How To Draw Mens Eyelashes?

The eyes are one of the most delicate and intricate parts of the face to draw and paint. The process of drawing eyelashes may be particularly challenging since it involves drawing hundreds of lines with tiny variances.

How To Draw Mens Eyelashes? As is often the case, your most effective tools for completing your objective will be careful observation and extensive practice.

Part 1 Eyebrows and Upper Lashes

1 Create a drawing showing the eyelid’s thickness. These instructions are based on the assumption that you are sketching an eye seen front on. First, create the outline of the eye, and then, just beneath the upper edge, add a second line. This measurement is used to describe the thickness of the upper eyelid. The top line is where the upper eyelashes start to appear.

When seen from the front, its thickness is hardly perceptible at all. Maintain a tight proximity between the two lines.

2 The curvature of the eyelash should be practiced. The upper eyelashes bend slightly downward for a few millimeters before shooting back up and away from the eye. Repeating this move several times on a practice drawing will help you immensely:

Place the point of a hard pencil firmly against the crease at the top of your eyelid.

How To Draw Mens Eyelashes?

Move downward for a split second, and then “swoop” fast upward after that. The quicker you do this task, the more natural the outcome will seem.

As you move the pencil, you should lighten your pressure. As you get closer to the end of the lash, the line should get thinner and lighter.

3 Make a plan for the arrangement of the lashes. As if they were wheel spokes or sun rays, eyelashes often grow in a direction that points outward from the natural curvature of the eyelid. However, a single eyelash may often overlap its neighbors or point in a somewhat inconsistent direction. This is normal. Make a quick sketch of the eyelashes, making sure to give each one a unique appearance and that they spread outward. There is no need for you to commit to the specific forms, which will be discussed in more detail below. Just concentrate on your placement for the time being.

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Now would be an excellent time to gaze in a mirror or at images of other people’s eyes.

At the very end, several eyelashes connect to one another. Create a couple sets of lashes that converge at the same location using the eyeliner.

4 Create the appearance of eyelashes at the outside corner. Start again with a clean drawing as soon as you feel comfortable doing this move. To begin, draw the eyelashes in the area just outside the corner of the eye, close to the ear. These lashes develop in a close proximity to one another.

The eyelashes located in the corner of the eye closest to the edge are the longest. They have a more pronounced outward and downward curve than other types of lashes.

5 You should apply eyelashes to the center of the lid. After that, begin drawing the eyelashes along the center third of the eyelid. These are almost as long as the outer eyelashes, and there are almost as many of them.

As you go closer to the centre of the face, you should change the direction that the eyelashes are facing. When you get to the centre of the eye, you’ll see that the lashes have nearly reached a vertical position.

6 Finish off with the lashes closest to your eyes. These are substantially shorter and more dispersed around the page. Avoid using equal spacing, since this gives the appearance of being unnatural.

7 Use a softer pencil to redraw some of the eyelashes. Make the lashes seem fuller and more pronounced by drawing over them with a softer pencil and applying pressure as you do so. Create some variety by doing this for around two thirds of the lashes.

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In the same manner as previously, work your way up from the bottom. As you get closer to the point, lighten your pressure so that the point remains sharp.

Part 2 Eyelashes on the lower lid

1 Draw the thickness of the eyelid. Eyelids may be seen from all three angles. When seen from the front, the border of the lower eyelid is quite noticeable. To illustrate this point, draw a second line alongside the bottom edge of the eye. Assuming that the eye is completely open, you should make this edge more substantial than the one on the top eyelid.

You may find it helpful to use white charcoal or chalk to bring attention to this edge.

2 Make an outward swoop with the lashes. The lashes have just the slightest bit of a curl to them. They first extend outward, then expand downward for a short distance. This curve is not as noticeable as the curve of the top eyelashes, therefore try to be understated.

These eyelashes have their beginning at the base of the lower lid. The whites of your eyes should not be obscured in any way by these lashes.

3 Make the lash lines very sporadic. The growth of the lower lashes is noticeably sparser in comparison to that of the higher ones. Distribute the lashes in a manner that is both thin and erratic around the bottom edge.

The exact number of eyelashes might vary quite a little. In most cases, the number of teeth on the lower lid is about half of the number on the top lid.

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How To Draw Mens Eyelashes? Source: Youtube

4 Add variety. As was the case previously, the lashes shouldn’t be arranged in a completely circular pattern. Add a few eyelashes to the end of the existing ones so that they blend in seamlessly.

Draw a few shorter lines towards the base of the lengthy lashes if the lashes seem to be too thinly dispersed.

Do you think it would look better if I did the lighter shade in 2h and the darker shade in 8bs and 6bs?

If you want to achieve a certain appearance with your makeup, then it will, but if you just want a natural look, then you should use the lighter one.

Does becoming better at it need more time?

Of course. If you spend some time drawing eyes in different positions (open, squinted, etc.), then you will naturally critique yourself on how well you drew the lashes and what you can do better. If you spend some time drawing eyes in different positions (open, squinted, etc.), then you will naturally critique yourself on how well you dre

How do you draw eyelashes that are so beautiful?

First, decide which way you want the hair to face.

First, using a sharp H pencil, softly draw the front, side, and/or 3/4 facing lashes, depending on which direction you want them to face. After that, using your mechanical 4B pencil, go back over those strokes and give them a value that is much darker. Keep in mind that upper lashes are much thicker and darker than lower lashes since the lower lashes are considerably thinner.

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