers have a more abrasive texture. Because of this, they are effective in removing colored pencils because they abrade the wax binder off of the pencil and take up the pigment. If you are not cautious, though, their abrasiveness will cause the paper to get damaged.

There are other kinds of erasers that are tough, such as plastic erasers, for example. But in my opinion, vinyl records are the greatest.

When I’m working with colored pencils, the initial strokes I produce are usually quite light. In this approach, I’ll be able to hide any errors I make with the markings made by other colored pencils. Nevertheless, thank goodness there are other options available in case things go completely out of hand.

Can you remove colored pencils? Not really, taking into consideration what we know about how colored pencils function and what we understand about how erasers for pencils operate. However, if you erase enough of the color from the colored pencil markings, you will be able to cover up the error. It is highly recommended that you use either an eraser designed for colored pencils or a kneaded eraser.

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